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Global Data to Build Climate Resilience and Drive Action


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Climate Watch and PREPdata are new, innovative and data-centered platforms designed to increase the transparency of and access to data to empower informed and efficient decision-making on adapting to and mitigating climate change. The event included a walk-through of Climate Watch and the PREP platforms, focusing on the scope and concept of the two tools and how they can benefit adaptation and resilience practitioners, particularly those in vulnerable regions such as small island developing states (SIDS).

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Global Data to Build Climate Resilience and Drive Action

  1. 1. Global Data to Build Climate Resilience and Drive Action An Introduction to the Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness (PREP) and Climate Watch
  2. 2. 62 Member Countries 9 Member Institutions
  4. 4. Building climate resilience through data Christina Chan, Director, Climate Resilience Practice, WRI
  5. 5. The Challenges Photo Credit: PREPdata 1. Access to useful, timely, credible data 2. Confusing, fragmented landscape of platforms, tools, methods 3. Climate datasets are not user-friendly 4. Data disparity between Global North and South 5. Lack of feedback mechanisms between data providers and users 6. Need better cross-sectoral knowledge sharing on climate preparedness
  6. 6. Origins of PREP Photo Credit: NPS Climate Change Response/Flickr PREP began as The President’s Climate Data Initiative: Empowering America’s Communities to Prepare for the Effects of Climate Change. As a U.S. climate data initiative, it would leverage vast, underutilized datasets.
  7. 7. A Public-Private Partnership PREP Coordination Government Partners NGO Partners Private Sector Partners
  8. 8. Building Resilience Through Data Photo Credit: Seika/Flickr PREP — both through the Partnership and its PREPdata platform — helps visualize and customize data, improves access to datasets, and supports the climate resilience ecosystem.
  9. 9. Features: ( Explore | Find, layer and visualize datasets Customized Dashboards | Monitor indicators of interest Stories | Share insights and use case studies with global community What is PREPdata?
  10. 10. PREPdata Feature – Data exploration ( • Search for climate-relevant data on the Explorer or upload your own data. • Query and combine with data from other sources, and visualize them in the same platform. • See what data similar communities are using to build resilience around the world. • Request data
  11. 11. PREPdata Feature: Customizable Dashboards
  12. 12. PREPdata Features: Creating Graphs Landslides Triggered by Tropical Cyclones
  13. 13. What makes PREPdata unique? Visualized dataset of roads worldwide. Photo Credit: PREPdata • A focus on visualizing data for climate resilience • A map-based platform that is user-friendly and customizable to different contexts and skill levels • Active curation of data sets • Commitment to global coverage • A user-needs based strategy for platform development and data content • Diverse group of partners
  14. 14. PREP – going forward: Photo Credit: IRIN/Flickr • PREPdata launch in January 2018 • Ongoing expansion of data coverage and content • Application in two Indian states (Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh) to use PREPdata to support implementation of their State Action Plans on Climate Change. • Planning application of PREPdata in Africa • Exploring use of PREPdata to support adaptation planning in the private sector • Additional pilot applications of PREPdata – with PREP support. Please share your ideas
  15. 15. PREPdata - Launching January 2018. For additional information – • See • Contact
  16. 16. Climate Watch: Data for Climate Action
  17. 17. Funding provided by:
  18. 18. The Theory of Climate Watch Commitments Status Trends
  19. 19. The Theory of Climate Watch Commitments Status Pathways Trends Ambition
  20. 20. The Theory of Climate Watch Commitments Status Pathways Trends AmbitionLinkages
  21. 21. Principles of Climate Watch Data Integration Visualizations Open Data
  22. 22. DEMO
  23. 23. Custom Visuals
  24. 24. Contact Us CLIMATEWATCH Rob Bradley Johannes Friedrich PREP & PREPdata Christina Chan