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Dimensions Profile


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Dimensions Profile

  1. 1. Welcome to DIMENSIONS…
  3. 3. About Dimensions • Dimensions is specialized in total HR services • Dimensions was Licensed in 2003 by Ministry of Labor • Dimensions member of ASTD association • Dimensions understand the local labor market and its trends • Dimensions offer flexible HR solutions
  4. 4. • We are committed to meet the expectations of our customers (clients and candidates) • We believe in transparency and confidentiality • We believe in win-win strategic partnership Our Values
  5. 5. Executive Search & Headhunting Recruitment Solution HR Consultancy 3rd Party Staffing Our Services
  6. 6. • We understand and analyze our clients needs • We customize our process base on the clients needs • We are knowledgeable about Saudi market and its culture • We utilize the very latest principles in organizational psychology and modern principles in recruitment industry • We have established a reputation for providing the best senior management jobs and customer service across industries Our Services – Executive Search
  7. 7. • Annual contract service that manage all attraction & recruitment process locally & overseas • Starting from the basic general workers up till the chief executive positions • Ideal for startup, rapid growth (expansion), high employee turnover companies Our Services – Recruitment Solution
  8. 8. Our Services – Recruitment Solution Recruitment Solution Cost Quality Time
  9. 9. Our Services – Recruitment Solution Dimen Team Recruitment Agencies E – Recruitment Channels Dimen Network Dimen Database RecruitmentCoordinator • Recruiting a Recruitment coordinator on the client side to ensure real-time support and accessibility of all resources StartupRecruitment Project • Handling recruitment needs for starting up business with control of cost, time and quality with accessibility to all resources for local and overseas recruitment RecruitmentProject • Supporting recruitment requirements with control of the cost, time and quality with accessibility to all resources for local & overseas recruitment
  10. 10. • Our consultants invest significant time and energy in understanding your needs and then meeting your HR requirements • Our expertise are in the following: Our Services – HR Consultancy  Fields salary survey  Retention plan  Job evaluation  Performance appraisal  TNA  Recruitment process enhancement  Policies & Procedures
  11. 11. • Ideal for volume recruitment project by deploying Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) • Providing wide range of specialties for skilled & semi skilled manpower • Customizable recruitment process ensuring meeting deadlines and project objectives Our Services – 3rd Party Staffing
  12. 12. • Experiences supervisory level professionals assisting on manpower efficiency and utilization reporting • Management team of Saudi calibers with multi-national standard background • Financial Capacity of 2 Million Saudi Riyals Our Services – 3rd Party Staffing
  13. 13. Our Services – 3rd Party Staffing Manufacturing Hospitality Customer Service Logistics Information Technology Specialties
  14. 14. Sample of accomplishments • Over 200 positions on IT industry – Saher WR • GM – Temah • GM - Ahmad Zainy Co. • HR Director – OZCO • Finance Manager – Sela Group • Factory Manager – ICC • IT Manager - Citadel • Training Manager – Pipsico • Over 30 positions in managerial positions • Over 200 positions through recruitment projects
  15. 15. Proud to serve..
  16. 16. Win Win Invest and Raise Success..
  17. 17. Thank you for lending DIMENSIONS your valuable time