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Los Juegos del Hambre


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Los Juegos del Hambre swag guys

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Los Juegos del Hambre

  1. 1. Fiorella Limay
  2. 2. Production Companies •Color Force ▫2007 – Present ▫American ▫Focus on novel adaptations (Hunger Games, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, One Day) ▫Is an independent company
  3. 3. Production Companies •Lionsgate Films ▫1997 – Present ▫American ▫Famous for their action, thriller, and horror films ▫Owned by Lions Gate Entertainment Inc.
  4. 4. Lions Gate Entertainment Inc. •This is a conglomerate as they own several companies, spanning a number of different sectors of media •Lionsgate Films •Lionsgate Home Entertainment •Lionsgate Music & Publishing •Lionsgate Television
  5. 5. Funding •The Hunger Games : Catching Fire was funded by an independent studio named ‘Lionsgate Entertainment’. However, it is very debated whether Lionsgate is really an independent film studio as it is very wealthy and is considered a ‘mini-major’. Lionsgate is not a conglomerate meaning it works fundamentally as a studio and passes exhibition on to another company. However, the film was distributed by Lionsgate as well as funded.
  6. 6. Distribution Company •Lionsgate UK ▫Lions Gate Entertainment Inc. own their own distribution companies so as they can cut down on external expenses ▫This is a form of synergy
  7. 7. Budget •Catching Fire was given a budget of $130–140 million, which is seen as a very high budget at a Hollywood range too. As this is a very large budget it means that lots of special effects, renowned actors and high budget sets were afforded. This made the film’s impact a lot stronger due to this Hollywood sense that struck the audience, even in this British film. However, this budget can be seen as a lot smaller to other films at it’s calibre. For example, Avatar’s budget reached $237 million, almost double that of Catching Fire.
  8. 8. Box Office Gross •Total Budget ▫$185,000,000 (£110,474,143) •Opening Weekend ▫$158,074,286 (£94,395,250) •Total Domestic Gross ▫$422,575,819 (£252,344,332) •Worldwide Gross ▫$861,854,554 (£514,662,937)
  9. 9. Director •The film was directed by an American woman named Nina Jacobson, the same woman who owned the studio it was filmed on. Nina is from Los Angeles and is heavily associated with The Walt Disney Company. Nina is also responsible for films like The Sixth Sense, Pearl Harbour, Narnia and Pirates of the Caribbean. Although the film is British, the director is American meaning that it is likely that a number of other factors in the film’s production is associated with Britain.
  10. 10. Main Actors •Jennifer Lawrence – Katniss Everdeen •Josh Hutcherson – Peeta Mellark •Woody Harrelson – Haymitch Abernathy •Elizabeth Banks – Effie Trinket
  11. 11. Supporting Actors •Liam Hemsworth – Gale Hawthorne •Lenny Kravitz – Cinna •Phillip Seymour Hoffman – Plutarch Heavensbee •Stanley Tucci – Caesar Flickerman •Donald Sutherland – President Snow
  12. 12. Cinema Releases •Catching Fire was shown in 4,163 theatres upon its release. For a film of this standard, that is an incredibly large number compared to films like Avatar, which was only shown in 3,461, about 700 less than Catching Fire. This shows that demand for Catching Fire was very high as it was requested in so many theatres. It also explains why the box office gross was so high as well, due to high amount of exhibition.
  13. 13. Promotion
  14. 14. Promotion •Playing on the futuristic setting even further, a motion poster was created to promote the film
  15. 15. Genre •The genre is mainly a hybrid of Sci-Fi and Thriller. The elements of sci-fi we can see are the use of new technology and gadgets not yet invented and seem almost alien like, for example, creating real fire out of nothing to attack contestants. Also the setting, Panem, which is a fictional country, unlike any real country on this planet. This style clearly suggests a sci-fi genre. The styles we see that connote thriller include suspense, mystery and tension. Throughout the film tension is high when Katniss is literally fighting for survival and at the same time Peeta, her friend, is also fighting for survival but there can only be one survivor, so tension is high and mystery starts to erupt when the audience must think of how they can both survive.
  16. 16. Success - Awards Award Association Won Nominated Golden Globes, USA Best Original Song – Motion Picture (Atlas) Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards •Best Action Movie •Best Actress in an Action Movie (Jennifer Lawrence) •Best Song (Atlas) Costume Designers Guild Awards Excellence in Fantasy Film Golden Trailer Awards Best Action Poster Grammy Awards Hollywood Film Festival Song of the Year (Atlas) Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards Best Special Makeup Effects – Feature Films
  17. 17. Success – Awards Cont. Award Association Won Nominated Key Art Awards •Best Audio/Visual Technique •Best Digital Marketing London Critics Circle Film Awards Technical Achievement of the Year People’s Choice Awards Favourite Year End Movie San Diego Film Critics Society Awards •Best Supporting Actress (Elizabeth Banks) •Best Editing
  18. 18. Success - Reviews •Rotten Tomatoes ▫89% from critic reviews ▫Average rating of 7.5/10 from 243 ratings ▫91% from audience feedback ▫Average rating of 4.4/5 from 324,470 ratings •Metacritic ▫Metascore of 75/100 based on 47 critics ▫User score of 8/10 based on 833 ratings
  19. 19. Success – Box Office •Iron Man 3 (Marvel Studios) grossed $1,214,713,994 (£725,375,609) worldwide making it the highest grossing film of 2013 •Hunger Games: Catching Fire was the fourth highest that year with $861,854,554 (£514,662,937)