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Research on audiences, distribution, advertising, history, competition with other companies and films produced

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  1. 1. • Film4 was started in 1982 as Film4 Productions, a film production company owned by Channel Four Television Corporation and has been responsible for backing a large number of films made in the United Kingdom, and around the world. • They launched a new Digital TV channel of the same name. Film4 was originally known as FilmFour and became Channel 4's second channel (after Channel 4 itself). It was a subscription-only service available on satellite television via the Sky platform, digital terrestrial via ITV Digital. It cost £5.99 a month, and as the production grew in size this increased to £7. • In 2004 a new boss introduced “Film4 Productions” to tie in with the relaunch of the FilmFour broadcast channel as Film4. The channel now became a free site with commercial breaks during films.
  2. 2. • Channel 4 had to cut their budget from £30 to £10 million in 2002 – due to mounting losses with an attempt to compete with Hollywood. They reintegrated the company as a division of its TV operation to ensure the investments in films. • Due to the site being free, the channel’s availability increased from 300,000 subscribers to 18 million households. This was a huge success for Film4 as people who usually pay to watch films produced by Hollywood or Bollywood could now watch free movies on a different Freeview channel. • Nowadays, Film4 remains the only free film channel available on digital television – giving them a huge advantage over other productions.
  3. 3. • They also have themed nights or seasons which a number of films centred around one genre, director or actor shown. This drew people into they channel as their audience would do anything to watch their favourite actor or actress perform. • In addition, they look for distinctive films which will make their mark in a competitive cinema market.
  4. 4. • Film4 operated a one-hour time shift channel, Film4+1, on satellite, cable and Freeview. • Latter on additional channels were added, such as FilmFour World but this was later replaced by FimFour Weekly which screened four films across the week at the same time to make it easier to catch a film at least once. • A HD channel was also launched in 2010, exclusively on Virgin Media’s cable television platform on channel 429.
  5. 5. Film4 have received 12 Bafta nominations this year .
  6. 6. Because Film4 has a wide range of movies available to watch, the audience isn’t as restricted as other production companies, but it is mainly aimed at worldwide audiences.
  7. 7. • When they announced the site was free, they used celebrities to advertise Film4 in odd ways, like Judi Dench in a lobster costume, singing the words “Film4”.The slogan for the campaign was “FILMS FOR FREE” which was simple but effective. • Because it is free, it is funded with advertising, programme sponsorship and merchandising. • They appeal to an American audience, which helps to increase sales. • Teasers such as adverts are used with eye catching images or ideas.
  8. 8. • In 2002, they no longer distributed their own films, due to financial problems. • They use film festivals as an opportunity to get the attention of distributors.
  9. 9. Nowadays they produce around 20 films a year. •12 Years A Slave •Curban Fury •The Double •Under the Skin •This is England •Four Weddings And A Funeral •England •Last King Of Scotland •Four Lions •East to East •Never Let me Go
  10. 10. • Produced in 2008 • Funded by Film4 • Budget $15,000,000