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Nate Hulman


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What are the critical challenges the world faces in meeting international climate change and sustainable development targets? That was the topic of discussion at a side event this week hosted by Future Earth and its partners at the Bonn Climate Change Conference. The event, called “Reframing the Climate Debate: Enhancing the Paris Agreement and SDG Linkages,” addressed The World in 2050 project, a new effort to develop pathways to sustainable development within safe planetary boundaries.

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Nate Hulman

  1. 1. + Integrating national SDG, NDC, and LTS processes with enhanced research capacity Prof. Nate Hultman Director, Center for Global Sustainability University of Maryland School of Public Policy
  2. 2. + 2 Kiribati
  3. 3. + Engine of Ambition Scoping Target ImplementData Review & Discusss 3 NDC Process
  4. 4. + Linking across processes Scoping Target ImplementData Review & Discuss 4 Scoping Target ImplementData Review & Discuss Scoping Target ImplementData Review & Dicusss NDC Process LTS Process SDG Assessment
  5. 5. + 5 Timor-Leste
  6. 6. + Linking the Policy and Analytical Processes 1. Future sustainable development pathways can be co- produced by policy makers, analysts, and other stakeholders 2. These conversations generate goals for near-term targets, long-term strategies, and sustainable development 3. Analysis conducted by research groups with global expertise can be conducted in partnership with universities or other research capacity within country 6 TWI 2050 Project Can Support this Process by providing robust analysis, leveraging broader coalitions of research, and integrating this with multiple dimensions of NDC, LTS, and SDGs
  7. 7. + 7 Fiji
  8. 8. + Contact 8 email: Photos from COP23 Pacific Photo Competition 1. Jafet Potenzo Lopes,Timor-Leste 2. Humans of Kiribati,Kiribati 3. Spencer Nigel Robinson, Fiji