Chapter 2 - Promotions Galore


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Chapter 2 - Promotions Galore

  1. 1. Discworld Legacy Chapter 2 Promotions Galore!
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Discworld Legacy.Great ATuin is the founder and a knowledge sim with a silly hat and a goofy grin. He is named after agiant turtle that swims through space and support the Disc, upon which all the characters whosenames I use live. The name seemed appropriate as My Great ATuin is the base from which the legacybegins.
  3. 3. Robin is his wife, another knowledge sim who doesnt seem to be too happy to be talking to someoneon the phone. She is depressingly similar to Great ATuin and they have an annoyingly perfectrelationship, I just cant bring myself to do anything to make it more interesting as they are so sweettogether.
  4. 4. This is the eldest Angua. She is named after a werewolf whose serves in Ankh-Morporks City Watch.The original Angua is a "well-developed girl with ash-blonde hair", except when she is a wolf, then shehas blonde fur which is as long as a mane around her ears. She is intelligent and capable, and has theadded ability to be able to smell colour and tear out a persons jugular when a wolf. She is also in along term relationship with another guard - Carrot (whose name I will use later).My Angua is a family sim with the life time want of marrying off 6 children. Her personality is one ofextremes - neat, shy, active, serious and nice. She is turned on by Red hair (appropriate given theoriginal Anguas boyfriend is a red head) and facial hair and turned off by stink (also appropriate givenhow much more sensitive original Anguas nose is when she is a wolf).
  5. 5. Agnes is the second born. She is named after a young witch from Lancre - Agnes Nitt. When we firstmeet her she is a member of an amateur coven, and is a "small fat sixteen-year-old girl with anaturally rosy complexion". However unlike the other members Agnes does actually have somemagical talent and later becomes the third member of a coven that also includes Granny Weatherwaxand Nanny Ogg (names to be used later). Agnes also happens to have a inner personality calledPerdita, who is the thin person inside every fat person. She has all the thoughts that Agnes is too niceto have.My Agnes is currently a child. She is more balanced in personality than her sister and only time willtell what she wants out of life.
  6. 6. The youngest child is Albert, named after Deaths manservant, The original Albert was once calledAlberto Malich the Wise and was founder of Unseen University. He is 67 years old but has seen 2,000years go past on the Disc, this is because he lives in Deaths kingdom where time doesnt happen. Atfirst glance he is a small, hunched old man, however he is actually quite tall and wiry. He has a rednose that constantly drips.My Albert is still a toddler, his personality is less extreme than Anguas but more so than Agnes.And now I hand over to my sims to tell the story.
  7. 7. Robins Diary - Day 23Today was Alberts birthday. I spent the evening with him teaching him to talk and walk, while I wasdisappointed that his first word wasnt Mummy, teddy is a great achievement and Im happy.
  8. 8. Like Angua Albert is attracted to the shape sorter, if I let him he would spend all day playing with it .
  9. 9. My girls are such good friends. I was afraid that now Angua is a teen she would start to ignore herlittle sister, but she still takes time to play with her. Angua has told me that she really wants a largefamily one day, and cant wait until she has children of her own.
  10. 10. Robins Diary - Day 24Today started out well. Ive been promoted to Intern, it means more responsibility at work and moretime away from my children, but at least its one step closer to my dream - being Chief of Staff at a tophospital.
  11. 11. Angua is determined to be a good sister, shes always prepared to sit down and read to Agnes, or helpher with her homework. I think shes practising for when she has children.
  12. 12. Things went wrong in the evening though. I nearly burnt the house down. I cant think what wentwrong, I mean Ive cooked Salmon thousands of times before, I dont know how the fire started.Thank goodness for that smoke alarm.
  13. 13. It meant that a firefighter was quickly on the scene to put the fire out.[Not bad looking, Ill have to keep him in mind for the future]
  14. 14. Great ATuin and I have been doing so well in our careers, that we decided we could afford to enlargethe house. The fire was also a factor in our decision, the kitchen needed completely redoing, so whynot make it part of a larger building project.
