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DrRic Creating a Template for Life-Style Change


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January 2013 Lecture at Whole Foods Market Schaumburg

Published in: Health & Medicine
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DrRic Creating a Template for Life-Style Change

  1. 1. Creating a Template for Change Enrique Saguil, M.D.We didn’t invent the practice of medicine…. we’re just changing the way it’s provided.
  2. 2. We didn’t invent the practice of medicine…. we’re just changing the way it’s provided.
  3. 3. The First Health ApproachWe didn’t invent the practice of medicine…. we’re just changing the way it’s provided.
  4. 4. Your Community of Care Ric Saguil, MD Jason Gruss, MD Debbie Stamm, NP Tom Jordan, RD Katrina Christie, LCPC Jennifer Green, ND Joe Musolino, DC Emery Paredes, PT Aimee Weber, EP Yu Zhu, MD China You
  5. 5. • More than ½ that try, quit before 1 month• Less than ½ that continue make it to 6months We didn’t invent the practice of medicine…. we’re just changing the way it’s provided.
  6. 6. Increase the odds for success!!!
  7. 7. “..don’t know why I get sick-I’m healthy” Mama NoraYul Brynner Tony
  8. 8. The Saguil Approach• The Screen• Listen to your Inner Doctor• Re-start an Exercise Program• Get Nutrition Education• Choosing a daily supplement• Be Ready to “Hit the Wall” (all blogs available online)
  9. 9. The Screen• Need a clean bill of health for moderate to extreme exercise• Need to make sure the medicine wont interfere with the exercise (BB pulse, histamine bike, diuretic Bikram)• A good doc will have a repertoire of people that help change lives• May need to prevent injury first (PT, pulm tx, couchtime)
  10. 10. Listen to Your Inner Doctor• No money - No honey (ok to start out slow/mild)• If provider/healer/trainer doesn’t make sense, question; if they hurt you….RUN AWAY!!!• Sculpt a lifestyle as you go (feedback to the 3 party is imperative) rd
  11. 11. Re-Starting your Exercise Program Design on a Dime• Know pain, Know gain (watch for push/crash)• Think outside your box with a 3rd party• List what you have done in the last 10 years with cost, copays, visits to IC/ER, presciption meds, medical premiums• List price for an exercise physiologist (4 weeks 2xweek)
  12. 12. Get Nutrition Education• Know thy enemy (Sun Tzu)• Macronutrients micronutrients (oldschool)• Glycemic index• Hormonal waves• Understand modern day food allergies (intolerances)• Understand IBS, Fatigue, Eating Disorders….
  13. 13. Choosing a Daily Supplement• Overexploitation/overharvesting• Overfishing• Pollution/global warming• The 8th deadly sin -Social Media• Vitamin G
  14. 14. INTERMISSION For high (BP, Chol, Insomnia, Reflux, food craving) Meditative Breathwork Yoga/Tai Chi Parasympathetic nervous system training Deepak Chopra/ Davidji / Andrew Weil
  15. 15. Hitting the Wall• Expect to attain a plateau• Watch caloric restrictions (review with RD)• Work on success and don’t repeat failures• Design exercise/overload time frames (vs push/crash)• Compress the timeframe of healing (prehabilitation)
  16. 16. Specific goals for disease• High blood pressure – DASH, vit G, weight• Diabetes – GI, muscle bypass, fiber, cardio• Leaky GUT – probiotic, relax, food allergy, walk• Asthma – valsalva, oil, food allergy, GUT• PCOS – Naturopathy, botanical, GI, cardio• Arthritis – Antinfla diet, ROM/non wt, pain• Fibromyalgia – slow, emotional stb, tolerance
  17. 17. Using your insurance• Get an HSA/Flexben• Start with seeing doc for “knee or back pain”• Get into PT/rehab-dovetail into HEP• Ask for and RD for disease specific education• Gym/Wellness Center/PT for membership• Use meds (or botanicals from ND) for “jump”• Chiropractor for flare up• Switch back in 12 months
  18. 18. Is a Heart Attack in Your Future February 16th, 3-4pm WFM Schaumburg 2010 South Arlington Heights Road Arlington Heights, IL Phone: 847-593-3330