The Challenges of Keeping Bees


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Several years ago, James Dixon, CTO at Pentaho, published a paper called, “The Bees and the Trees: The Beekeeper Model of Commercial Open Source Software”. I have found that this metaphor is hugely helpful in explaining commercial open source to people. So in this talk I introduce James' model, then I use it as the context to discuss the state of the Alfresco community.

A recording of this session lives here:

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The Challenges of Keeping Bees

  1. 1. The Challenges of Keeping Bees Jeff Potts @jeffpotts01 #SummitNow
  2. 2. I am a Beekeeper #SummitNow #SummitNow
  3. 3. Non-Commercial Open Source #SummitNow #SummitNow
  4. 4. Proprietary Software #SummitNow #SummitNow
  5. 5. Similar outputs, different processes #SummitNow
  6. 6. Commercial Open Source #SummitNow #SummitNow
  7. 7. How a Honey Farm Works #SummitNow #SummitNow
  8. 8. How Commercial Open Source Works #SummitNow #SummitNow
  9. 9. Community Manager #SummitNow #SummitNow
  10. 10. #SummitNow #SummitNow
  11. 11. Challenge #1: Influx of Maple Syrup Executives  #SummitNow #SummitNow
  12. 12. “Nothing is f**ked here, Dude. Come on, you're being very unDude.” -- Walter Sobchak, The Big Lebowski #SummitNow #SummitNow
  13. 13. Strong go-to-market team critical #SummitNow #SummitNow
  14. 14. Cloud Hybrid On-Prem 20% – 60% – 20% 80% Open API is critical Open platform is critical #SummitNow #SummitNow
  15. 15. Renew our open source strategy “Building a Stronger Open Source Product” • Company has evolved since 2009 Strategy will too, but fundamental values haven’t changed #SummitNow #SummitNow
  16. 16. Challenge #2: Diversity in the Gene Pool #SummitNow #SummitNow
  17. 17. The honey farm is enormous Active Alfresco forum users by location, November 2012 #SummitNow #SummitNow
  18. 18. Alfresco Community Stars 2013 Amy Currans Joseph John Carlo Sciolla (skuro) Tahir Malik Carl Nordenfeldt Axel Faust Florian Maul Lanre Abiwon (darkstar1) Oksana Kurysheva Peter Lofgren (Loftux) Piergiorgio Lucidi (openpj) Ian Crew Mittal Patoliya (mitpatoliya) Jean Joseph (jeanjot) Charles Le Seac’h (cleseach) Jan Pfitzner (alfrescian) Denys G. Santos (gsdenys) Cristina Martin Ruiz#SummitNow #SummitNow Mike Priest
  19. 19. Ian Crew: Enterprise Customer. Dean of IRC. Works for: UC Berkeley Blog: wanderingalfresco. IRC Nic: iancrew “The Alfresco community is more about the moral support and community of people who really get what I'm experiencing…” #SummitNow #SummitNow
  20. 20. Oksana Kurysheva: Language Packer. Hacker. Works for: ITD Translations managed at: “Alfresco community is like a big family. There are hundreds of people you meet every day on IRC or Alfresco Forums, see their commits to Github projects…When you see all these faces at Alfresco Summit you feel like you are at home.” #SummitNow #SummitNow
  21. 21. Jan Pfitzner: Partner. Add-On King. Works for: fme Blog: Twitter: @alfrescian “Answering questions in the forums and on Stack Overflow is still my favourite approach to get in touch with new components or APIs.” #SummitNow #SummitNow
  22. 22. Amy Currans: Queen of the Meetup Works for: Tribloom Twitter: @HanaleiGirl “Be aggressive in getting involved in the community! The Alfresco community has plenty of room for new people, new ideas and contributions. Get out there and do something.” #SummitNow #SummitNow
  23. 23. Engineering Alfresco Awesomesauce Will Abson Integrations Engineer Claim to fame: Share Extras Mark Rogers Repository Engineer Claim to fame: Most Forum Posts. Ever. #SummitNow #SummitNow
  24. 24. None of these people participate in our community as their primary responsibility #SummitNow #SummitNow
  25. 25. Challenge #3: Attracting & Keeping Bees #SummitNow #SummitNow
  26. 26. Attracting and keeping bees Make it easy for newcomers Foster a welcoming, helpful environment Make contributions visible Provide nourishing raw material #SummitNow #SummitNow
  27. 27. Release velocity Elapsed Days as of 10/17/2013 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 #SummitNow #SummitNow
  28. 28. Challenge #4: Measuring the Happiness of the Bees #SummitNow #SummitNow
  29. 29. How do you want to measure it? • Community Edition downloads • Jiras filed • Major code contributions • Forum, wiki, blog hits • Wiki edits • Active forum users • Active IRC users • Meetup groups & attendees • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twit ter followers • Projects on Addons, Google Code, Bitbucket, & GitHub • Alfresco Public API registered developers • Community translators • Blog posts by community • Alfresco Summit traffic • Community Survey • TechTalk Live & Office #SummitNow Hours viewers #SummitNow
  30. 30. More importantly: How does it feel? #SummitNow #SummitNow
  31. 31. Challenge #5: Understanding What the Bees Want #SummitNow #SummitNow
  32. 32. Community focus in recent years 2011: Get the community organized 2012: Community system improvements 2013: Focus on external engagement 2014: What does the community want to do? #SummitNow #SummitNow
  33. 33. Newsletter • Goes out Quarterly • Round-up Sign up at: company/ newsletters #SummitNow #SummitNow
  34. 34. Live Alfresco Office Hours #SummitNow #SummitNow
  35. 35. Landing Page On-ramp Communication Aggregation #SummitNow #SummitNow
  36. 36. Busy, having fun, but not scaling #SummitNow #SummitNow
  37. 37. Every bee makes a contribution Help someone in the forums or on IRC Report bugs Contribute fixes Edit the wiki Upload your add-on Start or join a meetup #SummitNow #SummitNow
  38. 38. #SummitNow #SummitNow
  39. 39. #SummitNow