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A Training Proposal


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A Training Proposal that may be useful to anyone focusing on trainings

A Training Proposal

  1. 1. The 3-Step Course that turns you intoa Certified Business Communications Professional (CBC pro) Power Skills full of insights, strategies and tools that guarantee you a place in the marketplace. Partners: PSSDC, MICROSOFT, LEARNING TREE INTERNATIONAL, UK. Designed By:
  2. 2. OVERVIEWThe relevance of business communications to corporate success cannot be overemphasized in the 21st century – an era controlled by TIME, SPEED andINTERACTION; whether you are speaking to another person or to a group, giving aformal presentation, chairing a meeting, listening to a client, or writing emails,letters and reports.Clients are more concerned about straight to the point, concise and yet detailedand convincing documents or presentations that communicates the crux of theproposed business for a sealed deal. Considering the fact that the times arechanging rapidly and more importantly, business transactions and its consequentsuccess is hinged on content and value, every business leader yearns for result inthe shortest possible time.
  3. 3. To this end, in analyzing the past, we realize that traditional processes slow downthe pace of business communication in an organization thereby making transactionsuccess a complex issue to deal with.In this regard, we adopted a new way to think by designing the future – by creatinga valuable training concept – PPC Nexus – A top practical proposal writing andpresentation focus course coupled with enhanced Microsoft Office Suite skills – toprepare business leaders to address the complexities of business communicationwhile seizing new opportunities and approaches to making business rise frompapers to profits through an effective communication process led by a CertifiedBusiness Communications Professional.
  4. 4. DESCRIPTIONThe PPC nexus means Proposal and Presentation Course(Focus) which establishes a growth seeking individual ororganization member as a Business CommunicationsProfessional on a three-step, skill-based learning namely:•Business Proposal and Professional Letter Writing•Business Presentation and Speeches•Microsoft Office Suite
  5. 5. DESCRIPTIONThe PPC nexus is designed within the above specifications to switchan individual in pursuit of professional excellence into a realm ofoptimum business writing performance and high-tech presentingthat meets international business standards.The course through its training and certification processes positionsits graduates as a relevant and significant player in an organizationseeking business success. A typical Business CommunicationsConsultant is groomed in the art of making top business propositionsand articulating and packaging same in order to win new businessdeals that increase the organizational bottom-line, through a mosteffective and skillful business communication campaign.
  6. 6. COURSE STRUCTUREThe PPC nexus is structured on a three learning skills to properly package a businessleader into a Certified Business Communication Professional.Find details of structure below:•PROPOSAL WRITING•PRESENTATION SKILLS•MICROSOFT OFFICE SUITE S/No PROPOSAL WRITING PRESENTATION SKILLS MICROSOFT OFFICE SUITE a. Business Proposal Business Presentation Skills MS – Word Writing b. Effective Business & Public Speaking MS – PowerPoint Speech Writing c. Report Writing Chairing Meetings MS – Excel d. Writing Briefing Notes Listening Skills e. Professional Email International Presentation Writing Skills
  7. 7. KEY OUTCOMESPPC nexus would provide participating individuals the opportunity to:•Learn a structured process for developing practical and effective business communicationcontents that paves the way for corporate business success.•Learn a systemic and dynamic approach to making convincing and approvablepresentations.•Learn creative skills to creating mind blowing document visuals through the effectiveapplication of Microsoft Office Suite.
  8. 8. KEY BENEFITSPPC nexus provides participants with tools to:Increase their demand rate by leading organizations and become more employable viarecommendations.Effectively and quickly write proposals while applying the dynamics of proposal writing as itconcerns the various types of proposals such as business, sales and idea developmentproposals.Make top winning presentations covering reports, idea propositions, sales and business.Credibly step up their credentials through the PPC nexus certification examinations.Sustainably integrate acquired skills into organizational goals and business purposes.
  9. 9. TARGET AUDIENCEThe PPC Nexus is designed and targeted at any professional who has got a greatdrive for workplace excellence and desires to gain command of such via a viableaccreditation program that can help them achieve this through consistentlearning and development towards a successful career as well as business andglobal impact.By segmentation, PPC Nexus is a relevant tool for:•Business Leaders •Youth Leaders•Chief Executives •Facilitators and Trainers•Managers and Supervisors •Entrepreneurs•Communication Heads and Officers •Marketing Managers•Business Development Executives •Consultants•PR officers •Secretaries•Client Managers •Field Officers•Administrative Executives •Business writers/Journalists•Sales & Customer Service Personnel •Government Content Representatives
  10. 10. APPROACHSuitably tailored materials would be used throughout the course and the trainerswill provide feedback on unedited writings and presentations of participants.INSTRUCTIONAL METHODS•Instructor Led Lecture•Audience Participation/Hands-on Exercises•Assignments•Simulations•Small Groups & Individual Practice•Technology Strategies such as Web Based LearningTRAINING OPTION•Daily Option•Weekend Option
