Chapter 18.2 growing up


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Chapter 18.2 growing up

  1. 1. Discworld Legacy Chapter 18.2 Growing Up
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Discworld Legacy.Last time there was birth, birthdays, pregnancy and teenage drama.
  3. 3. No matter how much he tried to ignore it Edwards thoughts kept returning to the night at thebowling alley. Why had he turned Alienor down? Why was he so fixated on Dorian?He was going in circles trying to work out what he wanted and wasnt getting anywhere. Much as heloved his parents he just didnt feel comfortable asking them about something like this, maybe if Esmehadnt changed. But he didnt want to think about that either.There was one person Edward felt he could talk to.
  4. 4. Edward stood at the door, nervously shifting from foot to foot."Hi Edward, if youre looking for Sebastian and Viola theyve gone shopping, I dont know exactlywhen they plan on getting back. They should have their phones on them if you want to give them acall.""Actually it was you I wanted to see Aunt Drue""Come in then."
  5. 5. Edward followed Druellae into the living room trying to calm his mind and prepare the questions heso desperately needed answers to.
  6. 6. "What did you want to talk about then Edward?""Um?" Edward struggled to find the right words "You and Viola? When did you... How did you knowthat she was the right person for you?"
  7. 7. Druellae paused before she gave her answer, she pondered the question Edward had asked and the question hehadnt."I didnt, not at first. I was attracted to her from the moment I met her but didnt give any thought to it lasting beyondmy teenage years. When I got to university I started thinking about the future and finding someone to settle downwith. I rejected everyone I met, there was always a good reason but I think really it was because they werent Viola."Druellae smiled as she reminisced "When I met Viola again it just felt so right and, well, we havent been apart since.“Druellae sighed "If things had happened differently and wed never met again Id probably have found another girlwho I felt just as strong a connection with and I would be just as happy as I am now. Probably. Not that it mattersbecause I have Viola."
  8. 8. "As for how I knew I was gay""I didnt ask.""I know, but Im going to answer" Drue couldnt help feeling slightly amused at her nephews distress;he was far easier to read than he thought. "I never sat down and thought definitely that I was gay butI guess its always been pretty clear, Ive only ever been attracted to other women. I know youreconfused about things but remember you dont get to chose who youre attracted to just how you acton it, you never know you could be pleasantly surprised."
  9. 9. "In the end all that matters is that youre happy and with someone you love. If anyone tells youotherwise let me know and Ill take care of them.“"Thanks Aunt Drue, I think I know what Im going to do now."
  10. 10. Edward left feeling happier than he had in days.
  11. 11. While Edward was visiting his aunt Roxy started feeling the very familiar signs of labour. She called outto attract the attention of anyone who was around, while she had plenty of experience of child birthshe did prefer there to be someone around, just in case.
  12. 12. Hearing her shouts Casanunda, Amber and the maid hurriedly joined her.
  13. 13. They were soon joined by a little girl with deep black eyes. But the labour pains hadnt stopped withher birth.
  14. 14. Roxy knew exactly what the continued pain meant. She calmly (as calmly as the situation allowedanyway) handed her new daughter to Casanunda and continued her labour.
  15. 15. It didnt take long for the second baby to make its appearance, another girl with the same dark eyes.
  16. 16. The girls were named Ella and Erzulie and with their mother and two doting grandparents present forthe birth were showered with love from their first minute.[Ella Saturday (also called Emberella) is the Discworld version of Cinderella, however, she doesntwant to marry the prince and ends up ruling a city by herself. Erzulie Gogol is a voodoo witch and agreat cook. In the books Erzulie is actually the mother of Ella, so naming the naming the twins like thisis a little weird.]
  17. 17. Later that evening, after hed had a chance to meet his new sisters, Edward stood outside waiting forsomeone to arrive. It had taken what felt like hours and countless false starts to actually call thenumber, now he just hoped his nerves held.
  18. 18. Edward felt his stomach lurch when he spotted Dorian, was this really the right thing to do?
  19. 19. Ignoring the nagging doubts Edward invited Dorian in."So wheres this new game you were telling me about then?""Up in my room, follow me."
  20. 20. "Its...I...Well...Um..." Edward realised he wasnt making any sense and tried to calm his breathing,closing his eyes for a second.Before he had a chance to open them again he felt Dorians fingers brush against his chin.
  21. 21. Startled Edward opened his eyes just as Dorians lips met his. There was a slight clashing of noses butEdward didnt care, as far as he was concerned the kiss was perfect.
