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Orchan Company Profile


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Orchan's company profile (as of September 2012)

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Orchan Company Profile

  1. 1. ORCHAN CONSULTING ASIA SDN BHD [980903-A] Company Profile 2012 Suite 303 The One Avenue Dataran Pelangi Utama Jalan Masjid PJU6a Petaling Jaya 03-7725-7029
  2. 2. “Orchestrating Change” is the Orchan WayWelcome to Orchan “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”Author John C Maxwell didn’t mince words when he spat that famous saying out. Thething is, deep down we all know it’s true. But what most of us aren’t aware of, is how bestto cope and capitalise on those changes. The fabulous news is, you’re well on the way tofinding out … so a big hand all round, you’ve just taken the first step away from vegetationand towards that great goal of growth.We at Orchan Consulting | Asia (Orchan for short) are communication visionaries – a one-stop shop for positive change. We roll up our sleeves and tackle all the fancy stuff …strategic media relations right through to reputation management, and it’s all done withpuffed out chests full of pride and passion. After all, your reputation is our reputation too.Orchan = its team. There is one team and one experience, committed 24/7 (well, 9am to7pm, Mondays to Fridays; and sometimes Saturdays and Sundays … you get the picture!)to professional brilliance and integrity. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but withoffices around the region (coming soon, watch this space), we are a young andeffervescent bunch; we also happen to be creative, adaptable and brimming with fresh andsometimes zany ideas. We offer clients rare insights into the working of traditional media inMalaysia, such as print, electronic and online, and the neo-media. It is the power of us,which is the key driving force for our team.So, if you’ve got something you need help with or something you want to shout about,don’t hesitate and don’t even bother with a soap box. Come to us. We’ll put it through themincer, sprinkle it with fairy dust and Orchan will orchestrate the changes you’ve hardlythought possible. “When you are through changing, you are through” – Bruce Barton 2
  3. 3. Why Choose Orchan?We are all about “Orchestrating Change” (hence our name, Orchan – geddit?), and we getresults! You tell us what you’re after, we tell you what we can do for you, and then we do it.Simple and effective! We execute tasks without the tacky, kiss-kiss pretence so-oftenassociated with PR, and that’s something you’ll just have to get used to.But seriously, we believe in creating the right message and we communicate effectively.Whether it is business-driven or media-driven communication, you can trust us for ourproficiency in making you visible to your key audiences. We also value, and believe innurturing relationships with all our clients and hence strongly adhere in delivering results. “We must become the change we want to see” – Mahatma GhandiThe Orchan EdgeYes, we’re results driven, proactive, creative, dynamic,integrated, strategic, passionate, blah, blah, blah … but, who outthere isn’t? Rampant overuse has simply rendered these wordsimpotent in the PR industry. We get personally involved and care about your brand. Yoursuccess is our success, and we do everything in our power toensure your success. At least one of our Directors is personallyresponsible for your account. This means the Director will bespeaking to you directly, and handling all your needs personally.We believe it is the only way to assure the utmost quality andvalue for your money. 3
  4. 4. Personalities – The “Orchanites”Farrell TanFounding DirectorA creative kid with a penchant for the arts, Farrell’sforay into the field of public relations was gradualbut inevitable. Having had a keen interest inmarketing ever since he was a kid, Farrell startedout working for a large corporate organisationbefore realising that he needed an outlet to expresshimself (the quirky, outspoken, goofier side) further.Due to his strong writing skills, Farrell was selectedto be one of the key members to start a publicrelations unit within an ad agency in 2003. He wasthen shipped off the agency’s regional office inSingapore, where he spent close to a year learningthe fundamentals of PR from some of the best PRpractitioners from around the world.Fast forward a few years, and with media contactsall over the world, Farrell has been fortunate tohave worked on some of the world’s mostrecognisable brands such as Heineken; Pantene,Head & Shoulders, Rejoice and Olay (under Procter& Gamble); Nokia; Samsung; Sony; Wall’s andKnorr (under Unilever); Bombay Sapphire and GreyGoose (under Bacardi-Martini Ltd); Wella; Durexand Scholl (under Reckitt Benckiser), Sara Lee,HwangDBS, Tourism Malaysia … the list goes on.Winner of a slew of awards such as “BestNewcomer” at McCann-Ericksson in 1997; “BestOverall Performer” at Bates Asia/141 Worldwidein 2003; and nominated for Prestige Magazine’s“Top 40 Under 40” award in 2011, Farrell showsno sign of slowing down. 4
