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Our Comenius guests


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Student´s opinión about comenius week in IES Victor García de la Concha

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Our Comenius guests

  3. 3. She is Emmina, she is 14 years old. She is from Finland, Lumijoki and she is nice and shy.
  4. 4. Her name is Gustina, she is from Lithuania Her family is very nice. She has got one older b and one younger sister. She lives with them an parents. Gustina practises athlethics and she loves anima She is very friendly, very pretty and she is a smiling. Gustina is adventurous because she prefers v places to sleeping.
  5. 5. This is Illari, and he is from Kuopio, Finland.
  6. 6. This was my guest. Her name is Annika. She is from Germany. She is 16 years old. She has got 2 brothers younger than her. She has got a cat called Luca. She was very shy but when we talked with my friends she was very nice and friendly. I miss she a lot.
  7. 7. The girl on the left is Ugnè. She is from Lithuania. Ugné is sixteen years old. She has got one old brother. She never changes her opinion and she believes in promises. Ugné is lovely. The girl on the right is Olivia. She is from Finland. Olivia is fifteen years old. She has got four brothers and one sister. She is a very happy girl. She is always smiling. Olivia is lovely.
  8. 8. My name is Luis, and I´m here with Ahmed Abdelwab. He´s my guest He came from Germany with his sister Samya. He´s 15 and he likes playing football and bycicle riding.
  9. 9. Hello! I am Carmen and she is Sabah, from Germany. Sabah was my guest on this
  10. 10. My name is Claudia,and she is my guest Selma,she is 15 years old and she is from finland,she is shy but friendly
  11. 11. He is Alijan and he is from Syria, Africa. He has 2 brothers and Family in all over the World (Alemania, Syria, Leban and Kurcistan)
  12. 12. I am Lucía Estrada and the girl in the picture is my guest, she is called Emilija Petrauskaite.
  13. 13. The taller girl at the right is Sanni; my Finnsih guest. She's from Lumijoki, a little village in Finland, she also has nine siblings! At first she was really shy, but then, she opened to me in a pretty friendly way.
  14. 14. This is me and my guest Joona He was a little bit shy but later he was starting been a really funny and nice boy.
  15. 15. I was Salla ´s host .She is 15 years old. She lives in Finland, Lumijoki.
  16. 16. Her name is Samya. She is 17 years old and she cames from Germany but she was born in Eritrea. She likes to play football with her brother and she really loves shopping clothes
  17. 17. I´m Dario and the blond guy is my guest Maurice. He is from Germany
  18. 18. My guest name is Neea, she´s from Finland and She is fifteen years old. She is really funny and we had a lot of amusing moments.
  19. 19. She is Oona, she was my guest. She is fifteen and she loves collect movies. She lives in Kuopio, Finland.
  20. 20. My name is Elisa and this is Emilija from Lithuania
  21. 21. Im xana, My guest Vârin Saetra, didn´t make it here from Norway, but we all made new friends and had experiences, in the same way
  23. 23. For me the best of the week was the party, because we spent all the afternoon together having fun, whith music, and we had the opportunity to know each other better and to make friends
  24. 24. For my the best part of the week was the party because we had a lot of time together to enjoy and learn more thinks about the other people. Like some words in Finish. I laugh a lot with the girls of Lumijoki.
  25. 25. I really liked to teach the most important areas of Oviedo, because it is a beautiful city and we could practice English while we explain things about the different areas.
  26. 26. It’s very very difficult to choose a favourite moment on this trip because i think everybody had fun in everymoment. But well, i have to choose, so i choose the disco. Because we had dance, sing and made a lot of photos. And, of course, enjoied it a lot!
  27. 27. The best day of the week was Thursday. We went to visit Incar and after that we went to Oviedo. It was very sunny.. At night we had the party. All of us had to wear black or white clothes. It was very funny and sad at the same time because we had to say goodbye to some Finnish people.
  28. 28. The best day was Thursday or Friday afternoon. We talked, we laughed, and all that as friends because we had alredy learned to let go of shame.
  29. 29. My favourite day was the one we spent in the beach. It was on Tuesday afternoon and almost everybody was there. We had a really good and special time, it was awesome.
  30. 30. My favourite day was wednesday, when we were in Tito Bustillo´s caves and in Lastres. We were all the people in a group and doing funny things.
  31. 31. This one was my second favourite moment because we talked a lot, ate all together, took a lot of photos and had a lot of fun
  32. 32. My favourite moment of the week was the trip to Lastres. Because I have never been in Lastres and I think is one of the most awesome and beutiful places in Asturias.
  33. 33. The visit to Tito Bustillo’s cave was very exiting I had always wanted to visit it.
  34. 34. Our favourite day
  35. 35. Our favorite afternoon: we went all together to the beach.
  36. 36. Our favourite day was when we went to the beach
  37. 37. My favourite day was Wednesday 6th because we went to Lastres and I think that everybody enjoyed and liked the village, and in the afternoon we saw a funny film in the theater all together
  38. 38. When we finnish the visit around the town we were taking pictures, playing and eating ice creams in the park
  39. 39. My favourite place was Ribadesella because I have a good time there with my new friends.
  40. 40. These picture shows my favourite place because we were having dinner and talking with my guest and her friends.
  41. 41. I had loads of great moments, Every day of he hole week was incredibly nice… Lastres, Maurice and Xana INCAR MUSEUM, THE GROUP Villaviciosa, new friends!