Chapter 18.1 growing feelings


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Chapter 18.1 growing feelings

  1. 1. Discworld Legacy Chapter 18.1 Growing Feelings
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Discworld legacy.Last time:- Esme became a witch, isolated herself from her family, was foul to Edward and left for university.- Edward became a teen.- Errol, Evadne, Eric and Eskarina became children.- Roxy was pregnant again.- And Dorfl and Sim!Widget fell out.
  3. 3. Due to this last fact Sim!Widget is reduced to watching over the family through her telescope.
  4. 4. Not that this stops her from keeping the family records up to date, Dorfl was right, she really did knoweverything hed told her.
  5. 5. With Esme gone the family hoped for a chance to relax and regain some normality, but it wasnt to be.The very next night they were visited by a burglar intent on making off with the familys prizedpossessions.
  6. 6. Fortunately the house was protected by a state of the art alarm system which summoned the policewhile its shrill siren woke the family and stopped the burglar in her tracks.
  7. 7. Edward and Eric found the burglar before the police arrived and blocked her escape route, somethingDorfl was not pleased about.
  8. 8. The burglar may not have attacked the boys but she certainly wasnt going to go quietly with thepolice officer and put up a determined fight.
  9. 9. In the end the officer won the fight, but not without a scratch or two, and the burglar was arrested.
  10. 10. Edward watched as the criminal was put into the back of the police car. Adrenaline was still racingthrough his veins and it had felt incredible to do something to protect his family. The looks he had gotfrom Dorfl promised trouble but he just didnt care.
  11. 11. Seeing him watching the officer walked over."It really wasnt a good idea to confront the burglar like that, it could have been a lot worse than itwas."
  12. 12. "I know sir, but I just wanted to protect my family. And it meant you caught her didnt it?""It may well have done, be Id much rather have to deal with a criminal on the run that what wouldhave happened if shed decided to attack you or your brother. And think about what your familywould have felt if youd got hurt.""Yes sir." Edward hung his head, it hadnt occurred to him that hed put himself and Eric in danger.
  13. 13. The officer decided to take pity on the downcast boy in front of him, "Look, if youve still got thedesire to protect people when youre older you could see about joining the police force, we canalways use more good officers. Its not easy and theres no guarantee youll be accepted but give it atry. But until then leave the crime fighting to us, and get inside its starting to snow."
  14. 14. By the time everything was over it was nearly dawn, there seemed little point in anyone going back tobed. Instead the children were given strict instructions to have a nap as soon as they got home fromschool (Edward was given similar advice) and allowed to stay up.As a treat Roxy served up the cake shed made for work the next day (she could always bake another,or just buy one) for breakfast.
  15. 15. The mood around the table was quiet as the reality of what had just happened and what might havehappened sunk in.
  16. 16. Sitting at the kitchen counter Roxanne couldnt hide the worry she felt. Dorfl did his best to reassureher."Nothing happened love. The security system worked as it should, the police did their job, wereperfectly safe.""Its not just that, its... Oh I dont know what it is. Something happened to Esme to change her likethat, maybe someone did it to her. And now the attempted burglary. I just dont feel as safe as I usedto."
  17. 17. Roxy sighed and got up to tidy away the plates. "Maybe Im just tired, this pregnancy probably isnthelping my mood either."Dofl stopped her with a kiss. "I made a promise on our wedding day that I would protect you and Imeant it. I wont ever let anyone harm you or the kids. Now why dont you let me get the plates andyou go and relax. Ill join you in a bit."He watched her worriedly as she left the room.
  18. 18. By the time Dorfl had loaded the dishwasher Roxy had fallen asleep. He sat and watched her for awhile wondering what he could do to help her feel safer.
  19. 19. Later that night Roxy felt the now familiar pains of labour. Her timing could have been better, hernesting urges had driven her to pick up the toys in the childrens rooms and labour hit just as shereached the top of the stairs.
  20. 20. Luckily everything went smoothly and the newest Discworld was brought into the world with acommanding view of the rest of the family.Baby Enrico was enthusiastically welcomed by the family. He had mostly inherited his motherscolouring but he did have his fathers eyes.
  21. 21. The labour had been tiring and Roxy quickly handed Enrico to Dorfl before she collapsed fromexhaustion. Dorfl was happy to spend that time bonding with his youngest son.
