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Mistakes initial assessment copia


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Published in: Travel, Self Improvement
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Mistakes initial assessment copia

  1. 1. INITIAL ASSESSMENT MISTAKES-KEY (VERY IMPORTANT!!!!) 1. Is a country very different It is a very different country 2. My favourite day is on Monday My favourite day is Monday 3. I go to the bar for watch football I go to the bar to watch football 4. My good friend live in… My good friend lives in… 5. I think that a travel around the world I think a trip around the world 6. In the Sundays I like relaxing… On Sundays I like relaxing 7. She loves go to shopping She loves going shopping 8. She has a long hair She has long hair 9. I went with my family at the beach I went with my family to the beach 10. I have two favourites days: they are the fridays and the Saturdays I have two favourite days: they are Fridays and Saturdays 11. He is a very pretty boy He is a very handsome boy 12. He is blond hair He has blond hair 13. My best holidays was the last summer My best holidays were last summer 14…when the school finish When the school finishes
  2. 2. 14. I doing a lot of things in the weekends I do a lot of things at weekends 15. She doesn’t have children’s She doesn’t have any children 16. I like meeting with they I like meeting them 17. My favourite day of the week is Friday why I go shopping My favourite day of the week is Friday because I go shopping 18. I can’t doing I can’t do 19. She is a English teacher She is an English teacher 20. We travelling together frequently We frequently travel together 21. My favourite day is Saturday because is the first day of the weekend… My favourite day is Saturday because it is the first day of… 22. She has a brown eyes She has brown eyes 23. ..and in the nights…. …and at nights… 24. Summary, my holidays was excellent In summary, my holidays were excellent 25. I have time for to stay at home I have time for staying at home 26. He is thinking in the other people He is thinking of the other people 27. I can do a lot of things like: read, travel, do exercise I can do a lot of things like: reading, travelling, doing exercise 28. My favourite day it is Friday
  3. 3. My favourite day is Friday 29. We know 33 years ago We met 33 years ago 30. They was very beautiful They were very beautiful 31. My best friend is a girls My best friend is a girl 32. I go to very concerts I go to many concerts 33. I meet with my friends I meet my friends 34. She is teacher She is a teacher 35. She has 33 years old She is 33 years old 36. I can do so much things I can do so many things 37. He never is sad He is never sad 38. I breakfast with my family I have breakfast with my family 39. My last holiday is last July My last holiday was last July