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  1. 1. ADVISORY• D: 9/5/12 A: Goal Setting Sheet S: What are my goals for quarter 1? H: NONE
  2. 2. D: 9/5/12A: Notes on MapsS: What types of maps are there?H: Family Culture Web Due 9/7w.o.d: longitudeWarm-Up: Complete the Match‘Em Up Worksheet
  3. 3. WORD OF THE DAY WORD DEFINITION SENTENCE PICTURE Alllongitude Location longitude east or west lines are of the Prime the same Meridian length around the earth.
  4. 4. Maps & T.O.D.A.L.S.
  5. 5. Geographic Tools• Maps• Ariel Photography• Satellite images• Charts• Tables• Graphs• Diagrams• Computers• GPS Systems
  6. 6. Types of Maps• General or Political - boundaries• Topographical or Physical – physical features like mountains, bodies of water, elevation• Thematic – topical like population, climate, ethnicity or resources• Planimetric• Charts• Cartograms
  7. 7. T.O.D.A.L.S.• T is Title • What the map is about• O is Orientation • The direction indicator or compass rose • North arrow is a single arrow that points North• D is Date• A is Author• L is Legend/Key • Explains the colors or symbols on the map• S is Scale • Explains how to measure distance on the map