Business Case - Using E-Learning for Healthcare training


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How to implement an E-Learning project: best practices from Docebo for the Healthcare Market. Learn why the Docebo's Learning Management System is able to bring your corporate E-Learning project to the next level.

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Business Case - Using E-Learning for Healthcare training

  1. 1. How can I establish, run and maintain yearly certification cycles for my staff? Quality requires managing the recurring training needs of my staff and alerting employees and managers when their training and assessments are due. Can I reduce the effort needed for doctors and medical staff to attend in presence events? Delivering training and certification programs on site has been proven to be time-consuming and expensive for both presenters and participants. How can I monitor and report the certification of my staff and associates? I need thorough support for tracking and reporting of a variety of learning activities, to demonstrate the competence and compli- ance of my staff. My staff has limited time to dedicate to E-Learning I want people to maximize the use of time and need to support their training while they are on the move. Docebo is your E-Learning platform "As a Service" in the Cloud. E-Learning Business Case HEALTHCARE Flexible curriculum Manage complex sequences of training materials, hold records of compliance with mandatory programs for as long as you require Mobile, in the Cloud Access your learning platform anytime, from any computer. Deliver effective eLearning to smartphones and tablets Global deployment Simplify the way members and staff obtain necessary CME credits through a centralized E-Learning platform Integration Off-the-shelf integration with 3rd party systems such as HR management solutions, eCommerce applications, Web conference tools and more Assessment A robust and flexible assessment system that meets requirements from mandated accreditation authorities Virtual classroom Access live and recorded webinars, self-paced courses and assessments for CME credit. A versatile learning portal Training events and exams are published on the web portal and emailed to possible attendees. Weekly announcements keep your learning population engaged and motivated compliance With Docebo you can deliver effective training matching your business needs to your regulatory constraints.
  2. 2. • Meet your specialized requirements in healthcare education, get extensive support for accreditations, certifications, licensures, and liabilities. • Set up your eLearning portal to deliver courses, track participation, assess, report, award automatic certificates, and monitor continuing medical education (CME) credits • Get support for live and recorded webinars, online manuals and online courses, interactive simulations and a user friendly social learning environment • Access completion certificates online without printing and mailing them to learners, avoiding unnecessary expenses for trainees and their organizations • Members receive credit for attending their training and gain instant access to print certificates which they use to apply for certification from their national or international quality assurance association • Boost your eLearning offering, reducing the time people spend away from their jobs ABOUT DOCEBO Visit our website KEY FACTS Why choose Docebo as your E-Learning Platform Docebo is synonymous with great business value, reduced total cost of ownership and fast implementation. Adopting Docebo as your learning platform enables you to: 500,000 people trained yearly 700,000 hours of learning delivered every year Client operations in more than 150 countries Award of Excellence SaaS LMS 2012 Best of Elearning! Learning Portals WatchList 2012 95% client retention since 2005 E-Learning Business Case With its technology, Docebo is a global E-Learning solution provider with customer operations and partners in 29 countries, that is consistently expanding its international presence and doubling users on quarterly base. Docebo enables companies of all sizes to plan, deliver and certify online and classroom training activities leveraging the Amazon Content Distribution Network (CDN). The main products (Docebo Cloud and Docebo Premium) are designed for both SMBs (Small and Medium businesses) and Enterprises. Dedicated Effective Innovative