  5. 5. Craig J SelbyManaging DirectorA reformed academic, Craig gave up the IvoryTower permanently a couple of years back to rejoinhis true passion, consulting. Having done doctoralwork on Globalisation, and then someunconventional work on the globalisation of tertiaryeducation, he saw the lifestyle and sanity benefitsof returning full time to consultancy.Although a broad business consultant, havingworked through all areas of entrepreneurialdevelopment, his particular strengths are in CrisisManagement, PR for the Service Industry, as wellas in Branding Individuals. He is often consulted onby industry and publications for solutions tounfortunate mishaps, a role which he particularlyenjoys as problem-solving is a unique hobby forhim.Craig is the Managing Director of Orchan, andbrings to the table over fifteen years of academicsuccess, and ten years of business consulting.Cracking a challenge is his biggest thrill, and yousee that when the light-bulb shines once he hasfound the ideal strategy for a client.His previous life, before Malaysia, saw him settingup a number of private sector business, hospitalityand language schools in his native New Zealand,launching a significant new legal partnership,graphic design consultancies, companies in thebeauty services industry, accountancy firms, andeven a dance studio.Adept at writing, he is often seen propped againsthis desk, laptop in hand, plugging away diligently. 5
  6. 6. Orchan Services “Change starts when someone sees the next step” – William DraytonOur ServicesLocal, National & Regional Media RelationsThey say it’s about who you know! But, it is also about understanding those that youknow, and understanding the client and the audience.With ever increasing competition for all businesses, effective media relations is an essentialelement of growth. What works for one company in one country, may not work for another.But we’re not re-inventing the wheel. We at Orchan offer an Asian-centric approach to thebusiness of media outreach. And we can advise on your next best step.We know the media in Asia operates in a unique socio-cultural and political landscape, andthat shouldn’t be ignored in any successful media relations campaign. We can offer thebest possible link between your needs and those of the media.Carefully targeted media lists, close contacts within the media (they actually pick up ourcalls, any time of the day – no kidding!) both on-line and traditional; well-crafted releasesand well thought-out photos, all serve to deliver the results you’re after.Orchan’s core strength lies in its diverse and innovative ideas on how to create mediaexcitement – plus our bravery in executing them! Also it’s our excellent media relations thatkeep us abreast of what’s important in the world of communications. We have theexpertise to target the right media at the right time for the right news. So, if there is a storythat demands your presence, you will be there. You can bank on that. 6
  7. 7. Reputation & Issues Management“One of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks” – Jack PennDifferent from crisis management, reputation & issues management is about ensuring thatcontemporary issues and your company image are maintained in the most positive light. Itis not about denying anything, but simply reframing events to ensure that the companyand/or brand shines through and always is presented at its best.Crisis Management “When life kicks you, don’t let it kick you over” – Kay YowEffectively dealing with crisis situations is one of the most vital areas of expertise formanagement teams. The only certainty for an organisation is that somehow, at somestage, a crisis will occur. How that crisis is handled is too important a variable to leave tochance.With over 25 years collective experience in helping clients navigate their way through crisissituations, Orchan is uniquely placed to assist organisations in this regard. Our industryknowledge and extensive media relations experience, allied with our hands-on crisismanagement involvement, ensures that clients receive the best in current crisismanagement techniques and training.Media Relations MeasurementOrganisations that intend to tap the media to add on to its business goals should knowwhat and how the media thinks. Every morning, before you hit your desk, you get aroundup of news involving your company, your competitors and the industry that youoperate in. Understand for yourself, your brand, and your company, the impact that a well-executed PR campaign has, through consistent, accurate follow-up and delivery of resultsin the media, and see for yourself, how that translates into business prospects. 7
  8. 8. Corporate CommunicationsMany companies need the facilities of an on-call team to address their day-to-daycommunication needs. Whilst some have the luxury of an in-house team, many othersneed to outsource this. Here’s where we come in.By outsourcing your communications needs, we ensure that you communicate the rightmessage, every time, as you need it.Copywriting “The right word may be effective, but no word was ever effective as a rightly timed pause” – Mark Twain.The effective use of words can never be underestimated. Whether you need an inspiringand well-structured speech, or if you simply need the text on your website updated, wehave the skills and experience to make sure that the key messages you need to convey toyour audience are delivered in a way that engages the reader or recipient. Our new websiteis testament to this, don’t you think so? ;-)Campaign Conceptualisation & ActivationOrchan thrives on developing compelling campaigns to benefit your brand. We understandyour brand, your needs, and conceptualise then activate a complete campaign to extendyour media mileage. 8
