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The Agile Team Onion


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Talk from the pre-session at Agile Manchester

Published in: Business
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The Agile Team Onion

  1. 1. The Agile team onion how many pizzas do you really need to feed your team? Emily Webber @ewebber /
  2. 2. PhotobySu-Lin @ewebber
  3. 3. @ewebber A multidisciplinary team has all the roles it needs to design, build and operate a service
  4. 4. @ewebber
  5. 5. Photobyzacktionman @ewebber
  6. 6. @ewebber Security and risk Business operations Policy Legal Users Public relations Finance Suppliers Ops
  7. 7. PhotobyKaterinaHlavata @ewebber
  8. 8. Photobyjoinash @ewebber <insert homogenous group name> 
 are rubbish at ….
  9. 9. @ewebber Agile team onion Core Collaborators Supporters
  10. 10. @ewebber Core team: Deliver the thing
  11. 11. @ewebber Collaborators: specialist information, assurance as needed, reduce dependencies and blockers
  12. 12. @ewebber Supporters: Keep informed, feed into broad organisational priorities
  13. 13. @ewebber “Working directly with the legal team, with a greater understanding of each other’s challenges and constraints, led to some pretty important successes for online voter registration and the people using it.” - Pete Herlihy product manager for online voter registration
  14. 14. PhotobyJeffEaster @ewebber
  15. 15. @ewebber
  16. 16. @ewebber Thanks.