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Task 3 distribution


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Film distribution

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Task 3 distribution

  1. 1. Task 3Distribution
  2. 2. What is Distribution? Distribution is the promoting and selling of a product. In my case it is the selling of a film. Distributors have many ways to gain awareness and hype for a film. These could include: • Trailers • screenings • publicity • advertising through social media sites. Distributing a film can be selling it to the cinema or creating the ‘home entertainment’ version of the product.
  3. 3. What is Distribution? Selling the film to the cinema depends on the amount of hype there is for the film as they want to make a profit. However, ‘home entertainment’ is important for the film distribution companies as only 5% of films make a profit at the box office. This an include format’s such as: • DVD • Blu-ray • TV • Online (Netflix, Love film …)
  4. 4. Distribution Companies
  5. 5. Distribution Companies The Big Six The Big Six are considered as the most successful companies when it comes to distributing their films. The Big Six includes: • Warner Brothers • Sony Pictures • Disney • Paramount • 20th Century Fox • Universal These companies are known for producing and distributing their own films but sometimes they might contribute to distributing a film that they have not produced.
  6. 6. Distribution Companies However, independent and low budget films are usually not produced by big conglomerates with their own distribution company. Therefore, independent films usually have to seek out distributors to sell their film. This can be done through film festivals which distributors will attend. These distributors will be small companies. • Metrodome • Optimum Releasing • Cinema NX These are some examples of small distribution companies.
  7. 7. Who would distribute our film? Our film (Deprived) is a crime thriller which I think has a low budget feel to it. This is because in the opening sequence the setting is small and simple. Also, the picture quality is not of a ‘high budget’ standard. Therefore, I think a small distribution company would distribute our film like ‘Cinema NX’.
  8. 8. Who would distribute our film? I think that Cinema NX would be interested in our film if we were to present it to them. This is because they have distributed other low budget crime thriller films such as ‘The Disappearance of Alice Creed’. Therefore, if Cinema Nx were interested in this film, I think that they would have an interest in our film.
  9. 9. Is our film going to appeal to a UK audience only? I think that our film could appeal to a larger audience rather than just a UK audience. This is because of the relatable characters and the wide range of plots and themes. However, I think that only a small population of foreign audiences would go a see this film. This is due to the lack of ‘big stars’ in the film and it would be difficult for distribution companies to get the film into a large amount of cinema’s due to the low amount of budget to gain the film some awareness. It would cost the distribution company a lot more to market the film in other countries. Therefore, it would just best to market the film in the UK to try and gain an audience here.
  10. 10. Marketing/Release Strategy’s • First of all I would set to release this film in the Spring as in the Summer many ‘block buster’ films will be releasing which would then over shadow our film. • I would then only distribute this film in UK cinema’s. This is because marketing and distributing the film to other countries would take a lot of money to do. • I would then release trailers and adverts on websites to gain awareness from our target audience.
  11. 11. Marketing/Release Strategy’s • Near to release I would hold a screening in a major city in the UK to try and create a positive word of mouth. • Once the film has been released in cinema’s I would look at releasing the film for home entertainment. This would include DVD, showing on TV and streaming on websites such as Netflix.
  12. 12. Self Distribution Self distribution rarely works but can be great if it works for a young and independent film maker. Trying to distribute or get a distribution company on your side is difficult. The recognition of the producer and the budget and quality of the film are normally what distributors are looking for when they are looking for a film to distribute. Therefore, for a young film maker with no experience, it is hard to get your film distributed.
  13. 13. Self Distribution However, young film makers can upload their video’s online as it is a cheap way to distribute. However, you will rarely make money off of this and you rarely gain any attention from film distributors from this method.