  9. 9. Media Awareness and Communications Training “Once a word has been allowed to escape, it cannot be recalled.” – HoraceTalking to the media is an art. You may think it’s easy to get them on your side, but there’salways the risk you could say the wrong thing. It’s easy to be tricked into revealinginformation you may not have wanted to, that could have adverse repercussions. One slipand you can be caught (we hope not literally) with your pants down.Orchan’s media and communication training courses assist clients to use media interviewsas opportunities for delivering their key messages, and no more. It provides the tools andthe confidence needed to deal with the media in all its forms. Having a news camera inyour face can be extremely daunting, but we enable you to respond in the best light (evenas the light bulbs are flashing). Our media training can be done in one day, or in sessions,as our courses are tailored to each client’s individual need. Fun exercises and role playhelps you well in advance to be at ease with journalists. We ensure you can capitalise onany media interview opportunities. What you say, and how you say it, really does matter. “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” – Chinese ProverbChange Management CommunicationsThe decision to reduce staff numbers or close a facility is a difficult one for management tomake and for staff to hear. Emotions run high in such situations and the reputation of acompany or brand can be damaged if the process is not handled professionally and withthe concerns of the staff affected at the forefront of any planning. The Orchan team hasextensive experience in this area, having worked with large multi-national corporations andsmall-scale indigenous companies to effectively handle their change management process. 9
  10. 10. Strategic PR & Marketing SolutionsGuiding an organisation’s business plans and objectives from the planning stage tosuccessful implementation and completion can be a difficult process. Orchan hasextensive experience of working with clients to best identify their communications andmarketing requirements, structuring them so that they complement and enhance theorganisation’s overall business objectives. “Choices are the hinges of destiny” – Edwin MarkhamBusiness ConsultancyBeyond PR, Orchan’s team is also experienced and skilled in broader business consulting.We are adept at system audits, marketing audits, and broader consulting to refine youroperations and to empower your business decisions. 10
  11. 11. Our PartnersWe choose to work with trusted partners to ensure your needs are met. Foreach campaign, we select the most suitable partner match, to facilitate the mostsuccessful outcomes for you, our client.ImmerseImmerse is an award-winning web design and creative company, specialising in generatingout of the box solutions for its clients. It focusses on truly understanding the clients needsand their point of difference, then creates optimal web presence to support and enhancethe clients existing collaterals.Cake ExperientialCake Experiential Communications is an experiential marketing, communications andconsulting agency specialized in developing personalized brand experiences that engageaudiences with an authentic message through meaningful, relevant and innovative ways.Our recent clients include brands such as Toyota, AirAsia and PumaLike Minds Consulting Like Minds Consulting, head quartered in Singapore, provides public relations, publicaffairs, marketing and digital media strategy and implementation support to clients acrossthe region. Like Minds Consulting has worked with companies in the professional services,mobile media and broadcasting sectors. Like Minds Consulting, via an exclusive tie-upwith South Asia’s biggest digital media company Webchutney, implements interesting andcomplex digital campaigns for clients across a variety of sectors.  11
  12. 12. is one of the pioneering Chinese online TV stations and lifestyle informationportals covering Malaysia, but developing a more regional scope. Covering both eventsand lifestyle concepts, engages with the Chinese-educated young adult andworking professional demographic, to bring to the fore the latest in happenings in KL,Malaysia, and beyond.Gig EventsGig conceptualises and activates events for a variety of industries in the lifestyle, luxury andcorporate sectors. Crowd-pleasing, attention-gathering events are their speciality, and noevent is too large or too small. Gig takes care of all logistics from the conceptualisationstage right through to post-event. Gig has worked with big name clients such as SSF,1 Utama, and Alliance Bank just to name a few. 12