  22. 22. When they parted Edward couldnt find anything to say, he was so stunned by Dorians actions, in thescenarios hed planned hed never considered this.Misinterpreting Edwards lack of reaction Dorian was embarrassed "God Edward, Im really sorry, Ijust..."Hearing words hed expected to be saying Edward laughed interrupting Dorians apology "Dont be.Ive been trying to work up the nerve to do that ever since you arrived."
  23. 23. Dorian smiled, "Thats good then, I like you Edward, really like you, and, well, Ive been wanting to askyou out ever since I first met you.""We could try that kiss again, now were both on the same page."
  24. 24. It hadnt seemed possible but their second kiss was even better than the first, and the third was evenbetter, Edward was too distracted to keep track after that. He had no idea how long they kissed forand it didnt matter.
  25. 25. When they finally separated there were matching grins on both their faces. "So was there really a newgame, or was it just an excuse?""There really is one, I didnt want to look like an idiot if I chickened out. Wanna play?"
  26. 26. "Nice move. Want to go out some time?"
  27. 27. And go out they did.
  28. 28. Repeatedly.
  29. 29. Being with Dorian helped Edward stop worrying about every move he took and enjoy beingspontaneous.
  30. 30. Dorian even got Edward to sing karaoke in public.
  31. 31. While Edward and Dorians relationship was only getting stronger the relationship between Errol andEvadne wasnt looking good. They hadnt spoken a work to each other since their argument overVictoria.
  32. 32. They couldnt even stand to be in the same room.
  33. 33. Evadne desperately wanted to have her brother back by her side. Without him she found it hard to bethe centre of attention that she had so carefully worked to be.
  34. 34. But neither one of them wanted to make the first move; they were both far too stubborn.
  35. 35. Instead Evadne spent even more time cleaning than usual. She found it comforting and it made it thatmuch easier to avoid Errol.
  36. 36. She couldnt avoid him all the time though. They were both in the room to cheer at Enricos transitionalthough it was very noticeable that they stood as far apart as possible. Enrico didnt care though, hewas just happy to see all his family gathered round and to have Edward bring him to the cake.
  37. 37. Enrico became a happy child who couldnt wait to get his hands on the books hed always had topester his family to read to him previously but first he really wanted to play with his siblings.
  38. 38. His cheerful enthusiasm even won over Eric, mostly; Eskarinas hands were never quite as red afterplaying red hands with Eric as Enricos were.
  39. 39. Enrico wasnt quite as cheerful after his first day at school."Its not fair." He complained later "The PE teacher only marked me down because I didnt want to tryout for the school football team.""Dont worry about your PE grade sweetie, as long as you try your best its ok." Roxy reassured.
  40. 40. After his mothers reassurance Enrico stopped paying much attention to his PE grade and happilycelebrated his As in everything else.
  41. 41. "Look grandpa, I came top in the spelling test and in the maths quiz and theyre going to move me tothe advanced group in science."
  42. 42. Edward and Dorian were spending an afternoon in the park, enjoying the summer weather but Dorian wasunusually quiet, there was something weighing on his mind."Ed theres something I need to tell you." Edwards face fell "Dont worry its nothing really. I just got myacceptance letter from Brazeneck College this morning.""Oh, Id kinda just assumed youd be going to Unseen U with me and the others.""Brazeneck College offers some pretty unique courses, Unseen U just doesnt offer what I want to study.""Ok, its not that big a deal though is it? I mean its pretty close to Unseen U, its not like Ill never see you."
  43. 43. "Less than an hours drive, but thats not the only thing. The way the course works I have to startearly.""How early?"Dorian shifted uncomfortably "Pretty much now. I mean, Im coming to the birthday party tonight butafter that Ive got to leave."Edward was quiet for a moment, not quite sure how to take the sudden news.
  44. 44. "Im sorry, I should have told you earlier but I only found out this morning I had a place, before that Ididnt really want to think about what it might mean if I did get it. Are we ok?"Edward smiled "Of course we are. Its not like youll be on the other side of the world. And there arethese things called phones now, you can use them to talk to people even if they arent in the samebuilding."Dorian laughed "Hey, I apologised, no need for sarcasm."
  45. 45. The birthday party Dorian mentioned was for two sets of twins - Eric and Eskarina were due tobecome teenagers and Ella and Erzulie were becoming toddlers. True to his word Dorian was therealong with Druellae and her family (minus her oldest children, they were too busy with exams).
  46. 46. Eric and Eskarina went first, cheered on by everyone watching.
