Mexico today


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Mexico today

  1. 1. D: 11/5/12A: Notes on Mexico TodayS: What is life like in Mexico today?H: Nonew.o.d: haciendasWarm-up: Answer questions 1 & 2 onpg. 171. Write the questions andanswers.
  2. 2. Word of the Day WORD DEIFINTION SENTENCE PICTURE Huge Farmlands Peasants granted by the and Indianshaciendas Spanish usually monarch to worked on Favored people in the Spain’s Haciendas colonies. in Mexico.
  3. 3. I. Mexico’s Cities & Villagesa. At the center of cities in Mexico is a plaza or public square i. Church ii. Government centerb. In poorer sections of town people build house out of boards, metal or cardboardc. Many homes are made of adobe, straw and tile.
  4. 4. II. Mexican Culturea. Art i. Murals and writings reflect the values of Mexican people
  5. 5. II. Mexican Cultureb. Food i. corn, chocolate, tomatoes and chilies were all native to Mexico ii. Spain brought beef, chicken, cheese and olive oil that Mexicans added to their cooking iii. Tortillas made of flour or corn can be mixed with meat, beans, vegetables, cheese and spicy chills to make tacos & enchiladas
  6. 6. II. Mexican Culturec. Music i. Mariachis play the violin, guitar, horn and bass in bands ii. Today music has become fast paced rhythms with singing
  7. 7. II. Mexican Cultured. Celebrations i. Fiestas include parades, fireworks, music and dancing ii. Mexican Independence day – Sept 16th iii. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated for the day when Mexico defeated the invading French army. iv. November 2 is called Day of the Dead when people honor dead loved ones
  8. 8. III. Mexico’s Economya. Agriculture i. Corn, beans, wheat & riceb. Exports i. coffee, cotton, vegetables, fruit, livestock & tobaccoc. Industry & Manufacturing i. Cars, consumer goods, steel, clothing & oil
  9. 9. Mexico’s Economyd. Natural Resources i. petroleum & natural gase. Service Industries i. banking & tourismf. Free Trade i. NAFTA with Canada & the US
  10. 10. IV. Mexico’s Governmenta. Federal Republic where power is shared between state & federal governments. Ran by a president how has more power than the judicial & legislative branches
  11. 11. V. Mexico’s Challengesa. Population i. Cities are becoming over crowded and poor ii. Migrant workers are going to the United Statesb. Foreign Investment & National Debt i. Mexico took out loans from other countries and have not paid them back ii. Debt is making their economy sufferc. Pollution i. Smog or fog and chemicals mixed together cover the cities ii. Rio Grande has been compromises with chemicals and is now the most polluted river in North America