  13. 13. Orchan TrainingToday, more than ever, talent must surface at every level of an organisation to ensuresuccessful performance and results. Orchan helps you to develop the talent within yourorganisation – nurturing the skills and knowledge your team needs to achieve excellence.Orchan understands the need for organisations to constantly be on the cutting edge of allaspects of their business, especially communications. Our passion is in helping others todevelop as professionals, and to see organisations grow as a result of confident andcompetent staff. Orchan provides the tools to empower your team members to succeed. We offer practicaltraining to build on existing skills and to lay the foundation for future performanceimprovement and self and team development. Our philosophy and approach is to proceedfrom a client perspective. We work to thoroughly understand the needs of our clients (boththe organization and individuals) and respond with programmes which are appropriate,effective and measurable in fulfilling these needs. We have a broad range of programmes which may be appropriate to several stages ofyour staff professional development needs. We hold proprietary rights to theseprogrammes allowing us to customize or tailor them to specific organizations, levels, andeven venues. Our trainers have worked with government organisations, non-profitorganisations, banks, finance & insurance companies, international logistics organisations,as well as international schools, colleges, universities and professional institutions of highereducation. 13
  14. 14. Industry TestimonialsYes, people do actually like us. And we didn’t even have to buy them drinks ordinner! So, instead of tooting our own horn, we’ll let some of our clients puckerup and do it for us.“OuttoDine Sdn Bhd engaged Orchan to help publicise its new concept restaurant,Spasso Milano. Within the first month, strong publicity appeared in magazines and online,and as a result we extended Orchan’s responsibility to cover our Weissbrau restaurantsand to be engaged in the broader marketing efforts of the group. We would recommendOrchan to anyone who wants positive, driven public relations results”. Daniel Ra, CEO, OuttoDine Sdn Bhd“Orchan has been supporting PUMA since 2009 and has never failed to deliver beyond ourexpectations. Efficient, professional with a strong understanding of what we need, theyhave assisted in building and maintaining the PUMA brand image to what it is today.Suffice to say, I would be more than happy to recommend their services to anycorporations looking for good, reliable PR support.” Ivy Leong, Marketing Executive, PUMA Malaysia“The team at Orchan Consulting is a pleasure to work with. The executives are creative,professional and well-connected - everything we could want from our marketing partners.” Chef Tommes & Louise G-c, Owners, That Little Wine Bar“I worked with Orchan Consulting while pitching for a large London based client. It requiredone meeting for me to get convinced about their professional approach. In the variousmeetings and client pitches, which have followed, my trust in their capabilities hasstrengthened exponentially. Orchan Consulting is strong both in strategic and operationalaspects of Public Relations consulting. I foresee a long and fruitful relationship with themas a regional partner.” Himanshu Verma, CEO and Director, Like Minds ConsultingWe worked with Orchan for Project Alpha Season 2. Although new and with a small team,they delivered way more than promised. With that, Project Alpha was featured in so manypublications, online and offline, and gave lots of value and exposure back to us and oursponsors! Thanks Orchan! David Wong, Country Manager (China), Nuffnang 14
  15. 15. "It has been a pleasure working with Orchan Consulting Asia. Both Farrell & Craig havebecome my good friends as that is the level of service they offer - PERSONAL! Thank you,all the best and congratulations on your 1st year!" Amber Chia, Malaysian Supermodel MSN Malaysia Entertainment has been working closely with Orchan Consulting Asia andthe results have been nothing but swift, friendly and up-to-date. Theres nothing likeworking with these guys who ensure you get what you need even when times ticking (ourdeadlines every day!). Thank you for backing us up in our little space within the world wideweb. Reta Lee, Editor, MSN Malaysia“Orchan Consulting Asia … is a specialist boutique agency backed by impeccableleadership and this has in turn led to its remarkable success in establishing quite the trackrecord when it comes to putting out work which is simply outstanding. Run by a fired-upteam of steady go-getters, it has proven that size doesn’t matter! Orchan is definitelypositioned within the competition, (if not ahead) instead of behind it considering how it hasbuilt its brand and image from ground zero a year ago to what it is today.Its strength is reflected and clearly defined in the kind of quality and substance which iswoven into each project it has ever committed to. A distinct indication of what its valuesand corporate culture stand for can be understood from the stellar performance it rendersevery time. Its recent work on Advertising + Marketing Magazine’s inaugural Agency of theYear Awards 2010 was top-notch. This is evidence that businesses trust Orchan tomanage their brands. In having worked closely with the team, I have come to appreciateits undivided attention to detail and dedication to a high level of effectiveness andefficiency.” Deborah Joy, Journalist, Advertising+Marketing Magazine"We have had the pleasure of working with Orchan Consulting Asia, who clearlyunderstand our business needs and have been absolutely delighted with their level ofservice. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any company looking to increasetheir PR coverage." Yvonne Leow, Assistant Marketing Manager, STAEDTLER Marketing Sdn Bhd 15
