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  1. 1. Subarctic Native Americans •Subarctic •Nolan Tefel/Jahlyn Kahalehoe •Period 4
  2. 2. Tribes of the Subarctic• Include the following – Aluets – Chipewyan – Inuit(Eskimo)
  3. 3. Foods in the Subarctic• Include the following – Whales, sea lions, octopus, walrus, and fish. – The tribes ate these foods because these animals are full of fat, and they would add fat to their bodies, to keep warm.
  4. 4. Clothing of the Subarctic• Include the following – Men, women, & children would wear jackets mad of
  5. 5. Homes of the Subarctic• Include the following – Igloos – Describe what it was made out of – Picture of any home that is mentioned with a caption of the home it is.
  6. 6. Native American Religions• Believe in reincarnation – They danced and performed at ceromonies – Inuit believed caves, cliffs, and high rocks were sacred
  7. 7. Tradition or Ceremony of the (Subarctic)• Winter Mask Dance• Memorial Feast held for 40 days after death
  8. 8. Arts/Crafts of the (Subarctic) – Corn Husk Doll – Kachine Doll – Horse mask Inuit Drum Horse MaskCorn Husk Doll
  9. 9. A Famous Inuit• William Hensley was a Inuit leader who wondered why subarctic Native Americans weren’t in the constitution, and he became a founder of the Alaska Federation of Natives.
  10. 10. Interesting Facts from the (Subarctic) – Nomadic Hunters survived migration by following caribou. – They use the bones of animals for tools & utensils. – Some tribes have adapted to temperatures of -80 degrees Fahrenheit. – Inuits would communicate with spirits by playing instruments. – Shamans were feared because of their high honor.
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