Southeast Native Americans


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Southeast Native Americans

  1. 1. •Southeast Indians•Reiny Hitchcock, Alexis Kincaid•Period 4
  2. 2. Tribes of the Southeast   Alabama, Atakapa, Caddo, Catawba, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Natechez, Seminole, and TicucuaCherokee
  3. 3. Foods in the Southeast They ate the following   Meats; deer, beaver , bear , raccoons , rabbit , turkey , otters , birds, squirrels  Vegetables; corn, beans, squash, potatoes, peas, onions , cabbage, pumpkin, sunflowers  Fruit; strawberry , melon , huckleberry, grapes, crabapples  They also ate nuts  They ate the food because that was the only resources they could find
  4. 4. Clothing of the Southeast  Men and women wore the following  Men; breech cloth and had short hair  Women; long dresses had their long hair held back  Children; girls wore dresses, boys also wore breech cloths
  5. 5. Homes of the Southeast  Include the following  Log houses ; Pit houses dug into the hillside  Mostly the houses were made out wood but some were made of leaves and dirt Pit house
  6. 6. Native American Religions  They believed in legends, special chants and songs when hunting, all things are equal to humans, priests learned special chants and ceremonies with charms and herbs for treating illnesses
  7. 7. Tradition or Ceremony of the Southeast  Many ceremonial dances such as, Stomp dance and Eagle dance. When preparing for war a man paint another man with body paint. If a man wished to marry he sends his sister/mother to the chosen girls family to propose. When a person dies they get buried under their house.
  8. 8. Arts/Crafts of the Southeast  The art and crafts made in the region are; spears , blow guns called (Uski thompa) which were used in hunting and also made baskets Baskets
  9. 9. A Famous Cherokee  John Herrington he is famous for being the first Native American in space in 2002.
  10. 10. Interesting Facts from the Southeast  When men where born there heads where flattened because it was attractive at the time Men let there hair grow long to show adulthood Women mothers taught them how to manage cooking and life at home When a man is wed and the bride has a sister(s) he is eligible to also marry them and all live in one house When a man get married he lives with his wifes family When a man dies and he is married his brother has the opportunity to marry the widow When a person of the tribe dies there faces are painted red and put into the sitting position facing the west. The tribes believed that the after life was in the west
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