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Filtration Green Roof


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Filtration Green Roof

  1. 1. X. Green Roof FILTRATION T-Zones: T2, T3, T4, T5, T6 Slope: Steep, Moderate, Flat N Cost : $$$ Soils: Poor, Medium, Good T1 Maintenance: Medium Climate: Cold, Temperate, Hot Dry, Moderately Wet, Wet aturalA. Description Structures with green roofs visually enhance communities withplantings above the street level. They are a viable stormwatermanagement tool that captures rainfall in typically imperviousareas. The building produces less sheet flow to be managed at R Green Roofground level. In addition, they can provide food for the community, T2temperature control, architectural enhancement, and recreation. uralB. Use Because a green roof is an addition to an individual building,it is appropriate for use in T2, T3, T4, T5, and T6 transect zones.A roof garden may be planted on a flat roof or a roof with a low Spitch. Roof gardens can use atypical gardening techniques, suchas hydroponics. This can make roof gardens produce more plenti- ub-Uful crops. T3C. Maintenance rban The upkeep for a green roof is similar to that of a normalgarden and includes seasonal maintenance. Plant selection mustensure that species selected are appropriate for the climate.D. Cost Gene U The cost of a green roof is higher than the average cost of T4a roof. The structure requires additional support for the weightof vegetation and soils. The roof membrane must be waterproof rban ralto ensure that no water leaks into the structure.E. ResourcesNate Berg. “Top Down Greening in the Urban Core.” Planetizen. (26 July 2006). <> ceU.S. Environmental Protection Agency. ”Green Roofs” (Washington, U DC: USEPA, Heat Island Effect, Oct. 2007). < http://www.epa. T5 nter gov/heatisland/strategies/greenroofs.html> rban URBAN CORE T6Light Imprint Handbook version 1.3 F37
  2. 2. FILTRATION Natural T1 Rural Green Roof T2 Sub-urban T3 General T4 - Green Roof - Portland, OR Urban T4 center Urban T5 URBAN CORE T6 T4 - Green Roof - Orlando, FL F38 Light Imprint Handbook version 1.3
  3. 3. FILTRATION Green Roof F39 T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 N atural R ural S ub-U rban Gene ral U rban URBAN U rban ce nter CORE T3 - Green Roof - Findhorn, Scotland version 1.3 Light Imprint Handbook