  15. 15. We now have two floor, the bedrooms are on the top floor. The girls share a room, while Albert willhave one of his own when he is older. We also added a second bathroom up here, its really neededwith 5 people in the house.
  16. 16. On the ground floor we now have a separate living room in what was the girls bedroom. Weveenlarged the kitchen/dinner to take up the space where our bedroom was, which means we havemore space to put all Alberts toys.
  17. 17. Robins Diary - Day 25Like me, my husband is doing well at work, he was promoted again to Top Secret Researcher,obviously this means he cant actually tell me what he does, but Im sure its important.
  18. 18. Robins Diary - Day 26Today was the day Albert became a child. Im sad that Im not going to have anymore children sotheyll never be another of my kids needing to be taught to walk or to talk (the potty training I wontmiss so much). Though I know that one of my children will be having their children in this house, sothere is always that to look forward to.
  19. 19. I can tell already Albert is going to be a very handsome young man, but for now he is still a carefreechild, carefree until he starts school tomorrow at least.
  20. 20. Agnes is delighted to have a playmate again, Angua isnt as much fun now she is a teen.
  21. 21. Anguas diary - Day 26Dear diaryToday I did something Ive been planning to do for a while. You see theres this guy at school who Ireally like, weve talked a bit so I know that we get on. So anyway, I invited him over to my houseasking if he wanted it to be a date, I can barely believe that I dared to ask that. He said YES!!!
  22. 22. I spent the time until he arrived worrying that this was a joke or that he would change his mind orsomething. But he didnt!We started of slowly, I was nervous, Ive never done this kind of thing before.
  23. 23. After a while I got up the nerve to try and flirt with him. I dont think I was very good, but he seemedto like it.[I love shy sims, they are so cute]
  24. 24. Things were going so well, and I decided to see if he LIKE liked me or just liked me. So I leaned in for akiss, I was so sure he was going to push me away and tell me I was just a friend, but he didnt!!
  25. 25. The rest of the evening was really magical. Im sure its more than a crush that I have on him. I reallyhope he feels the same way.
  26. 26. By the end of the evening we were officially going out.This is so great - I have a boyfriend!!
  27. 27. Great ATuin diary - Day 26Ive been promoted to Theorist, but my career isnt my main focus at the moment. Ive spent the lastfew days studying really hard, there is still so much more left to learn. I do feel Im making progressthough.[Great ATuin has maxed Logic and Cleaning, 2/7 done]
  28. 28. [The family that skills together stays together?]
  29. 29. Robins diary - Day 27Ive been promoted to Resident, but thats not the most important thing that happened today. TodayAgnes became a teen and joined her sister in having to decide what to do with the rest of her life.
  30. 30. [I like this picture because of Great ATuins jump and Alberts face, he looks so happy about the facthis sister is a teen]
  31. 31. [Agnes is a wealth sim with the life time want to earn $100,000, Ive never managed that with a sim,but Ill give it a try if shes heir.]
  32. 32. Agnes wants to earn as much money as she can, Ive tried to tell her theres more to life, but sincewhen has a teenager listened to her mother. To this end she has found an after school job as a Door toDoor Poller, Im not sure I really want her wandering the streets knocking on strangers doors, but sheassures me shell be safe.Spurred on by her sister Angua found a job as School Crossing Guard, she wants to be able to protectpeople, my daughter has grown into such a responsible young woman.
  33. 33. Great ATuin diary - Day 28Everything in this house constantly breaks, Im forever repairing things. If its not the bath then it theshower, and if thats fine then the TV is smoking.
  34. 34. [This painting may not look like much but Angua earned 6 creativity points through painting it. I havenever known a sim skill so fast, by this point she has all the skill points she will need for her future job,plus full cooking and cleaning]
  35. 35. Great ATuin diary - Day 29Lots of achievements today. Angua has proved that she can be trusted and so has been promoted toParking Lot Attendant. My wife has been promoted to General Practitioner.