  22. 22. Dorfl wasnt the only male in the house besotted with the new addition, Edward started spendingmuch of his free time hovering around the nursery ready to attend to anything his brother needed.Seeing their son happier than he had been for a good while Dorfl and Roxy subtly backed off Enricoscare, allowing Edward to get there first if he wanted to.
  23. 23. Gradually Edward opened up to the rest of his siblings.
  24. 24. He enjoyed the big brother role hed fallen into and they loved playing with him.
  25. 25. Being able to open up with his family gave Edward the confidence to start making friends withteenagers at school and he began building a small social group.
  26. 26. That slowly grew until Dorfl and Roxy considered putting in a second phone line just for him (or atleast buying a mobile).
  27. 27. The only person who Edward wasnt terribly close to was Eric. While Eric liked to play with the othersat times, he did not like affection and made his feelings on the matter quite clear.
  28. 28. Edward was greatly saddened by this but he knew Eric was like that with everyone.
  29. 29. It wasnt that Eric was intentionally mean, he just tended to only interact with people on his terms.
  30. 30. And other people didnt tend to enjoy his terms.
  31. 31. There was only one person whose company Eric actually enjoyed and would actively seek out, histwin sister Eskarina.
  32. 32. She could do anything she liked and he’d happily join in.
  33. 33. But if anyone else tried similar hed probably bite them. Whether this was because Eskarina was histwin or just because she was Eskarina wasnt quite clear.
  34. 34. No one could resist Esks sunny disposition and friendly nature, she quickly won over anyone she metwhether they were school friends
  35. 35. or family members. It seemed impossible to dislike the girl and she was always ready to entertain youwith a joke or silly story.
  36. 36. Eskarinas playfulness was shared by the other children, something that was a common theme of theirschool reports. After yet another set of reports with phrases like "would do very well if he would justconcentrate", "needs to spend less time talking and more time listening", "if only she would show thesame energy in the classroom as she does in the playground" and so on Dorfl decided to trysomething different.
  37. 37. They put in applications for all the children at Sto Helit Academy, the local private school hoping itwould be a better fit. The school soon informed them that they would arrange a visit from theheadmaster to perform the final assessment of the family.On the day of the visit the kids were instructed to be on their best behaviour and Roxy greeted MrMiceli and chatted for a while about teaching and her own ambitions in the education system.
  38. 38. She then headed off to make dinner and Dorfl gave the headmaster a tour of the house (that camecomplete with carefully posed children).
  39. 39. After a pleasant meal Mr Miceli was pleased to inform Dorfl that he had places available for all thechildren at Sto Helit Academy starting after the weekend and that there was almost certain to be aplace for Enrico when he was old enough.
  40. 40. The weekend was spent getting everything required for the new school. The kids had differingopinions on the move. Eskarina looked forward to meeting all her new classmates, Eric didnt care andEvadne quickly got fed up of all the fuss."Ugh, Im so bored with all this stupid school stuff."
  41. 41. "I know lets sneak out and do something.""Im not sure...""Of course it is, we could go to the park or theres the new arcade or, I know, we can go and explorethat house, you know the one thats haunted. wouldnt it be cool if we saw a ghost."
  42. 42. "Or we could go and ask granddad to take us to the skating rink, he said he would a couple of daysago" Errol interrupted before she could come up with an even wilder idea.
  43. 43. "Hmm, I suppose thatd be easier""Yeah and I bet hed buy us a new toy if we ask" Errol had got very good at distracting his sister overthe years.
  44. 44. "Ok, lets go."Edward, however, was worried.
  45. 45. The next morning Edward found himself staring at a fountain lost in thought. His first day at Sto HelitAcademy and he wasnt sure what he thought of the place. It was certainly a nicer building than hisold school and its reputation was exemplary but he didnt know anyone there, his friends were at theold place and his siblings were too young to be in the same building. It had taken him long enough tobuild a close circle of friends at the old school, now he was going to have to do that all over again.
