How do I train my staff,
located in several
diverse locations?
I need a technology that can
help me train teams to run a
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Business Case - Using E-Learning for Food & Beverage Training


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How to implement an E-Learning project: best practices from Docebo for the Food & Beverage Market. Learn why the Docebo's Learning Management System is able to bring your corporate E-Learning project to the next level.

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Business Case - Using E-Learning for Food & Beverage Training

  1. 1. How do I train my staff, located in several diverse locations? I need a technology that can help me train teams to run a more profitable, safe, efficient and customer friendly restaurant through a blended model of in person instruction and E-Learning. How do I raise the quality of my service? I need to energize, motivate and build confidence throughout my staff to ensure they deliver the expected customer service experience, to protect the brand name, grow sales, and ensure loyalty to my chain instead of competitors’ one. How do I cope with the increasing demands of content customization? I need a solution that enables me to build both in-house e-learning training content and outsourced content, allowing me to involve subject matter experts. Therefore, it is mission critical for me to have courses compliant with my needs, built and delivered quickly and effectively. Docebo is your E-Learning platform "As a Service" in the Cloud. E-Learning Business Case FOOD AND BEVERAGE Organization and networking Regional and line managers can monitor their areas of responsibility as per organizational charts. Certification Track and create reports on employees training results and issue certificates upon successful completion of tests. Reporting Generate periodical reports for managers based on their area of interest and curriculum. Content Delivery Network With Amazon Cloud Front, you can deliver rich media content to a dispersed workforce at a time of your choosing. Blended initiatives Manage blended initiatives including classroom based training, E-Learning, and mobile learning. eCommerce Set up a variety of your preferred subscription rules, including eCommerce, to distribute training catalogs to multifaceted retail networks. Scalability Ability to up-scale or downscale user licenses based on your actual monthly needs. Interoperability Compatible with most authoring tools and interoperable with major training catalogues giving you the possibility to reuse your entire legacy content. Docebo lets you to deliver and manage personalized training for your large and dispersed communities effectively. With Docebo’s LMS your business can achieve significant reduction in the time and effort required in your training process. How do I gain an advantage over competitors? I need to ensure that my employees are well trained; however, I am also aware that my employees cannot meet in the same training venue since that would be a huge investment in terms of money, time, and out of job work, without a measurable return on investment for me.
  2. 2. ABOUT DOCEBO Visit our website KEY FACTS 500,000 people trained yearly 700,000 hours of learning delivered every year Client operations in more than 150 countries Award of Excellence SaaS LMS 2012 Best of Elearning! Learning Portals WatchList 2012 95% client retention since 2005 E-Learning Business Case With its technology, Docebo is a global E-Learning solution provider with customer operations and partners in 29 countries, that is consistently expanding its international presence and doubling users on quarterly base. Docebo enables companies of all sizes to plan, deliver and certify online and classroom training activities leveraging the Amazon Content Distribution Network (CDN). The main products (Docebo Cloud and Docebo Premium) are designed for both SMBs (Small and Medium businesses) and Enterprises. • Improves the process of transferring service training knowledge and enable your staffs to serve customers more efficiently. • Certify trainees' knowledge and provides remediation materials on demand. • Uses the right mix of training formats to match your specific needs, and scenarios. Effectively • Reach your sales targets by reducing time to market for your new services, and menu items. • Integrate your corporate portals into one single point of access for all your training initiatives. • Improve your managers awareness of training needs and training outcomes. Easily • Deployment of new learning initiatives • Highly efficient and effective knowledge updates, univocally • Scalability for your learning environment as your company grows Immediate Why choosing an E-Learning approach To be able to make a difference, Food & Beverage Chains must train people rapidly, while aligning employees’ efforts with an overall organization's goal strategies. An E-Learning approach means increasing the speed, and efficiency, of learning transfer into the workplace and having your staff ready to ensure the best in-class customer experience. A workforce with the proper skills and level of training proficiency, as well as those who are deeply customer - focused, will also be able retain customers and have employees with a high level of customer relationship skills. This is an important feature of training and especially important feature to service based industries. Why choose Docebo as your E-Learning Platform? Docebo is synonymous with solution management and great business value. At Docebo we reduced total cost of ownership and pride ourselves on rapid implementation.The Docebo LMS delivers development and implementation training for HACCP Food Safety management and is in compliance with national and international trading regulations. Adopting Docebo as your learning platform enables you to: