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eWomenNetwork Meet Our Speakers is a history of our Accelerated Networking Event speakers and their topics. Click the links to be taken to our speaker's social media profiles to connect beyond our monthly meetings. Check out how we're making a difference in Chattanooga, TN.

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eWomenNetwork Meet our Speakers

  1. 1. Meet our Speakers eWomenNetwork Chattanooga Chapter Where Business Women are Connected 1 Denise Reed 423-834-9355 Managing Director Chapter Website Twitter Facebook
  2. 2. The Publicity Bumble Bee: How To Create Buzz About Your Business It's hard to get new business if no one knows you exist. eWomenNetwork seeks to change that by creating some buzz about what Chattanooga's small business owners can offer. This conversation is designed to teach members how to garner publicity and promote themselves in the local, regional and national marketplaces. At this powerful event you'll learn: • What is the media looking for in terms of a great story? • Learn the difference between publicity and advertising that could mean more money in your pocket! • How to appeal to the media with timely, relevant topics that will inspire and entertain their audiences. • How to promote your business during a media appearance without seeming sales-y. • How to capitalize on a current media appearance to gain more media attention. Danette Kubanda, is a two-time Emmy winning television producer, publicity consultant, media coach, writer and publicist. She was the former Senior Production Associate for The Oprah Winfery Show! Award winning communications professional, writer, speaker and producer with over 15 years of experience in television production and media relations. 2010 Daytime Emmy Award Winner for Outstanding Legal/ Courtroom Program, 2009 Daytime Emmy Award Winner for Outstanding Legal/ Courtroom Program. Twitter Facebook 2
  3. 3. Referral Highway Leads vs. Referrals - aren't they both the same thing? Absolutely NOT! Raeus will teach participants the difference between a cold and warm lead and a referral and why the common myth associated with the words use my name is NOT as warm as you think and why it can really get you into trouble with a prospect. She'll also teach participants how to take that lead and make it into a hot referral that's pre-qualified! No more cold calling on this highway. Traffic comes pre-qualified and ready to do business with YOU! Here's what you'll learn: • How to find and give real referrals • What is a real referral and what's not • Why you should never rely on the words Use my name • A lead is NOT a referral Raeus Cannon, Raeus works with professionals that want to meet more prospects and quit making cold-calls. She has first-hand experience moving from shy and introverted to realizing success as a trainer, author, entrepreneur, and professional keynote speaker. Raeus is the author of two books: ABC’s of Networking (a reference guide for networking events), and Traffic School (a training course for professionals that want to strategically leverage relationships referrals). Twitter Facebook 3
  4. 4. Boost Your Sales with the Moxie Method Sick and tired of feeling like you are doing all the wrong things in your business? Have more month than money? Sales are everything in your business. Crystal will share what you’re spending too much time on that’s not working, and three things you need to be doing every day to guarantee doubling or even tripling sales and revenue. From what you are saying to what you are doing she gets raw, honest and Moxie. You’re bound to feel Moxie yourself and ready to roll after hearing this. Here's what you'll learn: • How to confidently structure your sales conversations so prospects are coming to you and buying from you. • Why you should apply MOXIE to everything you do and what it means to you and your businesses bottom line. • Discover why starting a Movement increases sales and can be very fun. • The 3 crucial activities you should be focused on daily in your business. Crystal O'Connor, is the Moxie Entrepreneur. Looking for an entrepreneur defining moxie...energy, pep, courage, determination, and know-how? O'Connor's spent 20 years in four major industries mastering business skills in the crucial areas of sales, marketing and helping companies make more money. She's worked with small business owners in insurance, advertising, salons, photography, real estate and weight loss industries. O'Connor noticed a common lack of knowledge. Owners were working in the business and not on their business. O'Connor helps small business owners get moxie with their sales and marketing for big results. Twitter Facebook 4
  5. 5. Positioning For The Switch Do you have the desire to do something else, but don’t know how to transition what you know into the career you desire? Do you have an outdated professional profile (aka resume)? Delmar will share with you how to shift from a title-focused to a talent-focused profile and mindset. Whether you are a corporate employee, self-employed, or thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, it’s important to keep your resume or professional profile up-to-date, because you never know who’s looking or asking for what you have. Here's what you'll learn: • How to confidently identify your “transferable” skills that you can carry with you. • Learn some of the best things to keep track of to update your professional resume. • Learn strategies that work in addressing the “fear” that shows up while in transition. • Discover why “career journaling” brings more focus and clarity in your next steps. Delmar Johnson, With 10+ years experience with big corporations, small business owners and new entrepreneurs, human resource guru and visionary Delmar Johnson founded HR Brain for Hire™ (a Delmar Johnson Enterprise Brand) as a trusted and resourceful solution for affordable, efficient, and top notch recruitment, training and HR services. Delmar’s personal story includes multiple layoffs, life challenges, and her entrepreneurship adventure. Business owners love Delmar because her talent and passion for HR offer the support they need while saving time, money, and headaches. Delmar has unconditional passion for the career seeker and enjoys sharing her time and knowledge. Twitter Facebook 5