  36. 36. And little Albert got his first A+
  37. 37. Robins diary - Day 30My husband may be an accomplished scientist, but hes not much of an artist.
  38. 38. Now that Agnes is a teen Angua has taken to looking after Albert, in the same way she did her sister.
  39. 39. Im still as attracted to my husband as I was all those years ago when I first met him, Im sure well betogether for a very long time.
  40. 40. Agnes had an eventful day today. One of my relatives heard about her hard work and sent her $100for her good report card. At work she was less lucky - she was fined $50 for disturbing the peace aftertrying out a song and dance routine as a way of getting people to answer her questions Despite thisAgnes got her promotion today, shes now a Campaign Worker, Im glad that she wont be wanderingthe street anymore. She managed to get a ride home in the limo that came to collect her father.
  41. 41. Great ATuin has managed to reach the pinnacle of the science career, he is now a Mad Scientist (notsure what I think about his job title), he wont tell me much about what he does but Im sure itsimportant.
  42. 42. Despite all the important work he is doing Great ATuin still finds time to be a good father to hischildren, and a good husband to me.
  43. 43. Great ATuins Diary - day 31Were remodelling.I was working on my latest project, a machine that will reanimate the dead. When I discovered thatmy incompetent assistant had lost the schematics. I had just one more connection to make but was itthe green wire or the orange wire. I crossed my fingers and connected the green wire.Success! The geraniums that had been brown, wilted and dead were now green and alive. This was agreat advance for the horticultural community and the patent netted me $55,000. With part of themoney I purchased a small lot on which I will one day establish a small business.
  44. 44. With the rest of the money weve rebuilt the family home. Its now twice as big as the old house.
  45. 45. Downstairs we have a dedicated area for infants, with two nurseries and a playroom. Ourkitchen/dinner can now seat six. And we have 2 of the 4 bathrooms.
  46. 46. The remaining 2 bathrooms are upstairs, along with 4 bedrooms. There are two bedrooms for thechildren, one for Robin and I, and one for the future, for the child that decides to stay at home andcarry on my legacy.
  47. 47. Angua returned from work with a promotion. It seems she impressed her boss with the suggestion ofvalet parking, and he got her a promotion to Security Guard.
  48. 48. Today was also Alberts birthday.
  49. 49. Albert has grown into a fine young man who wants to be friends with everyone, and become asuccessful entrepreneur.
  50. 50. [Albert is a popularity sim with the life time want of owning 5 top level businesses]
  51. 51. With both of her younger siblings teens Angua decided it was time to head of to university, she hasearned a number of scholarships, and should be able to afford a nice place to live.
  52. 52. Agnes was sorry to see her go, the two girls were very close.
  53. 53. I was very proud to see my daughter go to university, something I never had a chance to do. Im sureshell do very well there.
  54. 54. Alberts Diary - day 32Its just me and my parents now. Agnes has followed Angua off to university. Ill be leaving soon too,theres just a couple more things I want to do.
  55. 55. Dads managed to get closer to his goal.[Creativity, cooking and mechanical done now - 5/7]
  56. 56. Alberts Diary - day 33Im all ready to go to uni now. Ive done everything that I wanted to do as a teen - 5 best friends and agirlfriend.
  57. 57. My girlfriends name is Alicia Jayapalan, we met when she walked past her house, I fancied herstraight away.
  58. 58. We became best friends so fast, and when I asked her out she said yes without having to pause forthought.
  59. 59. [The portraits of my founder and his spouse are ready]
  60. 60. Robins Diary - day 33The last of my children have left. Im glad that theyve gone to university, but Im going to miss them.
  61. 61. Although there are benefits to having the place to ourselves again.With the three 1st generation children gone to university Ill end this chapter. Next time will be theadventures of Angua, Agnes and Albert at university, where theyll start a Greek house, make friends,find spouses and maybe do some studying.None of the custom content is made by me, so a big thanks to all those talented people who make it