Video Marketing and Email – Can it Work?


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This presentation is from Performance Marketing Summit 2014 in Denver, CO (June 17, 2014). Session description: Video is proven for conversions on landing pages, but can it be as effective with email marketing? We will take a look at how email marketers can possibly use video in their strategy and be effective.

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  • Video Marketing and Email – Can it Work?

    1. 1. Video + Email Marketing Can it work? @Inspire_Video
    2. 2. Laura Cruz Director of Client Services for Inspire Video Email Marketing Manager for the Leadgen Parent Company, Lead Info Stream @Inspire_Video
    3. 3. Video + Email Marketing: Outline • Reasons, opportunities and statistics of using video to increase engagement and conversions • Solutions to obstacles you will find • Effective and proven strategies to use • Today’s goal is to encourage you to try video in email @Inspire_Video
    4. 4. Increasing Consumer Engagement & Conversions @Inspire_Video
    5. 5. Our Journey Began: Offers that were converting, started converting less and less … • Coming from the leads world – We closely create, test, track and aim to convert traffic • Coming from the affiliate world – Landing pages and email creatives not mobile ready • Started testing video and optimizing external offers in-house for partner advertisers – Design, mobile responsiveness, eye tracking, and neuromarketing @Inspire_Video
    6. 6. Besides Adapting Fast to Mobile Technologies; Some Offers Were Still Outperforming Others • Video thumbnail and video on the landing page increased overall conversions • Pimsleur using video on landing page @Inspire_Video
    7. 7. @Inspire_Video
    8. 8. Video is Worth Trying: Stats • 75% of users visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video • Video click-through rates increase 2-3 times when marketers include a video in an email • Subscriber to lead conversation rates increase 51% when video is included in email marketing campaign • An introductory company email that includes a video receives an increase click-through rate by 96% @Inspire_Video Digital Sherpa
    9. 9. • BombBomb: Keller Williams agent’s email response level went up 30% after beginning to use video in their email messages • Pimsluer approach: Viewers coming from email, then viewing the video on the landing to the end almost always resulted in a sale • We noticed industry experts are already using well video + email to increasing conversions! Video is Worth Trying @Inspire_Video
    10. 10. Challenges • Browser capabilities • Viewing devices • Open rates • Deliverability • Effectiveness • Tracking metrics • Quality video • Mobile vs. Desktop users • Deciding which type of video is best for you? @Inspire_Video
    11. 11. Challenges • Deliverability • Browser capabilities • Effectiveness @Inspire_Video
    12. 12. This Is What Our Friends In The Industry Had to Say About Video @Inspire_Video
    13. 13. Jeff Kupietzky: Aim for Consumer Engagement @Inspire_Video
    14. 14. “We crossed the point where over 50% of emails are being opened on mobile and that’s causing a complete rethink of how the message is being put together.” • They give you less time • They are more likely to hit delete • You have to cut through the clutter Jeff Kupietzky CEO, Jeff Kupietzky: Aim for Consumer Engagement @Inspire_Video People on mobile act differently than people on desktop
    15. 15. Jeff Kupietzky CEO, Email Snacking • People have very short bursts of activity when they check their email, so how do you make your message relevant? • People that talk about engagement solutions are now more important than deliverability solutions. Jeff Kupietzky: Aim for Consumer Engagement @Inspire_Video
    16. 16. @Inspire_Video
    17. 17. @Inspire_Video
    18. 18. Obstacle #1: Deliverability • This topic is extensive but there are enough professional services that would help you achieve deliverability and reach those inboxes • SOLUTION – Get a professional ESP (email service provider) to help your deliverability -there are plenty out there- – Your focus should really be on: Offer optimization & conversions instead of traffic @Inspire_Video
    19. 19. Tim Ash: Focus On Conversion @Inspire_Video