  47. 47. "It wouldnt kill you to smile you know.""Hmmph"Becoming a teenager didnt change Eskarinas sunny outlook in the slightest. Her biggest dream was to find that oneperson with whom she could spend the rest of her life and be the head of a large family, and while she was lookingshe was determined to have a good time. Eric on the other hand wasnt interested in the long-term at all, he justwanted to get as much knowledge about the physical side of relationships as possible, preferably through practicalexperimentation.[Eskarina is a Family/Pleasure sim, she wants to have 6 grandchildren. I think it suits her perfectly. Eric is a Romance/Knowledge sim, he wants to woohoo with 20 different sims, with his 3 outgoing and 2 nice itll be interesting]
  48. 48. With the teens made over and their picture taken it was the turn of the infants.
  49. 49. Of the twins so far they probably looked the most alike (not just because they were both girls) andwere the most similar in personality. Though they still followed the trend of one twin being nice andthe other mean.[Ella (in the red) is a Taurus - 7 neat, 6 outgoing, 6 active, 7 playful and 3 nice. Erzulie (in the orange) isan Aries - 5 neat, 10 outgoing, 8 active, 3 playful and 9 nice.]
  50. 50. The party was also when Dorian and Edward had to say goodbye, at least for a little while."Youre leaving first thing in the morning right?""Yep, Ill give you a call as soon as Im settled in."
  51. 51. Early the next morning after a night spent running after two active little girls Dorfl and Roxy finally got a chance to relax."Dorfl?""Yes love?""Now the twins are potty trained we could start trying for the next one, the last one." Roxys expression grew wistful "Ivedreamed about this so long it seems so strange to be almost there. I dont quite know what Im going to do when theyre allgrown up.""Youre getting a bit ahead of yourself there love. Theyve all got a lot of growing up left to do before theyre adults and numberten doesnt even exist yet." Dorfl reached out his arm to embrace Roxy. "Now come here and lets see what we can do about thatlast part."
  52. 52. Roxys subdued mood couldnt last for long with two cheerful toddlers to remind her that while shemay be reaching the end of one stage there was still a lot to do.
  53. 53. The bouts of morning sickness also helped take her mind of things. To help her out Casanunda andDorfl volunteered to teach the girls to talk, they were startlingly fast learners and strangely in sync.
  54. 54. Now that Dorian wasnt around Edward found a surprising new partner for playing games with, Erichad finally decided his big brother was worth spending time with.
  55. 55. Not that he appreciated it very much anytime Edward beat him (which was fairly often).
  56. 56. Dorian hadnt abandoned Edward; he kept his promise and rang once he was settled in."So whats it like living in a dorm then.""Its been ok so far. Some of the other residents seem a little strange, but Ive been spending so muchof my time at the library I havent really had a chance to get to know anyone properly yet.""Youre working hard then. You know, you never did say what youre actually studying.""No I didnt, its Parabiology."
  57. 57. Edward couldnt help laughing. "No wonder you couldn’t study at Unseen U, they tend to stick toestablished subjects.""Hey, no laughing, your dads one of the lecturers."
  58. 58. While Edward and Dorian had their lives ahead of them another couple knew their time was coming to itsend."What was that for?""Does it have to be for anything in particular?" Amber sighed, "Im old and tired Cas, every day Im findingit harder to get moving in the morning. I can feel my body slowing down; I dont think Ive long left.""Nonsense, were still in our prime you and I; we are going to be here for a long time yet.""I wish you were right but my bones tell me youre not."
  59. 59. "You deserved so much better than me Amber.""It was you I chose. I knew what kind of sim you were when you proposed to me," Amber couldnt helpsmiling as she though back to her college days, "remember Id lived with Cassandra for the last year ofuniversity, she was never exactly coy about her nature, or yours.""Then why?""Because I loved you, you dolt. And it was me you proposed to, me you came home to, me you loved.Youre a good husband, not a perfect one sure, but good enough for me, and I couldnt have asked for abetter man to have children with."
  60. 60. "Now enough of this morbid stuff, the twins are asleep and everyone else is out.""Whats that got to do with anything?""And you call yourself a romancer. To the bedroom husband dear."
  61. 61. "There are advantages to marrying a romancer."
  62. 62. "I love you Amber Discworld.""I know."
  63. 63. After school Amber sought out Evadne, she was well aware of the rift between the twins and hated tosee it."Why dont you talk to your brother dear, I know you miss him and Im pretty sure he misses you too."
  64. 64. "No he doesnt, he hates me, and I dont blame him. I was mean and horrible to that girl and I donteven know why." Evadne was choking back tears as she spoke."Evadne talk to your brother, I really dont think he hates you but you wont know unless you talk tohim. Please, for your grandma.""Yes grandma.""Good, now give me a kiss and go find your brother."