  16. 16. Portfolio of Clients A Selection of our current and recent clientsAIDSAwareA pro-bono project that Orchan undertook in 2010, the AIDSAware campaign themed “Bethe Message” leveraged off the public as a vehicle to communicate the essence of theinitiative via social media. The main rationale behind the initiative is to spread AIDSawareness, equip society with an education on preventive measures and encourage thepublic to join in on the fight against discrimination of inflicted victims.Responsible for the communications aspect of the effort, Orchan was instrumental in therecruitment of celebrities for the AIDSAware calendar, which was sold to corporates andmembers of the public to further raise awareness on the initiative beyond cyberspace. Atotal of 42 Malaysian celebrities came on board in support of the campaign, and behind-the-scene videos and video messages were also shot to raise awareness and encouragefurther participation.Food & BeverageOrchan represents a select range of exclusive and unique food &beverage outlets. Penang’s That Little Wine Bar and IrrawaddyFine Foods work with Orchan to develop the public profile of ChefTommes, and to promote their unique involvement in broaderwine appreciation and education. Orchan secured Chef Tommesa hosting role on an AFC cooking show titled Chalk & Cheese,which aired in February 2012. Outto Dine Sdn Bhd operatesWeissbrau (German) and Spasso (Italian) Restaurants in KualaLumpur and Penang. Located in prestigious Pavilion (KL), andStraits Quay (Penang), Orchan handles the public relations andstrategic marketing for the group. The restaurants have receivedgreat coverage in dailies and magazines, along with a strongonline support. Orchan also represented the now closed 42East,an innovative bar in TTDI, and launched Il Primo Restolounge inCentral KL. Orchan is currently launching a new restaurantconcept into Malaysia, Duck n Such. 16
  17. 17. Mayland Properties - Cheras SentralStanding derelict for close to ten years, Cheras’s iconic property failure, formerly known asPlaza Pheonix, is due to rise from the ashes again under the nurture and guidance ofMayland Properties. Mayland engaged Orchan to cover both stakeholder and external public relations. Frommeeting with every strata tile stakeholder to discuss plans and encourage theircommitment to the bigger picture, through to publicly rebranding the property, Orchan hasbeen involved in the strategic communications direction of the rebranding process.Astro Hitz “Yuna Inspired” Powered by DiGiA fun and fulfilling project which kicked off in January and ended in May 2011. Astro Hitz“Yuna Inspired” Powered by DiGi consisted of three main parts: contest, realitydocumentary, and a ‘secret concert’. Yunalis Zarai, fondly known as ‘Yuna’ to her fans isMalaysia’s newest sweetheart, continuously capturing hearts and minds with her soulfulself-written tunes. Her music has even crossed over to the USA, where she was signed bythe renowned Fader label.Over the five months of the project more than RM 2.5 Million in PR value was garnered,totaling more than 90 media clips (combination of different media).Steinway Malaysia YouthPiano CompetitionFor the first time throughout South East Asia, the region has an opportunity to send oneextraordinary individual to the International Steinway Festival in Hamburg, Germany.Orchan promoted the Malaysian competition from start to end. Holding two pressconferences and arranging several exclusives encompassing the organisers, sponsors,judges and the participants themselves. The competition was organised by Bentley Musicand sponsored by BMW Group Malaysia, ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall and Baron Advertising. 17
  18. 18. Jane Iredale Skincare MakeupJane Iredale, a Tony award winning writer and close friend to Hollywood celebritiesdecided to develop a makeup line which would benefit the skin instead of the existingmakeup on the market which clogged the skin, and worsened skin problems. Thus wasborn the Jane Iredale Skincare Makeup that uses superior mineral ingredients with in-house patented technology.Orchan helped launch the Jane Iredale Skincare Makeup to the media. In addition to JaneIredale pulling the crowd in, Orchan invited celebrities who attended included Julie Woonand Rina Omar (who volunteered to be the lucky individual who got made up by JaneIredale herself), all of whom created several interesting media angles for the press.The singular event garnered more than RM200,000 in PR value, which included severalbroadcast clips. STAEDTLERThe brand famous for its vibrant colours and signature ‘luna’ boat decided to team up withsomeone