  6. 6. Help Yourself! So many people are waiting for someone to train them, or help them get promoted. Individuals must take some ownership of helping themselves. Learn how to utilize available resources to develop yourself. This topic teaches you to take personal responsibility for your career and life. Get empowered! At this powerful event you'll learn: • What you can do to develop yourself. • How to find resources that can boost your career. • How to plan your own promotion. Becky Davis, has 20+ years of leadership experience and continuous learning of leadership skills, practices and principles by the best leadership guru's like John Maxwell, Stephen Covey, Zig Zigglar and Ken Blanchard. She now helps entrepreneurs/small business owners with coaching, consulting and training.As former Regional Vice President for the world’s largest global optical retail company, she was responsible for coaching individuals and teams in strategic planning, talent enhancement, leadership development, performance improvement and profit growth. She successfully increased team morale, improved employee engagement and retention with purpose driven leadership by creating a positive culture which drove profits. Twitter Facebook 6
  7. 7. Be Social, Be Rich Learn how to turn your connections into clients! Get a road map for the etiquette and rules clearly laid out for social media, so you can develop a following that knows, likes and trusts your shared experience through multiple social media platforms. Network your way to unending profits, one person at a time. At this powerful event you'll learn: • Overview of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn • How to develop a core network that will help explode your business • How being social will lead to bottom line riches and life's riches Martha Giffen, is CEO of Best Kind Marketing, LLC, Be Social Be Rich Amazon best-selling author, Social Media Strategist and Online Marketing Consultant. A former stay-at-home Mom, she watched her husband build a multi-million dollar business. This inspired her to become an entrepreneur, her own boss and work from home! She created her successful online business, produced social media courses, motivational audios, and is an engaging and entertaining speaker. A popular blogger with a large following and plenty of Southern charm, her own real life experiences help entrepreneurs build profitable businesses and achieve extraordinary online success! Twitter Facebook 7
  8. 8. Success in 4D: Define It, Decide It, Design It, and Do It Success is more than just setting a goal. You’ll discover what you need to do to push through your limitations and start EXPERIENCING success like a 4D show at a theme park. Reach your 4D potential through defining your values, decision making, doing actions consistently, and dynamically working with others. 4D Success coaching is for you if your heart is aching for you trust your instincts and go for it. At this powerful event you'll learn: • Focus on the big stuff and the small stuff won’t matter. • The 1387 Rule (Only 13% of your success comes from technical knowledge). • Reaching your success potential is a process, not an event. Shari Strong, is a Leadership and Small Business Development Expert igniting new sparks towards leadership and small business strategies on the “HOW” of adopting new ideas, change, and influencing those around them for an everlasting impact. She’s an author of: Strengths + Talents = Endless Possibilities and Embrace Your Inner Critic.After a life of twists and turns, starting with nothing and working her way up the ladder to an executive position, Shari helps young adults in their 8th grade year through her non- profit, Strong Choices Foundation, experience possibility thinking and learn how decisions, now, can have a lasting impact. Twitter Facebook 8
  9. 9. LeverageUp™! How to Build Your Business Faster, Expand Quicker Are you tired of the amount of time it’s taking you to grow your business? Are you exhausted trying to figure out what you should be doing, where to focus your time and where to invest your dollars in your business? Are you tired of spinning your wheels and feeling as if you are not moving fast enough? Join Monique Manigault and discover how to grow your business in the shortest amount of time. In this session, you’ll learn exactly where to focus your energy, time and cash - and where not to - to LeverageUp™ and catapult your business! At this powerful event you'll learn: • What’s necessary to do immediately to begin to LeverageUp™ your business so your income and profits soar. • Learn the #1 asset that’s right in front of your nose that you are overlooking to LeverageUp™ your business NOW. • Top 3 fatal mistakes entrepreneurs make that slow down their growth and how to make sure you don’t make them! • Learn the 3 best strategies to grow your business at top speed. Monique Manigault, is a business strategist, speaker, author and unrelenting teacher. With over a decade of experience as a NY attorney, Monique has advised and assisted her clients building businesses of all levels. The serial entrepreneur focuses on key strategies moving businesses forward faster and propels exponential growth. In addition to speaking and leading workshops throughout the country, Monique maintains a private coaching practice working with clients on everything from leveraging strategic relationships to overcoming challenges that are blocking their growth. Monique’s new book is, Driving the Dream: 50 Life Lessons on How to Succeed in Life and Leadership. Twitter Facebook 9