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Evaluation Question 3


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Published in: Education
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Evaluation Question 3

  1. 1. Possible Independent Film Distribution Companies Film 4 Entertainment One UK  Film 4 is a British company and our film is British so we would be able to showcase the British Talent, whether that be the director, writer or actor. Film 4 aspires to be a leader of innovation in the British Film Industry.  It offer’s a platform for British and independent cinema on terrestrial television by committing to showing each one of film fours production films on Channel 4 and Film 4. Investing around £500,000 per film  Entertainment One is a British distribution company , Bringing an “Expertise in theatrical and home entertainment distribution.”  It serves “as one of the premier names in independent film distribution.”  Although this company is not one of the ‘Big 6’ it is a very popular distribution company focusing on independent films. It has led the independent sector, with the largest number of Billboard- charting titles so our film would qualify for being distributed by E1 and would benefit massively.
  2. 2. Possible Mainstream (BIG 6) Distribution Companies Paramount Universal  Paramount pictures are a common distributor of thriller films. They would be a suitable distributor as they have released films with a similar genre to our own.  Also being one of the Big 6 it ensures our film would be distributed globally, not just aiming at a British Audience. It would enable us to showcase British Talent on a global scale.  Universal pictures is one of the biggest in the world due to the success of the distributed films, I believe our film would add to its vast list of successes.  Universal have successfully distributed a range of thrillers.  Again our film would be distributed globally and as Universal is such a big American company, the reflection of The Milwaukee Cannibal in our film would prove popular to its home audience.
  3. 3. Which of those institutions is most likely to distribute my film...  Our film is likely to be aided by independent and mainstream institutions.  This is due to the fact that Our opening title sequence was created on a low budget, with new upcoming actors. For these reasons it would not immediately draw the attention of one of the ‘Big 6’ companies. It would more likely be produced with the aid of Film 4 (Independent company) and then put forward to Film Festivals like BFI’s London Film Festival. We would ensure it doesnt only make appearances within the Uk However much like another independent movie, Starred up, it could be shown at Telluride in Colorado – Starred up later went on to be distributed by a mainstream company. Our film is expected to be incredibly popular at film festivals as it stars an extremely talented, up and coming British actor – ‘One to watch.’ This alongside great reviews and the help of Film 4 would begin to attract attention from a ‘Big 6’ company. Our film is also based on a very infamous American man (The Milwaukee Cannibal) and his events in which were broadcasted on news channels around the world, therefore people from all over the world would be interested in watching the movie, so it should be distributed globally.  Again like Starred up, Our film is most likely to be distributed by 20th Century Fox, they watch Telluride Film Festival closely.
  4. 4. 20th Century Fox  20th Century have distributed films that have the same serious, real-life feel that ours does... Distributing 12 Years a Slave and The Descendants. Whilst these films are not thrillers like ‘Scalpel,’ they have importance in reflecting real-life events and experiences. If our film was not based on a real event then its audience may purely be horror/thriller lovers, however our film is uncovering past events and will involve the audience emotionally, which 20th Century Films often do. Our film is not just a movie which follows a bloody killer, filled with scenes of extreme tension, gore and scares but it is incredibly thought-provoking. It puts you into the mind of the killer, having the audience try and figure out why he does some things within the film and connecting the emotionally not only to the victims but also the killer.  Other mainstream companies often distribute less thought- provoking films due to their repetitive ‘popular-styled’ nature however 20th Century differs from that.  Having our film with this company means it can also participate in huge award shows like the Bafta’s or the Grammy’s and can have a bigger distributing budget with grand exposure via – Trailers, DVD’’s, Tv Ads, Websites etc...