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Film 4

  1. 1. Rebecca Chapman FILM 4Owned By- Channel 4 CorporationController- Tessa RossLatest/Key Directors-Danny BoylesMartin McdonaghSteve McqueenMike LeighMark RomanekChris MorrisPeter MullanBackground Information-Film4 Productions is a British film production company owned by Channel 4. Thecompany has been responsible for backing a large number of films made in theUnited Kingdom. The companys first production was Walter, directed by StephenFrears, which was released in 1982.Before 1998, the company was identified as Channel Four Films or FilmFourInternational. Later, the outfit was re-branded as FilmFour, to coincide with thelaunch of a new Digital TV channel of the same name. The company cut its budgetand staff significantly in 2002, due to mounting losses, and was re-integrated into thedrama department of Channel 4.In 2004, Tessa Ross became head of both Film4 and Channel 4 drama. The name"Film4 Productions" was introduced in 2006 to tie in with the re launch of theFilmFour broadcast channel as Film4.What is Film 4?“The Film4 channel is available for free to everyone with digital TV. A daily line-up ofgreat movies guarantees a choice for every type of film fan. We showcase a widerange of titles, including the best of British film-making, US independent films,Hollywood blockbusters, mainstream drama and comedy, guilty pleasures, foreignfilms and cult cinema. Youll also find special features, in-depth interviews andexclusive programming.” – Film 4 Website“We dont just show great films - we make them too. Film4 Productions is the featurefilm commissioning department of Channel 4. We develop and co-finance a slate ofsmart and distinctive feature films like the Academy Award winning SlumdogMillionaire, Mike Leighs Happy Go Lucky and Shane Meadows This Is England.Visit the Film4 Productions section of the site for information, features, interviewsand video clips of the films we make.” – Film 4 Website
  2. 2. Rebecca ChapmanFilms- - Four Lions - East Is East - This Is England - Another Year - Never Let Me Go - The Last King Of Scotland - NED’sSuccess-5 Oscars in the past 4 years3 BAFTA’s in 2007 aloneReaching 8.3 million ABC1’s a monthUpmarket (42%)Male (55%)Facts--They rely on sponsorship and commercial input for their funding-In 2006 the channel moved from pay TV to being free to air allowing more freeaccess to home grown blockbuster films-Big change in 2002, Financial worries lead to a need to boost annual investmentthrough third party partnerships-2011, Channel 4 budget rise of 50% to £15M per year-Film 4 make around 6 films per year-WarpX, low budget studio, digital production house-Set to take a pioneering role in explaining the digital, online arena through film 4.0