    20. 20. Tim Ash CEO If you look at online marketing in broad buckets you have to get people to your website, you have to get them to take action then you have to increase the value. “Unfortunately there is still way to much value on driving traffic and the big nob you can turn is conversion.” Tim Ash: Focus On Conversion @Inspire_Video
    21. 21. Obstacle #2: Browser Compatibility • Display video inside an email • Can your email be viewed on all devices and browsers? • SOLUTION: – Improve your compatibility by using • Animated GIFs that links to full video • Image thumbnail displaying video content • Use a dynamic email service to display video inside the email – Testing your emails with ESP (Email Service Providers) snapshot tools @Inspire_Video
    22. 22. A) Animated GIFs That Links To Full Video Email example from @Inspire_Video
    23. 23. B) Thumbnail Displaying Video Content in Email.. Then on Landing Page @Inspire_Video
    24. 24. C) Use a Dynamic Email Service To Display Video Inside The Email @Inspire_Video
    25. 25. Testing Your Emails With ESP (Email Service Providers) Snapshot Tools Use specialized services to preview your emails in different platforms (mobile & desktop clients)ender @Inspire_Video
    26. 26. Obstacle #3: Effectiveness • What Makes Them Click? – Test –Test –Test • Today marketers can find affordable videos that are effective: That’s why there is a boom in the use of videos @Inspire_Video
    27. 27. Obstacle #3: Effectiveness • Videos can work 24/7 for you • A well constructed video is a good marketing investment • Depending on your goal: strong brand recognition and action driven results can be achieved • However in this market, you should be able to find affordable videos that truly work for you @Inspire_Video
    28. 28. Jeremy Schoemaker: Give people choices you want them to make @Inspire_Video
    29. 29. Jeremy Schoemaker CEO, ParProgram On Day 24, which is more than 3 weeks into his sequence, he sees his highest engagement. That’s the one with his Facebook training video. Everyone watches that from start to finish. Jeremy Schoemaker: Give people choices you want them to make I actually have a PDF guide and a link to the video. The PDF guide contains all the text, but the video - everyone clicks on and watches. @Inspire_Video
    30. 30. Brian Massey: Types Of Videos That Engage Viewers @Inspire_Video
    31. 31. • Webinar style • Talking Head • Whiteboard Brian Massey The Conversion Scientist Brian Massey: Types Of Videos That Engage Viewers @Inspire_Video
    32. 32. Brian Massey The Conversion Scientist The viewer rates for whiteboard videos were the best. People watched longer and we also found that it converted significantly higher than talking head webinar or slides style. The webinar style video performed poorest on the split test. Brian Massey: Types Of Videos That Engage Viewers @Inspire_Video
    33. 33. Brian Massey: Eye Tracking Technology And Video Effectiveness @Inspire_Video
    34. 34. Jennifer Pepper: Your Video Needs A Clear Purpose @Inspire_Video
    35. 35. Jennifer Pepper Content Marketing Manager, Vidyard Assign an action (CTA) to your video…and track it Jennifer Pepper: Attach Your Video To An Action! @Inspire_Video
    36. 36. Attaching A Call To Action • Vidyard • Viewbix • Think about what you want your video to accomplish • This needs to be done as part of your marketing strategy @Inspire_Video
    37. 37. Conclusions: Video is a good idea • Try, Test and Track • Your goal is user engagement: Speak to the consumers on their terms and get them to act • Don’t get left behind: Users have been trained to look for the video, to watch for the video, to click on the video and react… and If you are not using video effectively - you are losing sales to the competition that does @Inspire_Video
    38. 38. Conclusions: Obstacles & Solutions • Deliverability: Use ESP for this and focus on optimizing offers for Conversion • Browser Compatibility: Gif, thumbnail, Dynamic services • Preview Email snapshot: ESP preview tools • Video Effectiveness: Use affordable high-quality videos and place them in responsive-ready offers • Use an eye tracking-ready, whiteboard animation, and attach that video to a call to action you can track @Inspire_Video
    39. 39. @Inspire_Video I highly recommend to start combining your video into your email marketing, to jumpstart the engagement process
    40. 40. Thank You @Inspire_Video Feel free to keep the conversation going M: 303-800-6029