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The Comanche


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The Comanche

  1. 1. The Comanche By: Chazz Sandoval, Charlene Tamagos, Deishuan Booker, Tanner Durkin
  2. 2. Where did the Comanche live? The Comanche lived by the Eastern Platte river in Wyoming.
  3. 3. What kinds of food did the Comanche eat? The kinds of food they ate were…  Mostly buffalo, elk, black bear, pronghorn, deer.  Vegetables, fruit, roots, and fried corn. When there was nothing else to eat they would eat wild mustangs.
  4. 4. What kind of clothing do they eat? The clothing they had was simple and easy to wear. The mean wore a leather belt with a breechcloth. The young boys did not wear clothing unless in the winter. Shoes were knee length and made of buffalo hide. The women wore dresses and they would decorate the dresses.
  5. 5. What type of home do they live in? They would live in teepees covered with buffalo hide.
  6. 6. Religion? The Comanche believed in bad and good spirits. When they met for counsel or praying matters, they would smoke a pipe and the first puff was for the Great Spirit.
  7. 7. Traditions • They would tell traditional Comanche stories and fairy tales...
  8. 8. Celebrations and ceremonies • They would pray individually and in groups the Comanche believes that the great spirit has control over every thing.
  9. 9. Arts and Craft • The Comanche were famous for their silver copper jewelry and beautiful head wear.
  10. 10. Five facts about the Comanche! • The Comanche is pronounced KUH-MAN-Chee means enemy in the language the Ute neighbors use. • The woman take care of houses and cooking. • They are forbidden to eat dogs. • The traditional headdress was a cap with eagle with feather with ermine trailing behind it • the Comanche used to believe that the only reason that they lived was to fight.