TEC draft road map 2014-2016_mohamed ait kadi TEC_29 aug


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TEC draft road map 2014-2016_mohamed ait kadi TEC_29 aug

  1. 1. TECHNICAL COMMITTEE Road Map 2014-2016 Mohamed AIT KADI TEC/RWPS Meeting Stockholm, August 29, 2013
  2. 2. TEC’sRoadMap2010-2013 1. Creating useful knowledge  An ambitious publication portfolio {6BP+5PP+3TFP+4PB+4SR+1KN}  GWP/Dundee KC Scholarship Programme  Assembling 2 COP DSS (WWF6) & WSI (GWP-EC) 2. A new engagement with the Regions & KP  Making “deep dives” in the Regions – 6 Regional Workshops – MED + SAS+ SA/EA+CA+CEE+ SEA  Making the Knowledge Chain work PP + TFP 3. Influencing the international debate  Participating in major regional/international events: WWF6, RIO+20, WTO, SWWW, Water&Energy Summits, HLCWC….  Engaging with Partners: UN WATER, SIWI, WB-GWMATE, DHI, WWC…
  3. 3. TEC Publications 2011 2012 2013 Publications Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 IWRM &Social Equity BP PB Water Securiy / indicators PP BP? PEC? The Economics of Water Security BP PB Transboundary Cooperation HB BP PB IUWM PP BP PB Synthesis Report of SAS Workshop SR Proceedings of SA/ES Workshop SR Exploring the role of water security in regional economic development KN Water Demand Management - The Mediterranean Experience TFP Groundwater Management GWM – Agriculture GWM- Urban E/HJ PP PP BP? Water & Food Security TFP Water in the Green Economy PP Modeling/DSS TFP CEE - Regional Workshop IDM SR CA - Regional Workshop Water & Food Security SR SEA Regional Wrkshop SR?
  4. 4. Road Map 2014-2016 Food & Water Security Resilience Climate Change Urbanisation Energy & Water Security Transboundary Cooperation  Water Security  Economics  Indicators  Land & Water Mamagement Ecosystems & WS
  5. 5. TEC 1. What are the challenges? 2. What is GWP’s role? 3. What is the current state of the art? 4. What are GWP’s achievements? 5. What are the proposed goals? 6. What are the proposed acivities 7. What are the outputs 8. How the output will be used 9. What are the expected impacts? RWPS 1. What are the regional challenges? 2. Why GWP is well placed to address these challenges? 3. What are the achievements? 4. What are the proposed activities? 5. How the regional exoertise /partners will be involved 6. What are the expected outputs 7. What are the expected impacts?
  6. 6. Summary of outputs PP + BP TFP CP Other Pub RW Training Courses KM/P PC/R C Economics WS X WS/ Indicators X X XX X Transboundary X X X X Climate Change Urbanisation X X X X X Land & Water X X Energy & WS X X X X Ecosystems
  7. 7. Making the Knowledge Chain work! KP/SA Provide an accessible and high quality scientific / empirical knowledge base Paricipate to shared publications /Knowledge products Provide technical and policy advice and support on issues of specific relevance to regional and country needs TEC Provide clear insights to lead and inform policy and decision makers on IWRM issues Produce high quality, peer reviewed and evidence based information, background material and policy briefs shared publications.. RWP/CWP RTG Establish strategic priorities in which information, knowledge and expertise is needed to solve practical problems faced by the Region/Country Promote the emergence of knowledge networks and mobilize Centers of Excellence as Collaborative Centers at Regional/Country levels Provide technical and policy advice and support on issues of specific relevance to regional and country needs GWPO/SEC Coordinate & Promote the Provision /Sharing of Knowledge/Experiences Integrate Knowledge as part of the Communications culture of the GWP Network Identify technical needs & Coordinate with the regions
  8. 8. 1. Concept Note 2. Perspectives paper 3. Regional case studies, feedback and validation 4. Background paper Knowledge partners RWP CWP RTAC Operational methodology Publication proposal Template
  9. 9. Engagement with the regions – needs identified •Publication proposal •Incentive for contribution •Clear instructions for feedback •Clear rational for regions’ involvement •GWP support for process – define and assign responsibilities •Timetable setting, monitoring and enforcing