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DrRic Winter Detox 2014


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A reintroduction for Detoxing in Winter

Published in: Health & Medicine
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DrRic Winter Detox 2014

  1. 1. Winter Detox DrRic Saguil
  2. 2. Why bother? • Winter Itch • Eczema • Weight Gain • Snoring/Insomnia • Fatigue • Back/Neck Pain Flare • Seasonal Affective Disorder • Upper Respiratory Tract Infection • Irritable Bowel Symptoms
  3. 3. Think you’re safe? • Age continues after season ends • Weight accumulates (source of evil) • Imported food = bad nutrition/calorie ratio • Season of calorie dense foods begins • Activity goes indoors expenditure decreases • Sun goes away/nature says hibernate • DCA (direct to consumer advertising) says buy/try/fly • Side effects of bandaid meds/fast foods = more!
  4. 4. Detoxing • Fasting (religious roots) • Jump starts your enthusiasm to suffer through • Misery loves company (u ain’t alone) • Made to dovetail into a sustainable change (most diets end with same weight and more hunting post restriction) • Not necessary for change but hallmarks above
  5. 5. Detox types • Bowel • Kidney • Liver • Blood
  6. 6. Post Detox Sensation • Get past the post carb crave (high fruc corn sy -from 15g to current 70-150g/d=22tsp sugar) • Bowels have less irritants/more fiber • Withdrawals are done (tobacco/aspartame/msg/refined sugar/caffeine/wheat) • Medicines may have less side effects • Organs can prob function easier (less dopamine/insulin/cortisol)
  7. 7. Detox in a box • Easy combo of multiple herbs
  8. 8. Eating • Stop dairy • Stop gluten • Stop caffeine • Stop alcohol • Stop refined sugar • Stop preserved foods • WEDGE IN HEALTHY STUFF • Wean off Sinister seven
  9. 9. Stuff that hurts • Wheat • Cow milk • Soy • Egg • Nuts • Corn • Yeast • + Refined sugar Wendy Kohatsu, MD
  10. 10. Stuff that helps • Green veggies (chlorophyl rich) • Gelatinous plant food (chia/aloe/sea weed) gelatinous fiber-absorb bile salts • Parsley (blood cleanser nice breath) • Cilantro (binds heavy metal) • Good water • Clean air
  11. 11. Thinking • I want that but can’t have it • I can have it but don’t want it
  12. 12. Join my Private practice • 10-30 minutes twice a day (open and close) • 21 days straight (sticks longer) • Seek out yoga studios, Theosophical Society, religious places, libraries, hospitals, wellness centers • cd, dvd (netflix), youtube, webinar • Nature (snow shoe/ice climb)
  13. 13. Activity • Bundle up and hike • 10 bucks a month clubs • Park district • Yoga/martial arts studios • Dvd • Hire a personal trainer/exercise physiologist • See me for a “pre detox physical” – (I’ll find the weak link and fix it)
  14. 14. Plan ahead • Its not the detox event that matters; • It’s the sustainable lifestyle you maintain that impacts your future.
  15. 15. Steps • Ask the herbalist/vitamin expert about side effects to expect with the detox-in-a-box • Ask your nutritionist about nutrient dense foods that you can take advantage of and which MRE’s you should plan on • Ask you exercise physiologist/trainer/yoga or tai chi instructor how much to cut down while on detox (an then how to ramp up while on the 12 Weeks after detox) • Stay in touch with your counselor/spiritual guide/pastor/psychologist while finishing the detox and initiating the 12 Weeks to Change (…yes you will be very termpermental/emotional/hungry/sleepy/achey!!!)
  16. 16. Ask permission • If you are on medicines….(sorry) you will need specific advise on weaning on a combination botanical and wean off your prescription medicine • If your MD/DO doesn’t agree or know about botanicals….contact me via DrRicOnDemand
  17. 17. Fallout • Prepare for bad sleep • Prepare for “challenged problem solving” • Prepare for better poop (a lot of it) • Prepare for a little blemish or two • Prepare for decreased energy/endurance • Prepare for oscar the grouch (warn everyone) This stuff may not come true but just know how to handle it
  18. 18. Realistic expectations • Deeper sleep 1month • Weight loss in 3months • Lower blood pressure in 2-4months • Lower cholesterol in 3-6months • Lower hemoglobin a1c (glucose) 6months • Better thyroid function 12months • Better menopause tolerance 12months • Less medicine in 12-24months