  65. 65. Hopeful that her advice would have the desired effect Amber went in search of her husband, she felta pressing need to be close to him and feel him in her arms.
  66. 66. As the afternoon moved to evening Amber felt a deep chill and the world seemed to fade. A figurecloaked in grey slowly appeared in the room."AMBER DISCWORLD""Yes?""IT IS YOUR TIME."
  67. 67. "But theres so much left to do, Im not ready.""PEOPLE RARELY ARE, BUT THAT CHANGES NOTHING. YOU WILL COME WITH ME."
  68. 68. "I CAN OFFER YOU A DRINK TO MAKE THE TRANSITION EASIER.""I dont exactly have a choice.""NO.""Youd better give me that drink then."
  69. 69. Casanunda scowled as he turned away from his wifes death and crying family. His helplessness in thesituation had become anger, anything else he could have at least tried to fight, but age was inevitable,there was nothing he could do to save her.
  70. 70. While Casanunda refused to watch Amber faded into the afterlife surrounded by her sobbing family,she may not have been related to them by blood but they loved her no less for that.
  71. 71. Rest in Peace Amber Discworld.You may not have passed your genes on to the main legacy family but you were an integral part of it.You were at Druellaes birth and raised Casanundas three alien children no differently from the kidsyou shared with him. You provided financial and emotional support right when he needed it and youturned a blind eye to his cheating and in return he became monogamous, by choice, in his old age. Imgoing to miss you.
  72. 72. Turning to see only an urn where his wife had stood the grief that had been masked by his initialanger washed over Casanunda and there was nothing he could do to stop the tears.
  73. 73. Hating to see anyone she loved in pain Eskarina did her best to comfort her grandfather."Im sorry grandpa, were all here if you need anything."
  74. 74. For a moment after Ambers death the relationship between the twins seemed almost back tonormal. Without saying a word Errol pulled his twin into a tight hug.
  75. 75. But the moment passed and Errol walked away without ever saying anything. Evadne felt a smallspark of hope, he didnt hate her, maybe she could make things right between them.
  76. 76. Later that evening the twins found themselves alone together for the first time since their fight. Bothseemed determined to ignore the other but Ambers words and the realisation that Errol didnt hateher occupied Evadnes thoughts.
  77. 77. Finally she gave up trying to paint and took a seat by her brother."Errol" She paused, "Im sorry ok. I dont even know why I was so angry. Its always been you and me Iguess, I mean, yeah, thereve been other friends, but you and me have always been closer thananyone else. I was just afraid I was going to lose that."She hung her head and waited for Errol to speak.
  78. 78. He didnt respond straight away, instead Evadne heard him stand, she looked up afraid he would turnhis back on her again.
  79. 79. Once hed replaced his book he stood and looked at Evadne."I think I understand and its ok. Id forgiven you ages ago really but didnt want to be the first to crack, if Ihadnt been so stubborn we could have sorted this ages ago.""Maybe, but thats something we have in common. Are you and Victoria still together?""Actually no. We broke up not long after the fight, she said some mean stuff about you and I may havebeen mad at you but I didnt like that. I didnt want to say anything because I was afraid youd gloat.“"Oh, sorry."
  80. 80. "Nah, it was never really all that serious. But Evadne there are going to be other girls. I want to settledown with someone one day. I need you to be ok with that.“"Ill be alright with, I cant promise to like her though.""Wouldnt expect you to, but I hope youll get on, whoever she ends up being.""Well see." Eskarina stood to hug her brother. "Now, weve got so much to catch up with. I had loadsplanned for us to do and weve wasted all this time arguing and were not going to have time to doany of it because were going to have to start studying for uni soon."
  81. 81. While some things were going back to normal others were changing for good."Mum, dad, I got the letter from Unseen U this morning, the new semester is about to start.""It cant be, youre not old enough yet surely""Of course he is love, weve been planning this for ages, the twins are starting to apply for places nowtoo.""Oh dont remind me." Roxy smiled at Edward. "Dont mind me dear, I just dont feel ready for mychildren to be so grown up. Come on, lets go sort out what you want to take."
  82. 82. "This would be a lot easier if you kept this room tidier.""Yes mum. I think thats everything anyway.""Are you sure? I dont want you remembering something vital just after we leave tomorrow."
  83. 83. Edward was leaving early in the morning so they could have a relaxed trip, before he left hs took amoment to say goodbye to Enrico."Ill give you a call when Ive settled in, tell you all about the place.""Promise?""Promise, and I promise Ill be back to see the girls become children, and when you become a teen.""Ok"
  84. 84. "Are you sure you have everything?""Yes mum, please stop worrying, weve checked everything at least twice."
