The importance of intellectual property (ip) [compatibility


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The importance of intellectual property (ip) [compatibility

  1. 1. The Importance of IntellectualProperty (IP) in the various stages of business cycle Compiled by A Srinivasa Rao NIFT, Hyderabad
  2. 2. Spotlight is on knowledge in today’s economy• Factors of production: Land, Labor, Capital, Intangibles (Knowledge)• Knowledge as useful Information (or Service)• Information as a “Public Good”• Information as Property
  3. 3. Centrality of Knowledge KNOWLEDGE underpins PERFORMANCE
  4. 4. Knowledge Capital Knowledge CapitalLabour LabourPre -industrial Industrial era era Capital The « knowledge Knowledge economy » Labour
  5. 5. US COMPANIES’ INTANGIBLE ASSETS AS % OF TOTAL ASSETS Intangible assets Physical assets1982 2000
  6. 6. SME Competitiveness (I)• In a knowledge-based economy, competitiveness of enterprises, including SMEs, is increasingly based on ability to provide high-value-added products at a competitive price• Globalization and trade liberalization has made it crucial for most enterprises, including SMEs, to become internationally competitive even when operating wholly in the domestic market
  7. 7. The challenge of adding value in today’s economy• Raw materials/Inputs: Processing (Value addition) = Value added output/component; product; sale; Profit• Value addition: Better: Functional/technological or aesthetic/non-technological; Rational/Emotional (More for Less)• Price; access/availability; consistency• Individual, Enterprise (legal person), Chains, Networks; consortia; Open Innovation (Industry-Government-Academia)• Ownership vs. access to knowledge
  8. 8. SMEs Competitiveness (II)• To become and remain competitive, SMEs need a coherent business strategy to constantly improve their efficiency, reduce production costs and enhance the reputation of their products by: – Investing in research and development – Acquiring new technology – Improving management practices – Developing creative and appealing designs – Effectively marketing their products
  9. 9. Everything Depends on 5 Key Choices: • Choosing the right business to be in • Creating the right strategy • Building the right systems • Designing the right organization • Getting the right people
  10. 10. A business is a combination of ...• Technology in the product or service,• Technology used to make the product or provide the service,• Features of the product or service, and• Customer needs met by the product or service,… that creates a potential or real economic relationship between a buyer and a seller.
  11. 11. Understanding the Process of Innovation The Process/Steps of Innovation Pre-IPO$ • Viable Expansion • Market acceptance • Legal Entity • Heading to IPO or M&A • High Growth • Bright Idea • Founders = Mgt Team • Head Count • Experimental • Minimal Revenue Start-Up • Multiple Cycles • Research • Slow Growth • Support Functions • Business Plan • Administration • Proof of Concept Seed • Marketing Idea / Concept • Revenue Growth Time
  12. 12. The Needs of Each Stage •Recruitment •Business •Corporate and Development Secretarial •A & P$ •Financial •Market Access •Training •PR and Marketing •Networking •Business Expansion •Business Plan Development •Prototype/ POC •International support and •Project Management Mkt. Access •Business Premises Start-Up •Diversification strategies •Project Management and support •Management Training •Recruitment Seed •Training and Incentives Idea / Concept Time IP Management Needed in all stages
  13. 13. Basic Message IP adds value at every stage of the value chain from creative/innovative idea to putting a new, better, and cheaper, product/service on the market: Patents / Trademarks/ GIsUtility Models/Trade secrets Ind. Designs/Patents/Copyright All IP Rights Patents / Industrial Designs/ Utility models Trademarks/GIs Invention Commercialization Marketing Financing Product Design Exporting Literary / artistic Licensing creationCopyright/Related Rights All IP Rights
  14. 14. Thank you