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DrRic's Science of Weight Loss and Food


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2nd of a 3 part series at Sherman Hospital where Jessica Warda and I spoke of pointers to jumpstart a lifestyle change for a Healthy You

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DrRic's Science of Weight Loss and Food

  1. 1. DrRic Group Hike April 2016… log of 30,000 steps a week/120,000 steps a
  2. 2. THE SCIENCE OF WEIGHT LOSS AND FOOD Enrique Saguil / Jessica Warda
  3. 3. HUNGER survival instinct
  4. 4. MOTIVATIONAL TRIAD • seek pleasure (food or sex) • avoid pain • conserve energy
  5. 5. WHAT MAKES US HUNT • Ghrelin on- stomach • Circadian Rhythm • 5 Senses • Emotion
  6. 6. WHAT MAKES US FULL • Leptin on- fat cells top off • Ghrelin off-stomach • Distension +/- (Pain)
  7. 7. GUT REACTIONS TO FOOD? • Protein heavy/unbalanced meals/days • Unbalanced emotion/sleep/activity • Food porn • Carbohydrate heavy • Microbiota • Non human meal scheduling…
  9. 9. MINIMALLY PROCESSED • Stomach = blender • Empty in 4-5 hours • What happens 4-5 hours after Breakfast?
  10. 10. MAXIMALLY PROCESSED • Maximum blood levels in minutes vs hrs • Insulin flood to match the high blood glucose • Insulin and sugar so high it becomes irritating to the blood vessels and brain tissue = DOWNREGULATION = RESISTANT
  11. 11. IGNORING THE SIGNS • Ignoring the tight pants = insulin resistance • Eating passed ghrelin shut off = ghrelin resistance • Over charging fat cells/leptin = leptin
  12. 12. ADVOCATE SHERMAN FOOD AND NUTRITION DEPARTMENT ome practical pointers from Jessica Warda for beginning your jour
  13. 13. Hari Hachibu …stop when 7/10’s full
  14. 14. • Not too MUCH (Hari Hachibu) • Not too LATE (intermittent fasting) • Not too FAKE (WFPBD) 1. Keep the Fire Stoked
  15. 15. 2. FIBER
  16. 16. • 100 bill lacto gasseri Japanese • 162 mill lacto rhamnosus Canada • 50 bill bifidobacter brevi Japan • microflora eat SCFA (substrate) 3. BUGS
  17. 17. • repetition/ritual • positive reinforcement • “swallow” your pride • expect “poop” to happen • “air out” your problems 4. TRAIN YOUR GUT
  19. 19. VITAMINS THAT HELP • PROTEIN -Body Fortress Super Advcanced Whey Isolate, EAS 100% Whey Protein Chocolate, GNC AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60, GNC Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein Chocolate Supreme, Jay Robb Whey Protein Vanilla, Marked 100% Whey Protein Complex Gourmet Chocolate, Muscle Tech Nitro Tech Milk Chocolate, Six Star Pro Nutrition Whey Protein Plus Triple Chocolate, Solgar Whey To Go - Vanilla Naturally Flavored, Pure Protein Shake Cookies ’n Cream, Genisoy Soy Protein Shake Chocolate Flavor • PROBIOTICS -21st Century High Potency Acido, 21st Century Ultra Potency Advanced, 365 Everyday Value Probiotic, Align, Bayer Phillips Colon Health Pro, BioGaia Protectis Lemon, Cardioviva Natural Health Pro, Culturelle, CVS Pharmacy Acido, Dr Williams Proadvantage Bifido Beadlet 50+, Dr Mercola Complete Prob, Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra, GNC Ultra 25 Pro, GNC Ultra 50 Pro, Nature Made Digestive Probiotic Daily, Natures Bounty Ultras Strength Pro 10, Nutrition Now PB8, Schiff Digestive Advantage, Simply Right SAMs Club Acido, Solgar Probi 30, Spring Valley Acido, UP4 Prob with DDS, USANA prob, The Vitamin Shoppe Ultimate 10, VSL#3 The Living Shield, Well at Walgreens Super Prob, • GARCINIA CAMBOGIA -Futurebiotics, Pacfic Naturals, Opitmal Health Products, Genesis Today, Jarrow FormulaNatures Plus Citramax, Nutrigold, Pure HealthPuritans Pride, Vitamin (from
  20. 20. LECTURE #1 POINTERS • Control current imbalances (life) • Mindful eating • Set a date/calendar/diet diary • Take care of deficiency (fiber/probiotic/oil) • Sleep (especially with new activity) • Coaches rRic’s Introduction to Healthy Living Choices on www.slideshare.
  21. 21. LECTURE #3 PREVIEW • how activity effects hunger • reset sleep • finding your groove • activity sampler Guest Presenter Lindsay Difiore DrRic’s Move to Lose on
  22. 22. LECTURE SERIES OBJECTIVE Jumpstart Float Summit 3-4 weeks 4-10 weeks 12th week
  23. 23.