  85. 85. "Worrying is a mothers job son. If theres anything vital weve forgotten Im sure therell be a shop oncampus that sells it. Now lets go."
  86. 86. After an uneventful journey Edward and his parents arrived at the dorm that would be his home for atleast the next year.
  87. 87. At his fathers suggestion Edward headed inside to find his room while his parents started unloadingthe car. It also gave him a chance to check out some of the other students hed be living with.
  88. 88. "I think thats everything, well check the car before we leave just to be sure.""Thanks mum.""You sure you dont want me to give you a hand unpacking the last boxes? It wont take long.""Its fine mum, I can manage it."
  89. 89. "Oh I know you can sweetie; Im just not sure Im ready to see my little boy all grown up and notneeding me around any more.""I might not need you any more mum but Ill always want you around." Edward pulled Roxy into atight hug "I love you mum."
  90. 90. "Bye son, take care of yourself and dont forget to call us from time to time.""Ill remember dad. And Ill be back for the next birthday party I can guarantee that.""I dont doubt it."
  91. 91. Edward waved goodbye to his parent conflicting emotions in his heart. Hed always been surroundedby family, for the first time in his life he was alone, and he couldnt deny that he was a little scared. Onthe other hand college offered so many new opportunities that Edward couldnt wait to explore, andhe couldnt help but smile at the thought of seeing Dorian again.
  92. 92. It was impossible for Edward to feel alone for long. The dorm was a bustling place, there were tenother first years moving in that day and the issues associated with the start of university made easyconversation starters."So, what do you think of the rooms?""Not bad, not exactly luxurious though."
  93. 93. And of course he had Dorian to talk to.
  94. 94. The beginning of the first semester was a hectic time, full of lectures and coursework. Edward decidedhed get his first term paper written early leaving his time free for other things.
  95. 95. Once his life calmed down and he had free time again Edward invited Dorian over for a visit.
  96. 96. Edward greeted Dorian with a warm hug; it was good to finally see him again.
  97. 97. "The dorm looks nice and its good and central, sometimes I wonder if studying at Brazeneck Collegeis really worth how far I am from everything."
  98. 98. Edward gave Dorian a quick tour of the dorm ending in his room.
  99. 99. Edward had wondered occasionally if growing up and going to university would mean his feeling forDorian changing but being with Dorian again stirred the same feelings as when he was a teenager.
  100. 100. "Ive missed you terribly; the phone just isnt quite the same.""Thats the other thing I regret about going to Brazeneck, I dont get to have you around."
  101. 101. Dorian couldnt restrain himself any longer and grabbed Edward close for an extended makeoutsession.
  102. 102. They spent the rest of the visit alternating between kissing and making plans for future visits. SadlyDorian couldnt stay for too long and had to head back to his college but any doubts Edward had hadabout their relationship had been banished.
  103. 103. Near the end of the semester Edward decided to throw a party partly because it was the last chancebefore exams and partly because he was missing Dorian and his cousins."I like the look, its very colourful.""You know me, I like to stand out.""And the green skin doesnt do that enough already?"
  104. 104. "Good grief, youve even found matching contacts.""You should see what shes done to the house." Sebastian muttered.
  105. 105. His greeting for Dorian was even more enthusiastic than last time theyd seen each other."If it carries on like this were going to need a double bed in the hall the next time I visit." Dorian jokedcausing Edward to blush furiously.
  106. 106. "Say cheese!" called Viola as the flash of her camera went off.
  107. 107. "You could have given us a warning you know, youd get better pictures that way.""Nah, I prefer the spontaneity. You two looked so cute gazing into each others eyes like that." Violalaughed as she scouted around for more photo opportunities.
  108. 108. Before everyone left Edward and Dorian made plans to meet up after exams. For a change theydecided Edward would visit Dorian at Brazeneck College.
  109. 109. The party was the last chance Edward had for a while to have much fun. Exams were looming and thedorm was filled with stress and silence and revision was the only thing on anybodys schedule.
  110. 110. Once exams were over (passed with relative ease) Edward took a cab over to Brazeneck College.Dorians dorm was strangely empty, this time of day it should have been full of students, and therewere strange noises coming from the floor above. Edward felt uneasy as he headed upstairs to meetDorian.
  111. 111. What he saw when he reached the top of the stairs made his blood run cold.
  112. 112. And thats where Im ending it. Have a picture of Viola and some butterflies to make up for it.Thanks, as always, to those who make the custom content that is slowly taking over my computer andto everyone at Boolprop and SiMania for their support and advice.