very special and support her efforts. Not only did Orchan ensure that everyoneknew Erra Fazira had embraced creative child development but also made known hercreation of the Erra Art Club and the Erra Fazira-STAEDTLER Art Fund. Followed by anextremely successful press conference in December 2010, Orchan continued generatingcoverage for their on-ground events.MEPS / Al Rajhi Bank Al Rajhi Bank was the first international Islamic bank to integrate with MEPS, the MalaysianElectronic Payments System, allowing Al Rajhi customers the opportunity to access theirfunds in Malaysia. Orchan was engaged to conceptualise the launch and to facilitateappropriate business-skewed publicity for both organisations. Orchan secured attendanceof every major daily in Malaysia (English, Chinese & Malay), with international coverage alsobeing garnered. 18
  19. 19. PUMAOrchan has been working on the PUMA lifestyle portfolio since it started in 2009. From aone-off campaign, Create Your Style, Orchan was then awarded the Happy Huntingcampaign, followed by two of their Social campaigns, which brought together after-hours athletes from around-the-world together, online and offline, to share in social banterand friendly competition. Due to its stellar track record, Orchan was awarded the Faascampaign (under their Sports portfolio), featuring the worlds fastest runner Usain Bolt,which kicked off in April 2012, followed by the recent installment of Social, entitledDream Team, which kicked off in May 2012.MASiFThe Music, Arts and Style International Festival (MASiF) is a unique event specially craftedfor a historical day i.e. Malaysia Day, to commemorate the richness of music, arts and style(fashion) diversities in Malaysia. Highlighting Malaysias very own talented and successfulcreative community, MASiF provides a platform for new emerging talent to showcase toMalaysians (and the world) their gift, allowing them to shine amongst the best andbrightest our country has to offer. Orchan was engaged to handle the publicity for the 6-month festival, which culminated on 17 September 2011. Total publicity generated wasRM4 million, and covered local, regional and international mass media: print, broadcastand looks beyond tomorrow, at the new paradigm of work. puts ‘work’back into ‘fun’, by facilitating global IT outsourcing through a level of interaction andsecurity previously not experienced with an online platform. It’s not only a job searchengine, it’s an entire search, activation, execution and management tool to ensure the bestand most secure results for everyone involved. Orchan handles all the PR and broader communications consulting needs for thecompany, including liaison with international publications, pre-launch and launch, as wellas social media strategy and framework creation. 19
  20. 20. Martell (Pernod Ricard)Martell chose Orchan to activate the public relations aspect of its prized Martell CognacCordon Bleu Centenary Celebration – an exclusive celebration of 100 years of CordonBleu. An evening of fine dining, entertainment, and celebration also encompassed a mediaappreciation event, where select media were recognised for their contribution to living thelifestyle and supporting Martell over the years.Chocolate Box PR Recognising the potential of Public Relations initiatives for start-up businesses and Small-Medium Enterprises, Orchan introduced their PR concept package, Chocolate Box PR inearly 2012. Designed as an introduction and starting point for entrepreneurs, ChocolateBox PR is in fact applicable to any business which has not utilised PR before. Chocolate Box PR works on different levels to prepare, educate, pitch, and enableexposure for the entrepreneur and their products. Orchan had itself featured with Chocolate Box in a wide range of publications, includingdailies, business publications, magazines and on BFM radio. This led to Orchan’sManaging Director being a regular contributor to BFM’s Speed Consultingprogramme. 20
  21. 21. Orchan Clients from the Past & Present 1 Mont Kiara Mall MacyAdvanced Apotheke (L’Erbolario, Neal’s Yard Martell (Pernod Ricard) Remedies, Penhaligon’s) MASiF (Malaysian Arts, Style International Festival) Amber Chia Malaysia Electronic Payment System (MEPS) Amee Phillips Mayland Properties - Cheras Sentral Astro Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 BellaVita Out2Dine Bio Collagen Technologies Piper Heidsieck Bodytone Wellness Studio PTCM Cellmedic International PUMA Chef Tommes - Chalk & Cheese (AFC) Purple Houz Fine Arts (Motionworks) Rajan Navaratnam Craft Brews Spasso Milano Duck n’ Such STAEDTLER Dole Fruit and Vegetable Malaysia Eisentech Resources Steinway Malaysia Youth Piano Competition Encorp Strand - Mystical Eve 2011 Svago Environ Taylor’s University Ford Supermodel of the World 2009 Timberland Forever 21 Tsar Asia Health Pathway That Little Wine Bar iL Primo Weissbrau Immerse What’s On Penang Irrawaddy Fine Foods Yamaha Music Malaysia Jane Iredale Yappy.TV Limoncello Integrated Projects Agency of the Year 2010 & 2012(Advertising + Marketing Magazine) AIDSAware (Kyanite, ruumz, Orchan & Creative Juice/SIL) Project Alpha (Kyanite & Nuffnang) Spinmaster 2 (Astro Hitz) Yuna Inspired (Astro Hitz & DiGi) 21