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5 tips for trainers

A short presentation with 5 tips I use when training.

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5 tips for trainers

  1. 1. Photo by Emory Maiden 5 tips for trainers
  2. 2. Mostly YES Mostly NO Do you do this?
  3. 3. For each slide thumbs up or thumbs down
  4. 4. Photo by Yoppy Plan to change
  5. 5. Provide an outline, but allow learning to emerge (be ok with changing the agenda)
  6. 6. Photo by Alexyv Make participants feel safe
  7. 7. They will share more and be more open to learning
  8. 8. Photo by Marc Wathieu Leave time for discussion
  9. 9. We learn more by talking than listening
  10. 10. Photo by J Mark Dodds Keep presenting time short (< 10mins)
  11. 11. Keep people interested with less talking and more facilitating
  12. 12. Photo by Glen Scott Repeat the message
  13. 13. Telling people the same message a number of times will help it become familiar
  14. 14. How did you do? What can you do differently?
  15. 15. Emily Webber @ewebber