Chapter 11 - With a Woo and a Hoo


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Chapter 11 - With a Woo and a Hoo

  1. 1. Discworld Legacy Chapter 11 With a Woo and a Hoo
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Discworld legacy, this chapter Im breaking a little from tradition and not usingthe next oldest spare as host, instead its this lovely lady and her family, youll find out more aboutthem a little later.This chapter follows the new heir - Casanunda Discworld, a romance sim with the life time want ofwoohooing 20 different sims. The chapter title should give you a clue about his activities at university.
  3. 3. Dear mum and mum,College is great, me and the others have moved into the Greek house to continue that tradition sotheres no need for you to worry about that.
  4. 4. Your friend Lisa gave us a warm welcome.
  5. 5. Shes a real nice girl, it didnt take long till we were the closest of friends.
  6. 6. But of course it wasnt long before she graduated and moved out of the Greek house, Im sure wellremain in touch though.[For those of you who are wondering what Lisa did next just check out the opening picture, those areall Casanundas kids.]
  7. 7. Ive also been busy forging connections between us and the other Greek house here.
  8. 8. The current resident Caramel was very keen to get to know us all
  9. 9. and Im sure thisll be the start of a great friendship between the two houses.
  10. 10. Hope everythings going alright at home, talk to you soon.Love Casanunda
  11. 11. Dear mum and mum,Sorry I havent written in a while, Ive been very busy doing my work and going to lectures - got tokeep those grades up.
  12. 12. Ive also been making sure Ive been meeting lots of different people.
  13. 13. I have to admit Ive become really quite popular around campus
  14. 14. theres always a friend or two visiting.
  15. 15. Im sure all these friends will come in useful in the future.
  16. 16. Unfortunately I havent found anyone I want to settle down with yet.
  17. 17. There just hasnt been anyone Ive found that spark with.
  18. 18. But dont worry, Ill keep looking out for her and when I find her Ill let you know.Casanunda
  19. 19. Dear mum and mum,I think youll be relieved to hear that Ive finally found the woman I want to be with (it only took methree and a half years). Her name is Mackenzie and shes the maid that works at the Greek house. Butshes so much more than that. I knew there was something about her as soon as we met.
  20. 20. Weve been dating for a while now and things are going well.
  21. 21. Im sure youll love her when you meet her, shes such a sweet woman.[Mackenzie was Cass 19th lover and the only one he ever rolled up the want to get engaged to, so Imtaking this as a sign that its her he wants. Shes yet another wealth sim but I smell cheese in herfuture.]
  22. 22. Oh yeah, Ive also decided what I want to do with the rest of my life. I really want to be a top athleteand make it into the hall of fame.Love Casanunda[Cas completed his life time want of woohooing 20 sims in his final semester, hell try for 30 when hemoves back home as itll be a while before Mackenzie can join his as the house will be full. His new lifetime want is to become a Hall of Famer.]
  23. 23. To: Cheri, Carrot, Coin, ConinaFrom: CasanundaHey allI just thought Id better send you a quick warning, I wouldnt visit the old home for a while If I wereyou, things are a bit strained there at the minute.I guess Id better start from the beginning and my graduation party.
  24. 24. Things started out great, the mums were there, along with Mackenzie.
  25. 25. After shed met the mums I decided it was time to bite the bullet and make the commitment Id beenavoiding for ages.
  26. 26. Of course she said yes, how could she resist a stud like me?
  27. 27. But anyway, things went bad just we were settling down to a meal.
  28. 28. That stupid cow decided to gatecrash my party (Im so going to have to report her to the universityauthorities) and took a bit of a shine to Brenda, of course Marion was not happy.
  29. 29. I love her and all, but Brenda can be so blind sometimes, she just stood there grinning happily whileher wife got the stuffing slapped out of her.
  30. 30. But that wasnt the end of it, not happy with trying to ruin one relationship that cow then moved ontomy Mackenzie. Thankfully shes only got eyes for me so turned that hussy down flat, but Brenda didntsee it that way. The good thing is that she doesnt think the cows so hot anymore but is mad at bothMarion and Mackenzie.
  31. 31. It was a relief when the party ended and everyone left (I never thought Id say that). The trouble is Ivegot to go live back at the house, I just hope that the mums being at each others throats wont crampmy style.Casanunda
  32. 32. Well thats it for this (short) college chapter. My next updates will be all about the Time-Lords, butwhen I return to the Discworlds I get to try and sort out a damaged marriage, get a romance sim to bea good father, watch grilled cheese take over the family and hopefully see an alien spawn or two.P.S. Click right a few more times to see more about the cover stars.
  33. 33. Cas is actually a pretty attentive dad, hes always popping round to visit his secret family.
  34. 34. While in part he visits for the woohoo, he really does love his kids.
  35. 35. Although hes a bit out of his depth where it comes to dirty nappies.
  36. 36. The other common visitor to the house is, surprisingly, Brenda.
  37. 37. While she pretty much ignored her own kids she adores her grandchildren.
  38. 38. She often comes round uninvited and makes herself at home (I think Lisa is usually quite thankful forthe break).Now that really is it for this chapter.