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Eastern Woodlands Native Americans


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Eastern Woodlands Native Americans

  1. 1. The Eastern Woodlands Native Americans •Eastern Woodlands •Kristine Liu/ Ariya Klumprasert • Period 6
  2. 2. Tribes of the Eastern Woodlands– Delaware– Chippewa– Massachusetts– Micmac– Pequot– Cayuga– Mohawk– Oneida– Onondaga Pequot Mohawk– Seneca
  3. 3. Foods in the Eastern Woodlands• Include the following – Corn, squash, beans (the three sisters) – Fish (using Powhatan fish trap) – Maple sugar(maple sugar maker) – Deer, fish, birds, small mammals – Pumpkins – Sweet potatoes – Root berries – Nuts – sunflowers
  4. 4. Clothing of the Eastern Woodlands• Include the following – Moccasins- made of deerskin or cornhusks – Flat, large shoes- for walking in the snow – Pequot- deerskin, bearskin, and beaver skin
  5. 5. Homes of the Eastern Woodlands– Longhouses– Wigwams– Longhouses- wood, stick, and logs– Wigwams-string, hay, and wood
  6. 6. Native American Religions– The Pequot tribe believe in spirits inheriting the undead– This picture describes the spirits being released at a graveyard
  7. 7. Tradition or Ceremony of the Eastern Woodlands• Some ceremonies are a day long• Some ask for blessings on crops and good harvest• The Pequot-tell stories of green corn and dance to it
  8. 8. Arts/Crafts of the Eastern Woodlands – Mohawk rattles- made of horn, elm bark, turtle shell, and dried out gourd – Wampum beads- Quahog clam shells – Beaded bags Board Game Decorative Mask Canoe decorations
  9. 9. A Famous Mohawk• Joseph Brant was famous because he got the British to promise goods and clothing
  10. 10. Interesting Facts from the Eastern Woodlands– Snow snake is a common winter game– Lacrosse is the creator’s gift Lacrosse– The landscape of northern North America is varied– Wild turkeys is a national symbol– Longhouses are the symbol of Iroquois– Mohawk means eaters of men– 17,106 were in Mohawk tribes– Once lived along the St. Lawrence River Wild Turkey– Some groups supported the British during the American Revolution
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