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2016 Ayova Executive Search presentation


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International HR services and Recruitment solutions presentation (Spain)

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2016 Ayova Executive Search presentation

  1. 1. Ayova Executive Search Copyright © 2016 Ayova Consulting, SL. All Rights Reserved. Ayova, its logo and presentations are trademarks of Ayova Consulting SL, Madrid, Spain CIF B85568004. International human capital solutions Madrid, June 2016
  2. 2. © Ayova Executive Search I 2016 I + Our track record Our conditions Our references ¿What makes us different? Index Our services Our methodology Our contacts Our process
  3. 3. © Ayova Executive Search I 2016 I +Our track record Ayova is a recruiting agency created in Silicon Valley in 2000, initially specialized in sourcing top French engineers for US high tech Industries. Key date Achievements 2000 Ayova’s creation in Palo Alto (USA): “Bridging the IT Gap between US and France”. Main clients: Qualcomm, Agilent, Juniper Networks, Sequence Design, Takasic. 2002 Sales development in France providing recruiting services exclusively to high tech industries. Main clients: France Telecom, Air Liquide, Avanade, Altran, Informatique-CDC, Unilog (Logica Group), Prima Solutions, GL Trade (Sungard). 2008 Ayova Executive Search establishing in Spain, providing international recruitment services covering Spain and France. Main clients: Orange España, Everis Spain, Banco Cetelem. 2011 Launch of the portal, reference 2.0 platform focused on Spanish-German labor mobility. Ayova Executive Search providing recruitment services for German companies. 2016 Launch of the portal, first 2.0 platform focused on Spanish international talent return to home.
  4. 4. © Ayova Executive Search I 2016 I +What makes us different ? •Our “European culture”: despite geographical proximity, Spain, Germany and France are abounding with differences. Ayova Executive Search partners are well aware of this, since they hail from these three cultures and have a long-term history of working in these countries. • Our strong operational experience in sectors with a high technological component. From senior partners to junior consulting staff, all members of our team share a broad knowledge of the ICT, business consulting, ecommerce and retail industries, sectors of our clients too. •Our good knowledge of many of the key middle and top managements roles for a multinational corporation. Part of the Ayova consultants employees occupied before positions with operational responsibilities such as : Marketing and Customer Experience Management, Project Management Office, Cross Cultural Management, Human Resources Management. The Ayova Executive Search’s key success factors in providing international human capital solutions for Spain, Germany and France are based on:
  5. 5. © Ayova Executive Search I 2016 I +Our services Within its services’ portfolio Ayova Executive Search specializes in detection, direct approach and recruitment of international executive staff that are well prepared to embark on a dynamic career within multinational firms developing in Spain, Germany and France. •Our customers: Ayova Executive Search only recruits for fast-growing sectors with a strong technological component like ICT, Business and IT consulting, Aeronautics, Finance and Retail. •Our values: • Advice and value creation for the benefit of the applicants in the follow-up of their careers. • Promptness, availability, excellence and optimization of costs in its research and recruitment missions for clients.
  6. 6. © Ayova Executive Search I 2016 I +Our process Ayova Executive Search has set up a selection process that seeks to provide value to both clients and candidates: •External analysis of the company (industry, business environment, competition). •Internal analysis (structure, culture, processes) in order to respect the internal selection processes. •Definition of the search strategy (advertising, web 2.0, direct approach), and potential sectors / companies / candidates targets. •Individual interviews with a special focus on the targeted country cultural skills and complete psychological testing. •Reference checking for the selected candidates. •Preparation of the short-list candidates’ report including: analysis of career path, personality, language skills, level of motivation. •Presentation of the candidates as part of a meeting with our clients. •Follow-up and coaching of the hired candidate.
  7. 7. © Ayova Executive Search I 2016 I +Our methodology Since the people who join a new culture must understand and adapt to it, Ayova Executive search is committed to assessing the potential of each candidate and to advising them so that they can improve in these 5 broad categories: Source: Ronen, S. 1989, Training the International Assignee. Training and Career Development (1st ed), San Francisco: Goldstein. Categories of Attributes of Expatriate Success Job Factors Relational Dimensions Motivational State Language Skills Family Situation (opt.) Technical skills Tolerance for ambiguity Belief in the mission Host country language Willingness of partner to live abroad Familiarity with host country and headquarters operations Behavioral flexibility Congruence with career path Non verbal communication Adaptive and supportive partner Managerial skills Non-judgementalism Interest in overseas experience Stable marriage Administrative competence Cultural empathy and low ethnocentrism Interest in specific host country culture Interpersonal skills Willingness to acquire new patterns of behavior and attitudes
  8. 8. © Ayova Executive Search I 2016 I +Our references Consulting & Engineering Software Finance, FMCG Retail Top Management (> 80K€ per year) Middle Management (40-80K€ per year) Industries Telecom, Web, Gaming
  9. 9. © Ayova Executive Search I 2016 I +Our conditions Ayova Executive Search commits with a success fee formula: • Result commitment: our fees vary depending on the type of profile required by our customers, from 15% to a maximum of 25% of annual gross salary of the successful candidate, according to the complexity of the profile. They are payable only if this candidate is actually recruited by the client. •Quality commitment: we will replace any of the candidates presented by Ayova who terminates employment during a guarantee period agreed with the client. •Term commitment: 4-6 weeks to submit the list of finalist candidates. •Flexibility for the client: Ayova Executive Search only requires exclusivity during the first month of the selection process, and accepts to be one among several firms providing recruitment services to the client then, so that the vacant positions within the client can be notified simultaneously to other such employment agencies.
  10. 10. © Ayova Executive Search I 2016 I +Our contacts More information and updates on