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Training Orbit Features


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Presenting Training Orbit, a global marketplace that connects training providers to training seekers, allowing them to acquire training based on their unique needs.

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Training Orbit Features

  1. 1. Training Orbit Global Marketplace + for Training Seekers & Providers
  2. 2. Introduction Training Orbit is a global training marketplace + that allows individuals and companies to identify their training needs and connect with training providers to enhance their skills base. Training Orbit is a unique web app when compared with the other OnlineTraining marketplaces. Training Orbit is an Intelligent Marketplace that provides the user with the right choice according to the skills that he/she has acquired.
  3. 3. Research And Development  Built by experts in the fields of HR,Talent Management, Information Technology and Research.  The proprietary Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform allows training providers to connect and market their offerings across multiple methodologies effortlessly to individual training seekers and corporates.
  4. 4. Why Training Orbit ?  Publishing your courses at Training Orbit is a great way for you to add volume to your training business.  Connecting you to a huge pool of individuals and companies is just one of the many functions we perform.  Publish any type of ELearning package and we will support you Front-end to Back-end.
  5. 5. Our Target Customers Individual Training Seekers Educational and Training Institutes. Freelance and Private Trainers/Tutors.
  6. 6. Connect Worldwide  In-house marketers and business development experts take care of all your requirements  Including helping you with setting up your profile, adding your courses and marketing them to the right audience across a variety of channels
  7. 7. Search The Marketplace  Search for Courses that provide e-learning in different methodologies  Free Courses are also available
  8. 8. Training Methodologies Multiple options for the Trainerto publish and process his Online Courses  Instructor Led Classroom (Public)  Instructor Led Classroom (Private / In-Company)  Instructor Led Over Web /Virtual Classroom  Instructor Less Self-Paced Over Web  One-to-One Coaching (Web)  One-to-One Coaching (Face-to-Face)  Downloadable Packaged Courses  Seminars
  9. 9. Course Creation Procedure SKILLS COVERED Enter the Name of the course and the skills that relate with the subject. COURSE DETAILS Enter the Main descriptions, Prerequisites, Benefits and Course Modules. SCHEDULE The timing for the complete course and Schedule breaks for modules and information on number of participants. PAYMENT Payment type, Discount type, Discounts, Registration deadline & Mode of Payment. PREVIEW & PUBLISH Preview your course information and publish the course. Get approved in 48 hours. OUTCOME Increases business exposure which leads to high client base, high profits and popularity.
  10. 10. ELearning Course Delivery  Whiteboards with drawing / text / pointer controls.  Document management including uploading, conversion and simultaneous screencasts.  Multi-participant text, audio and video communication. Desktop sharing across all participants.  Ability to switch presenters to enable interactive participation.  Support for discussion forums, course materials and chat.
  11. 11. Web Hosting/Virtual Classroom
  12. 12. Other Features  MultipleTime zones: Support for all international time zones so you can deliver your courses in your preferred time zone.  Scheduling:Able to schedule courses and course modules across multiple times and multiple time zones.  Multicurrency support for accepting payment across a range of international currencies.
  13. 13.  Discounts:Ability to offer multiple discount types including early bird and bulk registration discounts.  Reporting:Ability to take quick snapshots on course performance. Other Features
  14. 14. THANK YOU!