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Future me! our week in ASturias. Spain


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Future me! A quick view of our week together in Asturias, Spain.

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Future me! our week in ASturias. Spain

  2. 2. In May, (4-9th) Our European partnersIn May, (4-9th) Our European partners in Future Me! from Lithuania, Germanyin Future Me! from Lithuania, Germany and Finland came to visit us.and Finland came to visit us. We were very happy of having themWe were very happy of having them here, in Asturias, and we showed themhere, in Asturias, and we showed them special and nice places during thesespecial and nice places during these days:days:
  3. 3. Villaviciosa’s estuary, Rodiles beach andVillaviciosa’s estuary, Rodiles beach and “El Puntal”“El Puntal”
  4. 4. Of course Villaviciosa, our villageOf course Villaviciosa, our village
  5. 5. and in the afternoon some people wentand in the afternoon some people went shopping or just stayed with theirshopping or just stayed with their familiesfamilies
  6. 6. On Tuesday, everybody had arrived, soOn Tuesday, everybody had arrived, so we gave them a welcome reception inwe gave them a welcome reception in our school theater.our school theater.
  7. 7. Showing them our traditionsShowing them our traditions
  8. 8. and artistic habilitiesand artistic habilities
  9. 9. Here we are all the teachersHere we are all the teachers
  10. 10. and the studentsand the students
  11. 11. Then we worked in our creativity presentationsThen we worked in our creativity presentations
  12. 12. And walked to the village centerAnd walked to the village center
  13. 13. Where we waited for our visitWhere we waited for our visit
  14. 14. To the town hallTo the town hall
  15. 15. It is an amazing and really historicalIt is an amazing and really historical buildingbuilding
  16. 16. After havingAfter having lunch at homelunch at home with yourwith your familiesfamilies
  17. 17. In the afternoon, some of youIn the afternoon, some of you went towent to Rodiles with your guestsRodiles with your guests..
  18. 18. Or you met the others at somebody’sOr you met the others at somebody’s place, just to talk and have, just to talk and have fun.
  19. 19. OnOn Wednesday,Wednesday, we visitedwe visited RibadesellaRibadesella and Titoand Tito Bustillo’sBustillo’s cavecave
  20. 20. Here we are, in theHere we are, in the entrance of the cave,entrance of the cave, where we could seewhere we could see the prehistoricthe prehistoric paintingspaintings
  21. 21. The beachThe beach
  22. 22. And we had lunch in Lastres in theAnd we had lunch in Lastres in the picnic areapicnic area
  23. 23. And we returned to VillaviciosaAnd we returned to Villaviciosa
  24. 24. Where we went to the Riera theatre andWhere we went to the Riera theatre and watched a film all together.watched a film all together.
  25. 25. When the cinemaWhen the cinema finished, we spentfinished, we spent some time togethersome time together in the park orin the park or having somethinghaving something to eat, some of usto eat, some of us went to watch thewent to watch the footbal match…footbal match… And next day…And next day…
  26. 26. we visited INCAR (National Coal Institute)we visited INCAR (National Coal Institute)
  27. 27. And Oviedo City,And Oviedo City, with some reallywith some really good, nice andgood, nice and special guides.special guides. (thanks students on the 4th(thanks students on the 4th year)year)
  28. 28. It was a niceIt was a nice guided walk inguided walk in the old citythe old city centercenter
  29. 29. With friendsWith friends and lots of fun!and lots of fun!
  30. 30. On ThursdayOn Thursday afternoon we hadafternoon we had the white & blackthe white & black party inparty in Capistrano. YourCapistrano. Your favourite event.favourite event. You really hadYou really had fun, and it was afun, and it was a really specialreally special moment for all ofmoment for all of (Thank you so much(Thank you so much Laura for the music!)Laura for the music!)
  31. 31. You were really pretty and handsome!You were really pretty and handsome!
  32. 32. Here you haveHere you have different momentsdifferent moments from that night.from that night.
  33. 33. A really nice dance for our guests! YouA really nice dance for our guests! You really were good hostsreally were good hosts
  34. 34. On Friday, people from Kuopio were notOn Friday, people from Kuopio were not here, but we had different activitieshere, but we had different activities about Europe in our school.about Europe in our school.
  35. 35. Here you have Xana, ourHere you have Xana, our official Comenius photograph.official Comenius photograph.
  36. 36. Fun activities with characters and friends.Fun activities with characters and friends.
  37. 37. And we said goodbye to our Lumijoki’s girlsAnd we said goodbye to our Lumijoki’s girls
  38. 38. Our last picture all togetherOur last picture all together
  39. 39. Unfortunately, the week finished andUnfortunately, the week finished and all our friends returned home.all our friends returned home. We were sad for saying goodbye.We were sad for saying goodbye. But, at the end, when weBut, at the end, when we think about this meeting, we realisethink about this meeting, we realise that having all them here and showingthat having all them here and showing our land, speaking English with them,our land, speaking English with them, sharing our houses, dancing all together…sharing our houses, dancing all together…
  40. 40. …… it was like magic!.it was like magic!.