  11. 11. DURATION•8 Days: 8am – 5pm daily•8 Weekends: 8am – 5pm Every Saturday(This training can be adjusted into 3 days for fast learners)CALENDAR•May Session•October Session(We can work with your calendar if participants are in groups or in a corporate team.)TRAINING SCHEDULE•1st Day: Business Proposal Writing/Business Presentation Skills•2nd Day: Effective Business & Speech Writing/Public Speaking•3rd Day: Report Writing/Chairing Meetings•4th Day: Writing Briefing Notes/Listening skills•5th Day: Professional Email writing/International Presentation Skills•6th - 8th:Day: Microsoft Office Suite Training
  12. 12. COURSE DETAILSCourse Venue: Subject to discussion
  13. 13. Course Materials:•Comprehensive Course Content packaged in hard and soft copies•Case studies on Modern Business Communications•Bonus Information pack on “ The Art of Professionalism in BusinessCommunication”•Workshop bag, Tag, Completion Certificates, Pens and Notepads.•Directory of Participants, Industry Leaders and Organizations•Entitle Photographs•Course Content in flash drives•Tea and Lunch
  14. 14. PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION EXAMSFacilitated by Learning Tree International, UK… an accreditation andinternationally recognized certificate offering learning and development centerwith over thirty years training and certification experience in more than tencountries in the world.COURSE FEE$1, 000:00 (One Thousand Dollars) 8 Days PPC Nexus Indepth$650:00(Six Hundred and Fifty Dollars) 3 Days PPC Nexus Fast trackClass Maximum – 50 ParticipantsParticipation Opportunity•Win an Apple IPAD•Win a Blackberry Bold 4•Win a 1 Year Blackberry Internet SubscriptionRegistration DeadlinesMay Session – April 30thOctober Session – September 30th
  15. 15. COURSE MODULE SUMMARY1st Day: Business Proposal Writing/Business Presentation Skills2nd Day: Effective Business & Speech Writing/Public Speaking3rd Day: Report Writing/Chairing Meetings
  16. 16. 4th Day: Writing Briefing Notes/Listening Skills5th Day: Professional Email Writing/International Presentation Skills6th Day – 8th Day: Microsoft Office Suite Training
  17. 17. COURSE TRAINERLanre Messan is a pioneering idea strategist in Africa, leading corporate, organizational andsocietal change through his many innovative concepts and strategies.A multiple award winner and a onetime 101 young African leader adoptee by the Business inAfrica magazine, he has created and spearheaded massive revitalization and empowermentprogrammes cutting across many industries some of which include governments,telecommunications, banking, consulting, entertainment, sports and the youth marketamongst a host of others.As a trainer, he has conducted seminars and workshops in a number of African nations,Nigeria inclusive and is presently a communications consultant to the Lagos State PublicService Staff Development Center.He is a graduate of Mass Communication from the Lagos State Polytechnic, a presentercourse graduate of the JCI University, USA and the LEAP Africa facilitators trainingrespectively.
  18. 18. COURSE PARTNERSTHE PUBLIC SERVICE STAFF DEVELOPMENT CENTER (PSSDC) The Public Service Staff Development Centre (PSSDC) in Magodo, a multi- disciplinary training institution, was established by the Lagos State Government in 1994 to train, retrain and develop staff of the public service as well as serve as consultants to government on staff development training with a vision “To be the leading public service capacity building institution in Africa with a world class reputation”. In connection to PPC Nexus, Management Development and Consultancy Services is the Centre’s newest Directorate. It aims to provide a wide range of high quality consultancy services to both the private and public sectors within Lagos. PSSDC has defined consultancy as critical to its future success and a key area for business growth.
  19. 19. MICROSOFT NIGERIA At Microsoft, were motivated and inspired every day by how our customers use our software to find creative solutions to business problems, develop breakthrough ideas, and stay connected to whats most important to them. We are committed long term to the mission of helping our customers realize their full potential. Just as we constantly update and improve our products, we want to continually evolve our company to be in the best position to accelerate new technologies as they emerge and to better serve our customers. LEARNING TREE INTERNATIONAL, UK Learning Tree International sets the world standard for hands-on management and IT training. Since 1974, over 2 million participants from over 65,000 organizations around the world have enhanced their skills through intensive hands-on exercises under the guidance of expert instructors with real-world experience. Virtually every organization has relied on Learning Tree to provide its managers and employees with the skills they need to succeed in their job functions. Heres what sets us apart as the industrys most effective and rewarding corporate trainer:
  20. 20. COURSE CONTENT DESIGNED BYINFINITE IMPACT COMPANY is a paid – to – think, specialist content providing firm, delivering valuedriven concepts and strategies across business marketing, communications and live media platforms. Weare totally devoted to creating power idea contents that add significant long term value, create engagingexperiences and as well stimulate optimum client performance and excellence in the marketplace.We deliver content across a wide range of markets from telecommunications to entertainment toconsulting to aviation to government.Insightful and innovative thinking, quality asset contents, maximum value delivery and strategicpartnerships are the cornerstones of the Infinite Impact Company which makes us “The One SecondThinking Company”Our passion for workplace and marketplace excellence makes us birth the idea, PPC Nexus.COURSE ENQUIRY BOXTel: 08035776246, 08057125280, 07043571577Email: enquiry@theppcnexus.comWeb: www.theppcnexus.comFacebook:
  21. 21. Thank You