Chapter 15 - Empty Nest


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Chapter 15 - Empty Nest

  1. 1. Discworld Legacy Chapter 15 Empty Nest
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Discworld Legacy, this should be the last chapter for the D generation. The firstpart will be narrated by Casanunda and then Ill take over when we move to university.
  3. 3. When the boys left Dee became very withdrawn
  4. 4. Theyd always been close. When she was still a child she would follow them everywhere asking todance or play. Without them she was lost.
  5. 5. She spent all her time studying, wanting to be able to join them at university as soon as possible.
  6. 6. Fortunately she was distracted from her moping by the new boy in her class.
  7. 7. It was a great relief to see Dee smiling again
  8. 8. so while I kept a careful eye on the pair I wasnt exactly unhappy to see my youngest daughter dating.
  9. 9. But even teen love cant stop sims from aging and soon her school days came to an end and it wastime for Dee to leave for university.
  10. 10. Sadly her boyfriend wont be joining her there, putting her at the mercy of all those college boys, notsomething I wanted my daughter to be exposed to (I should know, I used to be one of them), but Icouldnt keep her at home forever. At least she has four older brothers to protect her.
  11. 11. And thats it, theres just me and Amber left in the house now, its so quiet without the kids.
  12. 12. But there are some advantages.
  13. 13. There ends Casanundas time as head of the family, hes my favourite of my heirs to date and whilehes going to stick around for a while yet hes not going to be in charge any more.Its now time for the university years, narrated by me because its far too confusing to keep switching.These are, of course, Dorfl and Dios as young adults, theyve aged pretty well I think. (Yes Dorfls keptthe jumper, I just cant see him in anything else).
  14. 14. As soon as the boys had finished settling in they were swarmed by the female dormies. Funnilyenough Dios, the romance sim, kept things pretty tame (at first anyway) while Dorfl, the knowledgesim, was immediately hit upon.
  15. 15. Tearing the boys away from the girls that surrounded them was not easy but they had to go get theirterm papers written so they could concentrate on other things for the rest of the semester.
  16. 16. Other things such as joining the greek house, easy enough when you grew up with most of themember.
  17. 17. Although I think Dios would have preferred it if theyd waited to tell him the good news (I did say heonly kept it tame at first).
  18. 18. While Dios was getting friendly with his fellow dormies Dorfl was looking for something more. Thenhe met Roxanne (aka Taube or fraulineTaube writer of the Vermachtnis Legacy). He instantly felt adeep connection between them and found he was very attracted to her.
  19. 19. (So attracted he needed two thought bubbles to fully express himself)
  20. 20. They were soon talking as if they had known each other all their lives.
  21. 21. Not being a shy sim it didnt take long for Dorfl to confess his feelings
  22. 22. As it happened Roxanne felt the same way they quickly moved from talking to kissing.
  23. 23. It wasnt all soppy stuff though, Roxanne turned out to be a mean video games player and managedto top the high score table on the dorms machine.
  24. 24. (I just had to include this picture, I love the expression on their faces)
  25. 25. By the end of the night Dorfl was pretty sure hed found his soul mate and they said goodbyepromising to see each other again soon.
  26. 26. Soon it was time for the end of semester exams, which both boys passed easily of course, whichmeans its goodbye to the dorm.
  27. 27. And hello to the rest of the family.
  28. 28. To celebrate moving into the greek house Dorfl threw a toga party, inviting all their neighbours (theTime-Lords)
  29. 29. and, of course, Roxanne.
  30. 30. It was during this party that the couple professed their love for each other.
  31. 31. And they werent the only ones with romance on their minds.
  32. 32. Druellae finally proposed to the woman who had been her girlfriend since they were teens, Violasanswer didnt particularly surprise anyone.
  33. 33. All too soon (or not soon enough) it was time for Druellae and Viola to graduate.
  34. 34. Drue threw a fantastic graduation party for the pair
  35. 35. and then it was time to move back to the Disc and start the family Viola longed for.
  36. 36. Viola got her family - four kids with another two on the way. The kids are (left to right) Olivia, Viola,Sebastian and Orsino. Druellae is currently pregnant again, this time with natural twins.
  37. 37. Not long after Druellaes graduation Dee finally made it to university, like the rest of her siblings shespent her first semester living in a dorm.
  38. 38. Where she was an instant hit with the men.
  39. 39. Casanunda was right to be worried about his daughter
  40. 40. Although really she was the one making most of the moves.
  41. 41. She even got her many boyfriends to do all of her assignments and write her term paper.
  42. 42. While she spent her time elsewhere.
  43. 43. Getting into the Greek house was a piece of cake.
  44. 44. And Dees brothers were very happy to welcome her into the house at the beginning of the nextsemester.
  45. 45. During one of the houses regular toga parties Dee met Dragon Time-Lord (a romance sim) and wasinstantly smitten, she also met his older brother Dalek (in the background), a fellow pleasure sim, andwas pretty taken with him too.
  46. 46. Dee and Dragon spent most of the party talking and flirting.
  47. 47. It seemed that the romance was rubbing of on other party guests, Donna Time-Lord spontaneouslyflirted with Dios.
  48. 48. And because they were good friends he fell instantly in love with her. Fortunately her relationshipwasnt quite as high. I kept the two apart for the rest of the party.
