Chapter 8 - Brenda's College Journal


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Chapter 8 - Brenda's College Journal

  1. 1. Discworld Legacy Chapter 8 Brenda’s College Journal
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Discworld Legacy. This chapter is hosted by Beryl and her family (a little moreabout her later). The sim shown above is of course Brenda Discworld the chosen heir.Without further ado lets open up Brendas journal and read as she documents her college years.
  3. 3. Dear Journal (to think mum said Id forget all about you when I hit my teenage years)Ive arrived at university and am currently sharing a house with Beryl, Black Aliss, Bemery, Bursar and,of course, Bon Anna (am I ever going to get away from her?).
  4. 4. I wont be staying here for long though, Ive already been accepted into the Greek house mum set upand as soon as I get the details sorted Im moving in. Hopefully a certain twin wont be able to follow.Good night journal, I have early classes tomorrow.
  5. 5. Bah!! So much for my hope of finally getting away from Bon Anna, she applied for the Greek housetoo, and of course she got in (despite my best efforts to convince them otherwise). I even have tomove in at the same time as her - its more convenient according to them.
  6. 6. Dear Journal, bet you thought Id forgotten about you, well I havent.Im now a Sophomore and a lot has happened since I wrote last.Firstly Beryl found herself a rather cute professor (not my type though).
  7. 7. They kept it pretty quiet for a while (from the university, not from us unfortunately - the sounds thatbed would make!).
  8. 8. They came clean when she proposed to him, hes been fired but I dont think hes really thatbothered.
  9. 9. Black Aliss had been dating around, trying to find the right guy (or couple of guys) for her.
  10. 10. But that all ended when she met Holden. Now shes about to settle down, with a cop even (I know, Ican barely believe it myself!).
  11. 11. Bursar was quite happy going to classes and learning of new ways to make money until he met thecampus streaker. It was quite funny really, this naked guy ran up to our house, did a funny dance andran off. Bursar certainly liked what he saw and made it his mission to get to know him.
  12. 12. They hit it off pretty quickly and theyre planning to get a house soon.Im willing to bet that when Bursar introduces Vincent to mum and dad this isnt the story hell tell.Bursar has also renounced his quest for money, his aim in life now is to learn everything abouteverything, what a waste!
  13. 13. Bemery has also had a major change of heart. It all started when she met this guy (I have no ideawhat his name is, she never introduced us). Her original intentions were to use him then dump himfor the next one.
  14. 14. But she fell in love and ended up proposing, now all she wants is his children - boring.
  15. 15. That lot have all graduated now.Black Aliss is going to start a family, probably with the cop, but there are a couple of otherpossibilities.
  16. 16. Beryl is going to go marry her professor and become a some kind of business woman (she wont tellme any more details than that).
  17. 17. Bursarll move in with Vincent (I wonder if hell still run around without any clothes on).
  18. 18. Bemery stayed at university for a bit after graduation and had a bit of a relapse. She blames the otherwoman entirely, but Im not so sure about that.
  19. 19. I do know they ended up in bed together.
  20. 20. Bemery eventually left to join her fiancé but I wonder who she really wants.Anyway, enough about that bunch, this is my journal, its supposed to be about me.
  21. 21. Well, I moved into the Greek house at the end of my Freshman year. Then I got the phone call thatwould change all my plans. My family have finally come to recognise my brilliance, theyve made meheir. Mum gave a long rambling explanation about why I was chosen, but basically its because Im thebest of the lot.
  22. 22. After learning he wasnt heir Brutha muttered something about keeping a promise, and then invitedhis best friend over for something more than a chat (I wasnt spying, honest).
  23. 23. The first thing we had to do in the house was to deal with our two slime bag room mates. I cantbelieve theyd cheat on Boddony. So what if shes in love with both of them, and married, and hastwin children, they still shouldnt cheat on her.
  24. 24. We got rid of them pretty quickly, packed them off to some run down shack on the edge of campus(well not really, but I can dream).
  25. 25. The next thing I did was start making the connections Im going to need in the future.When wandering around town I noticed a couple of people who seemed to be wearing some kind ofspecial uniform. No matter how many questions I asked (I even made a special effort to be nice tothem) they wouldnt even acknowledge the special clothes.Oh well, I got to know a few of them quite well so Ill just keep pestering them about it.
