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S/he`s Equal in Europe, Erasmus+ Project - Finland meeting pupils


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„Horea, Cloșca and Crișan” Middle School, Brad, Romania
The experience of our students participated in exchange of pupils in Larsmo, Finland

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S/he`s Equal in Europe, Erasmus+ Project - Finland meeting pupils

  1. 1. Finland  Finland is one of the coldest countries in the world. It's called ''The country of one hundred lakes'', and it's so famous for this name, being the country with the most lakes.It's known for the coldest winters and for Santa Claus.  We’ re so lucky to have the opportunity to visit Finland between 26th and 30th of September 2016 and to see how the things work here ,how are the schools, the children, the people and the places, thanks to an Erasmus + project „S/he`s Equal in Europe” developed by our school  It will be a great experience that nobody will forget and this is a way to communicate and meet another kind of people.
  2. 2.                       Monday    In the morning, after a very well sleep in our new house, Emmy and Tilde, our sisters for that week, told us the plans for that day.We were so exciting because we wore to see the school and meet new friends!
  3. 3. Still Monday... After school, we spent time with our new family for that week. We talked about our countries and some differences we saw between them. In the evening, we went at the school  garden and we had just a great and funny time there!
  4. 4.                           First day impression It was a long and interesting day. People are more friendly.after a day with finnish cildren we can say that we maked new friends. The teachers have a friendly relationships with the student. We hope that we will come back one day.
  5. 5.                                 Tuesday  At the awards ceremony We've learned about that lily of valley is Finland's national flower that grows in the forest.It has adjusted to the cool temperature in Northern Europe.  The berries of the flowers are very poisonous. Wonderful!
  6. 6. After that we came back to school, we went to a little island, with the boats. It was very nice!
  7. 7. Wednesday  We went to school with bicycles, where two big buses waited us.  The houses of gnomes  Santa Claus lived in those houses, with his little workers. Every space had a story.shops,kitchens, churches or specials places with flowers  colored that place.
  8. 8. In the forest  After a long walk in the forest  ,we took a food break, the teachers waited us with cooked food and some drinks. We sat on big stones very closer to a lake, where we took pictures with the children.
  9. 9.  We visited some interesting places and we bought some traditionals things.  After we arrived to the town, the family said it’s a good idea to go with the boat on the lake. On the first time, the older girls so we us how to paddle ,and then was so simple and funny.  The Italian children and their host family came there and we made a barbeque.
  10. 10.  We had a surprise, because after we ate the parents prepared sauna for us, a place you can found in every finnish house.  Another finnish custom is to jump in the cold ,cold water of the lake exactly you go out to the sauna. Said and done! We tried a new experience!
  11. 11. Thursday             In thursday, we went to school at 9 o'clock, where we made some decorations for windows. It was very funny and nice to work with that children, because they was pretty and helpful.                  
  12. 12. After that we came back from school, we ate some traditional food, like sweet bread with fish and soup, which was very tasty! We really love finnish food!
  13. 13.  After the meal, we played some family games and watched some movies, like 'In the wood', 'The hunger games' or 'Maleficent'. It was a perfect day with 'our family' for that week.
  14. 14.                        Friday  We couldn't belived that the week in Finland ended so quickly. We really wanted to stay there more, the people was great, so friendly and sociable.  The day started normal, we had the breakfast in family and then we went to school where we stayed just 3 hours.  When we arrived home, we started to put the clothes in luggages and then we spent our time with families.  Our little experience in Finland was at the ending, and like every fairytale has a happy-ending: we made new friends and for a week we lived in another way. This project is funded by the European Commission with the ANPCDEFP support