  49. 49. Then it was time for another graduation, this time it was Detritus turn to leave for adult life, but notbefore throwing a party.
  50. 50. Dee took the party as an opportunity to get to know Dalek better (he wants 50 first dates so theres asecondary motive to this).
  51. 51. They got on exceptionally well, although Dee waited to take the relationship to the bedroom until herfather wasnt in the same house.
  52. 52. Once the party had come to an end and all the guests had left Detritus waved goodbye to his siblingsand headed back to the Disc.
  53. 53. Where he and his wife Eva have their hands pretty full with two children (Daniel and Yolanda) andnewborn twins (Heather and Jessica).
  54. 54. The next year continued as had become normal, with both Dios and Dee regularly stopping sims onthe street for a chat and a flirt.
  55. 55. A habit which tended to end up with them in the bedroom.
  56. 56. Dorfl was a lot more restrained and behaved like a good little knowledge sim, working on his grades,his skills and his dancing. Part way through the year he developed a rather large want, and invitedRoxanne over hoping to fill it.
  57. 57. Once inside the house Dorfl dropped to one knee and pulled out the ring hed secretly purchased.
  58. 58. Initially Roxanne was stunned, she hadnt expected this at all.
  59. 59. But once shed gotten over her surprise she happily accepted the ring, while she hadnt anticipatedDorfls proposal it was something shed been hoping for.
  60. 60. They spent the rest of the afternoon together until Roxanne had to leave for work. As she was goingDibbler caught her to welcome her into the family.
  61. 61. After all that soppiness it was time for another graduation (are you getting the feeling that this updateis all romance and graduations? Because I am)
  62. 62. For most of the guests the party was spent dancing and helping themselves to snacks. One guest inparticular was noticeably missing, along with the host himself.
  63. 63. Dibbler and Mackenzie had slipped away to the bedroom.
  64. 64. After the woohoo Dibbler went down on his knee and presented Mackenzie with a ring (perhapsinfluenced by Dorfls earlier proposal).
  65. 65. Her response was an ecstatic yes and they agreed to move in together once hed found a house.
  66. 66. With that sorted Dibbler joined the rest of the guests for pizza.
  67. 67. Before making the transition into adulthood.
  68. 68. Dibbler found a house and married Mackenzie, so far they only have one child - little Penny, althoughthere is another one on the way. Dibbler has also begun his chain of businesses with a home venuewhere customers pay to eat home cooked meals, watch TV and play with Penny, its doing pretty well.
  69. 69. With only three sims left the house seemed very quiet and a more studious mood settled on theinhabitants.
  70. 70. There was also the question of needing someone to look after the house until the next generation ofDiscworlds wanted to use it. Fortunately theres always someone looking for a room to rent and itwasnt hard to find a suitable caretaker.
  71. 71. With that sorted the rest of the year passed quietly and everyone sailed through their exams, nowthere was just the matter of a couple of parties.
  72. 72. First up was Dorfl, he is the heir after all.
  73. 73. His guest of honour was Roxanne of course and she made good use of the time to meet the peoplethat shed be living with after the marriage.
  74. 74. As was becoming typical of Discworld parties most of the time was spent dancing and swapping jokes.
  75. 75. The call to grow up can come at the most inconvenient times, for Dorfl it came just as he finished aquick shower.
  76. 76. Properly dried off Dorfl headed for the waiting taxi that would take him to the legacy lot and his adultlife.(Yes its the jumper again, I can no longer picture Dorfl without it. If you look at the pictures closelyyoull see its actually got cleaner and brighter as hes got older, how that works Im not quite sure.)
  77. 77. And then it was Dios turn. His guest list was very different - no family, just Time-Lords and the latestgirl he had his eye on.
  78. 78. By the end of the party the girl had seen the bedroom and the guests had all had a good time.
  79. 79. With no definite plans Dios headed back to the Disc.
  80. 80. Once there he spent a his first few days on his own, rattling around a house that was really too largefor just him. Then one day he got a call from an old flame - Jackie Larrea, she invited him to come andhangout downtown. Interestingly shed also invited Dalek and Dragon (who shed also woohooedwith), but she couldnt keep her hands off Dios all night.On the spur of the moment Dios invited her to move in with him, they had no plans for marriage orfor children, but we all know how much sim plans are worth.
  81. 81. With her brothers gone Dee would have been feeling lonely if it hadnt been for Owen (theplaceholder). She didnt think he was anything particularly special, but was enough to entertain herfor now (Casanunda probably should have told his sons to pick a female placeholder).
  82. 82. Dee was glad when her graduation day arrived, Owen had gotten boring and she missed her brothersterribly.
  83. 83. So she invited the entire family round to celebrate.
  84. 84. Along with her most recent fling (shes gotten less shy about woohooing with her father in the house).
  85. 85. Much like Dios Dee left university with no plans, no long term partner and no desire for one.
  86. 86. She ended up moving in with Dios and his growing family.Despite his initial lack of interest in a family Dios now has two sons, one thanks to an alien abduction(Eros) and the other because of an accident (Orpheus). For all that they werent planned the boys aredoted on by their parents and their aunt, and things look promising for the baby that Dees currentlycarrying.
  87. 87. And Dorfl? He was welcomed with open arms by his father and will very soon start a family of hisown.Thats it, the end of this generation. Next time Dorfl will be in charge, and Im debating whether to gofor 10 kids for him and Roxanne.