  26. 26. Then I met Tracy.She is the most beautiful person I have ever met, theres an incredible spark between the two of us,something Id never felt until I met her.
  27. 27. Of course you may be wondering how I intend to carry on the legacy if I marry another woman. Well,Ive been talking to Bethan and Auntie Agnes and theyve told me all about a procedure that can allowtwo women to produce a child that is the biological offspring of both of them. Bethan has twochildren using this and Auntie Agnes has ten! (How she copes I dont know). So I can marry whoever Ilike and still carry on the legacy.
  28. 28. Things arent actually quite that simple though, after saying goodbye to Tracy I met Claire. I felt thesame spark with her as I did with Tracy and I find her just as beautiful. I honestly dont know how Imgoing to chose between them.I have decided to invite them both to join the Greek house and move in with us. Hopefully Ill find oneof them supremely irritating and will never want to live with her again, making my choice easier.Theyre actually due to move in tomorrow so Ive got to go and make the final preparations for them.
  29. 29. How dare they do that to me!!!Pair of lying, conniving, hateful cows!!!!
  30. 30. Not only have Tracy and Claire been sneaking around while theyve been living here they wereactually going out when we met. They wanted in on the Greek house so decided to target one of us toget membership.We kicked them out of the house pretty quickly, I dont know where theyve gone and I dont care.They can go and rot with that other pair of slime-bag ex-room mates of ours.
  31. 31. Im feeling a bit happier now, it still hurts, but less. Brutha and Bon Anna have been really supportivesince it happened, I dont know what I would have done without them.Bon Annas kinda ok, I mean shes still my annoying twin sister that my life would have been so muchbetter without, but shes fun to hang out with sometimes.
  32. 32. Bon Anna has a boyfriend!
  33. 33. His name is Animus Time-Lord and hes a student like us. He actually lives in the rival Greek housethats just across the road (not that its actually a rival given they only accept Time-Lords as membersunlike here).Not only does he live across the road now, he used to live next door when we were children. Heseven a member of a legacy like we are (hes not heir, but then he couldnt be with Bon Anna if hewas).Oh and we all did really well in our exams, Bon and I are now Juniors and Brutha is a Senior.
  34. 34. Ive finally decided that enough is enough and its time to put that pair of idiots behind me. Ive beengoing out and socializing again, and Im happy about that. Most of the people Ive met are just friendsbut there is one.
  35. 35. Her name is Marion, I dont feel the same intense spark I felt for the betrayers but something oddlydeeper. Weve been spending a lot of time together recently, I dont want to move as fast as I didbefore, and I feel much more comfortable with her than I have with anyone outside my family, shemakes me feel happy.Good night journal
  36. 36. I feel on top of world right now. In the last few months Marion and I have been growing closer andcloser and then last month we finally both just told each other exactly how we feel.
  37. 37. And, well, she moved in yesterday.
  38. 38. [Marion is a family sim with the life time want of becoming Captain Hero. She is a Cancer - 6,3,6,4,6.]
  39. 39. Bon Anna and Animus are also doing well.
  40. 40. Actually theyre doing better than well. At the latest of our regular toga parties she went down on oneknee and proposed.
  41. 41. Id been wondering what she was doing with her scholarship money and as soon as I saw that ring Iknew the answer, it was gorgeous, a beautiful diamond solitaire ring. I must ask her where she got itfrom.
  42. 42. Anyway, of course he said yes (if he hadnt there would have been trouble).Unfortunately it now means that the pair of them are boring me to death with all their wedding andpost wedding plans. But I guess thats the price you pay for living with your siblings.
  43. 43. I had the weirdest experience last night.I was woken in the middle of the night by footsteps on the stairs. When I went into the hall to have alook (thinking it was just Brutha back from a late date) I was met by a strange man in the sameuniform Id seen on other students.
  44. 44. I demanded to know who he was but he said nothing, instead he did a strange chicken dance andclucked at me!
  45. 45. When I didnt respond to this strange display he started poking me, and then said I was under arrest.
  46. 46. It was so humiliating, Im just glad the others were in bed so didnt see me in handcuffs.