  46. 46. He was interrupted from his reverie by the approach of two other students. Both wore the schoolsuniform but one stood out more than the other, her purple hair and green skin guaranteed it.She looked him over for a moment and then grinned "You must be Edward. Mum said that Uncle Dorflhad finally got around to getting you lot into private school, bout time she said.""Sorry have we met?""You know Vi, it might help if we introduced ourselves" The boy smiled apologetically at Edward "ImSebastian, this is my sister Viola, were your cousins, your Aunt Druellae is out mother."
  47. 47. "Anyway," said Viola moving away from her brother "Welcome to the academy, its pretty neat here.Weve got some time before classes so well show you round, introduce you to everyone and fill you inon all the gossip." Without waiting for Edward to respond she grabbed his wrist and began her tour ofthe school talking nonstop as she walked.
  48. 48. Later at lunch Viola and Sebastian insisted Edward sit with them and he was introduced to some oftheir closest friends. He was a little daunted at first and tried to remain unobtrusive
  49. 49. But he quickly got pulled into the conversations and found he was having a great time. By the end ofthe first day hed made a number of good friends and looked forward to seeing everyone again thenext day.
  50. 50. He would also have two new friends to introduce to the group, it was time for Errol and Evadne tobecome teens and move to the upper school. It was also time for Enrico to become a toddler althoughhis transition had to wait until after the twins due to a badly scheduled nap.
  51. 51. To celebrate the triple birthday Casanunda threw a small party inviting all his children and a couple ofclose friends. He was getting older and wanted to take advantage of any chances he had to see hisfamily.
  52. 52. They transitioned into traditionally awful outfit. Evadne in particular was reluctant to even look athers."Where does this stuff even come from? No one in this family would be caught dead in this!"
  53. 53. After a trip to the wardrobe to find better clothes the twins returned to the party and showed everysign that their relationship would not change now they were older. Their new age did seem to affecttheir attitude towards life, Evadnes in particular. She was no longer interested in general mischief, no,now she wanted mischief that would be profitable. Errol was still content to be the stabilisinginfluence, attempting to keep Evadne out of as much trouble as possible although he was spendingmore time socialising with people (especially girls) outside the family than before.
  54. 54. Once Enrico had woken from his nap it was time for his transition.
  55. 55. Enrico grew into a happy and bubbly toddler completely undaunted by all the sims around him.
  56. 56. Seeing their youngest child become a toddler and two more one step closer to moving out made Roxy long for anotherbaby. For as long as she could remember shed wanted to be the mother of a large family, ten was always the numberthat she visualised. As the children got older she was more and more aware that time wasnt unlimited, there wouldcome a point when she was no longer able to have children and she needed to reach her dream before then."Are you sure youre ready for another one love? Theres still plenty of time if you want to wait for Enrico to get a bitolder""I know you think Im crazy for wanting this but I love having a house full of children, if I could Id have twenty or more.""Uh, lets stop at ten love, we want to leave room in this town for some grandkids."
  57. 57. Roxys desire for more children didnt mean she didnt love the ones she already had, she just felt theneed to share her love with as many children as possible (she had agreed with Dorfl the ten was thepractical limit). She had become adept at juggling the needs of all the kids, reaching the top of herdream career the day after Enrico joined the family made life easier as it meant she could pay lessattention to her own needs.
  58. 58. Dorfl made sure to spend as much time as possible with each of his kids. He was more focused on hiscareer than Roxy (and would have been quite happy with just a couple of kids) but he had to admitthat teaching his children about the world and seeing them grow was the best thing in the world. Hefelt like the proudest parent in the world the day Enrico said ‘Dadda’ as his first word.
  59. 59. While Enrico was an incredibly sociable toddler it was always Edward he would seek out first when hewanted something a strong bond grew between the two boys.
  60. 60. "Wuv you.""Love you too little guy."
  61. 61. Edwards continued devotion gave his parents some extra time to themselves during the day and wasa great help to Roxy when her pregnancy started to show and the hit to her mood increased.
  62. 62. Edwards life wasnt all about his little brother, being friends with Viola meant he often found himselfbeing dragged to parties or checking out the downtown hangouts. The latest place shed found to trywas a new bowling alley.
  63. 63. Edward found his mind really wasnt on the bowling; he was far too distracted by Dorian Ross, one ofViolas closest friends.
  64. 64. He tried to tell himself he was just admiring Dorians technique, he was certainly better at bowlingthan Edward, but he wasnt sure he believed it.
