East africa


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East africa

  1. 1. D: 3/13/13A: East Africa NotesS: What troubles face East Africa today?H: Apartheid Packet Due Tomorroww.o.d: SwahiliWarm-Up: Apartheid Brian Pop
  2. 2. Word of the Day Word Definition Sentence Picture Land set aside Kenya is by the home to Nature governmentPreserve many to protect plants and nature wildlife. preserves to protect endangered species.
  3. 3. East Africa
  4. 4. I. KenyaA. The coasts have white beaches and inland there are many nature preservesB. The Great Rift Valley lies on a fault line with escarpmentsC. It is warm year around with highland climate in the mountains
  5. 5. I. KenyaD. They use a free enterprise system like the US but most people are poor farmers or herders. They grow corn, cassava, sweet potatoes and bananas. Tourists come to go on a Safari or the beachE. Kenyans believe in harambee or working together despite their ethnicity. Swahili was born from Arabic & African languages.F. They won independence from England in 1963 and became a republic
  6. 6. II. TanzaniaA. Like Kenya has beaches but inland we find the Serengeti Plain. Mt. Kilimanjaro is covered in snow and the Great Rift Valley cuts through the country. Three island made of coral name Mombasa, Zanzibar and Pembia belong to TanzaniaB. 80% of the people farm or herd. They grow coffee, cotton, tea, tobacco, and sisal. They make cement, soap and textiles.
  7. 7. II. TanzaniaC. Tourist come to see the Serengeti National ParkD. The earliest human remains have been found here.E. Music, dancing and BBQ is important to these people.
  8. 8. III. Inland East AfricaA. Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi are landlocked countries with high mountians and moderate climateB. Most people grow coffee, tea & plantainsC. Uganda is a republic that is suffering from AIDSD. Rwanda & Burundi have had to deal with a harsh civil war between the Hutus & Tutsis
  9. 9. IV. The Horn of AfricaA. Sudan 1. The largest country in Africa use the Nile to irrigate the land for farming 2. Cotton, sheep and gold are exported. 3. Currently a civil war rages in DarfurB. Ethiopia 1. Has lots of farmland and is said to be the original home of coffee 2. They have a rich culture of Hebrew & Arabic
  10. 10. IV. The Horn of AfricaC. Eritrea 1. Broke from Ethiopia in 1993 with an army made of mostly womenC. Djibouti 1. Sits where 3 plates meet. 2. One of the hottest & driest place on earth thus nomadic herdingC. Somalia 1. Grows sugarcane & bananas 2. Fighting between clans has caused civil wars and makes it hard to help those who need food in the country