  47. 47. It got even weirder when instead of the police car Id expected I was put in the back of a limo.
  48. 48. When we pulled up outside the most gorgeous building I have ever seen I knew that I was certainlynot at a police station.
  49. 49. I was greeted by yet more people in the strange uniform who finally told me what was going on.It turns out that they are all members of a secret society called the Elucidated Brethren that has beengoing for hundreds of years (although how secret it is really when its members wear the uniformaround campus I dont know). Membership of the society confers all sorts of privileges including useof their supper secret head quarters.
  50. 50. And guess who the newest member of the society is - me of course.Turns out Ive been being watched ever since I moved into the Greek House and found out I was heir.
  51. 51. I got back from the society early in the morning.
  52. 52. Just in time to hear some extremely loud creaking from Bon Annas room.
  53. 53. What with the creaking keeping me up all night I really wasnt in the mood to be woken by a memberof the universitys cheering team. I mean who does she think she is bursting into my room early in themorning (it wasnt even 11 oclock yet) and yelling out that obnoxious cheer, ugh.
  54. 54. Its been quite an eventful few days here journal.First of all we all sat our end of year exams, and of course we all did brilliantly. But it got me thinkingthat I only had one more year left in the Greek house and I needed to ensure that there would besomeone to look after the place for my children.
  55. 55. So I invited the first member of the Elucidated Brethren I met and invited her into the Greek house, ofcourse she said yes, after all who wouldnt want to be involved in my legacy, even if it is as a hangeron.
  56. 56. Marion and I have been living together for a year now and I love her very very, very much. The otherday I decided it was time to make sure I had found the right woman for me, the one who will standwith me through my reign as legacy head (and the one who will carry my children - Im not missingwork for kids).
  57. 57. Id visited a very select jewellery shop and used all my scholarship money to buy a very expensive andbeautiful diamond ring (much better than Bon Annas).
  58. 58. When I went down on one knee and presented it to Marion she looked so shocked I was a littleworried about what she was going to say.
  59. 59. But I really shouldnt have been, of course she said yes.
  60. 60. I am so happy.I must ring mum and dad to tell them the good news, and get them to start planning the wedding.
  61. 61. In celebration of our engagement Marion and I decided it was our turn to make the bed creak, at leastwe waited until everyone was out, unlike some of my siblings.
  62. 62. I have to say, Im going to enjoy this part of making babies.
  63. 63. The next day we held a huge graduation party for Brutha. He decided to take the opportunity tointroduce mum and dad to Dor.
  64. 64. After the success of the meeting he stood on the steps of the house and announced that he had nevermet anyone like Dor and he couldnt imagine his life without her (thank heaven hes graduating Icouldnt stand anymore of the mushiness).
  65. 65. With that he went down on one knee
  66. 66. and presented Dor with a ring (not as good as mine though).
  67. 67. Naturally she said yes (were an irresistible lot we Discworlds).
  68. 68. He spent the rest of the party being mushy with Dor.Now hes graduated hes moved in with her and theyre planning on filling theyre house withscreaming children almost immediately.
  69. 69. Hehehee. I saw the funniest thing last night.The Elucidated Brethren have decided to invite Bon Anna into the society, which is fine I guess, afterall I got in a good two years before her. Anyway because I was told about it I was able to watch it all.
  70. 70. The look on her face when the handcuffs went on was priceless.
  71. 71. Im sorry I havent written in a while journal, Ive just been so busy with revision and exams andeverything. Anyway me and Bon Anna and Marion have graduated now and we held a really massivejoin party to celebrate.
  72. 72. We had a great time, there was a big group smustle
  73. 73. Dad got to meet Animus
  74. 74. and Bon Anna got to be really cuddly with him (looks like this might be becoming a tradition).
  75. 75. It was quite late when the party ended.
  76. 76. Obviously Im now on my way back to the family home (Im actually writing this in the taxi).
  77. 77. Bon Anna will be moving in with Animus (whos also just graduated).
  78. 78. And of course Marion is moving in with me..I guess this is the end of my college life, its been really fun (mostly), but Im really looking forward tobeing able to make some proper money. And dont worry journal Im not going to abandon you, nomatter what mum thinks.