  65. 65. Surely if it was just the technique he was watching he wouldnt mind Dorian knowing he was watchingand Violas technique was just as good but he wasnt watching her. Edward tried to put any thoughtsof Dorian out of his mind.
  66. 66. Dorian had no interest in him, they were friends nothing more, and anyway he wasnt gay, he justhadnt met a girl he wanted to date yet.
  67. 67. Another of his friends, Alienor, gave him the perfect opportunity to prove a point (although the onlyone who felt the point needed proving was Edward himself) later that evening."I cant believe you beat Viola at pool earlier, I dont think anyone else ever has. You looked prettycute holding the pool cue too.""Um, thanks." Edward was a bit at a lose, he wasnt used to being told things like that.
  68. 68. "Do you fancy going to see a film or something sometime?""What, like a date?""Yeah."
  69. 69. "No, sorry.""Oh.""I like you Alienor but just as a friend, Im really sorry but I just dont think of you like that, we can stillhangout though." Edward was rambling, panicked slightly at the look of hurt on Alienors face.
  70. 70. Edward walked away feeling uncomfortable and vaguely confused. He wasnt quite sure why hedturned Alienor down, what he said was true, he really wasnt attracted to her but he didnt know why.She was nice, she was pretty, they always had a laugh, why couldnt he picture them on a datetogether.
  71. 71. Errol was making his own tentative way into the world of romance. Victoria was in his class at schooland he’d fallen for her pretty hard. He was ecstatic when she agreed to hang out with him afterschool.
  72. 72. Evadne was less pleased, she wasn’t used to having to share her brother’s attention and didn’t takewell to someone trying to steal her brother from her.
  73. 73. Victoria was a nice girl, she wanted to be friends with the twin of her crush but Evadne was havingnone of it."Just give it up, I dont want to get to know you, I dont want to be your friend. Youre just somebimbo who got my brother all gaga, trust me it wont last."Unfortunately Evadne hadnt noticed that Errol had returned and heard her words. He was not happy.
  74. 74. "What the hell is your problem Evadne? Victoria was just trying to be friendly; would it kill you to benice for once?"
  75. 75. "I dont have to make nice with anyone, especially not a simpering little thing like her."
  76. 76. "Victoria is not simpering, shes not a bimbo and she is my girlfriend. If you dont like it you can justshut up!"
  77. 77. "Fine!""FINE!"
  78. 78. While his siblings were warring Edward tried to distract himself with schoolwork and scholarshipstudy but his mind kept wandering back to the outing to the bowling alley. At first he wondered if heshould have been so quick to turn Alienor down, she was fun to hang out with, maybe dating herwould be ok. But then his thoughts took a different direction.
  79. 79. What if it had been Dorian not Alienor whod asked him out that night?Would he have said yes?
  80. 80. What would have happened?
  81. 81. What did he want to have happened?
  82. 82. He had no idea what to do next, he did know that in his dreams he was happy.
  83. 83. Thats the end of this part, Ill try not to leave such a big gap until the next but I cant promiseanything.I had originally intended to post this chapter in early January and this slide was in celebration of TerryPratchett getting a knighthood and becoming Sir Terry Pratchett but I got busy and its now February.So this slide is in celebration of both the knighthood and the fact Ive completed the first project formy masters (which is what delayed this chapter so long).------>
  84. 84. Errol is a family sim, his life time want is to Celebrate his Golden Anniversary. Hes a Taurus -5,10,5,10,5Evadne is a Fortune sim, her life time want is to become the Hand of Poseidon. Shes a Scorpio -10,3,10,7,1.As you can see theyre pretty opposite, they were bound to fall out some point.
  85. 85. Enrico is a Leo - 4,10,3,6,7
  86. 86. Viola and Sebastian are the middle children of Druellae and Viola (no I dont do this intentionally toconfuse). Theyre probably my favourite of the spare spawn this generation and will be going touniversity at the same time as Edward (though I dont think theyll be living with him).Viola is a Pleasure sim who wants to become a Games Designer, shes a Gemini - 2,8,10,5,0.
  87. 87. Sebastian is slightly freaky and a Family sim who wants to become an Education Minister, hes Scorpio- 8,1,10,7,0.That 0 in nice points seems to be a defining feature of Drues children, theyve almost all got it.