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IRDG presentation


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The three Enterprise Innovation Networks The Irish Software Association (ISIN), Industry Research & Development Group (IRDG) and the Construction IT Alliance (CITA) EIN, all funded by Enterprise Ireland hosted a joint seminar on Tuesday 23rd October 2012 in the Dublin City Council offices on Wood Quay from 08.00am - 11.00am. There were 80 delegates in attendance and an additional 20 viewing the event online. The intention of this event was to focus on the need to Collaborate to Innovate for a successful future.

The Opening address was given by Mr Greg Treston from Enterprise Ireland. Greg is Head of Research & Innovation. There was then a short Introduction to each of the Enterprise Innovation Networks. Speakers included Paul Sweetman of ISIN, Denis Hayes of IRDG and Suzanne Purcell of CITA EIN. This was followed by presentation on Collaborating with Third Level Research Institutes by John Whelan, Trinity College Technology Transfer Office and Tom Flanagan, DIT Hothouse. Three case Studies followed. Case Study 1: Dr. Yvonne Traynor, Henkel Case. Study 2: Sean Giblin, Cylon Controls. Case Study 3: Anthony McCauley, Fujitsu

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IRDG presentation

  1. 1. The Voice & Innovation Network for Industry R&D
  2. 2. Who we are Representative Group for manufacturing & services companies involved in Research, Development & Innovation•Established 1992 The•Industry-led Unique•Independent Voice for Industry•Non-profit body R&D•Membership basedMembers are: The•All R&D performers Innovation Network for•All sectors & sizes: 2 - 2,500 prs Industry•Irish owned / multinational R&DIRDG Team: 4 employees – Denis Hayes, MD; Mary Byrne, Membership Dev/Communications Manager; Kathleen Bond & Lorraine O’Farrell (Office). Supported by highly experienced Board of Directors.
  3. 3. Sample of Members Diverse Membership – Covering all Business Sectors – NationwideHealthcare & Medical Devices, Engineering, Software & Technology, Food & Drink, Services, Education, Energy & Environment, Agriculture, Construction
  4. 4. Representation What we do- 5 Pillars of IRDG Activity - Learning Funding & Support Collaboration Innovation Networking
  5. 5. Representation - Represent members & influence on their behalf - Who? • Finance, Revenue, EI, IDA, SFI • Politicians About? • Incentives for Company R&D • R&D Policy • R&D Tax Credits • Grants • I.P / Patent5 Pillars • Collaboration
  6. 6. Funding & Support - Information & Support on R&D Grants, R&D Tax Credits & more - •Ensure members maximising •R&D Grants & Tax Credits •Intangible Assets / Intellectual Property •Guide & assist applications and claims •Up to date on new developments •Support with Innovation Strategy •Product and processes R&D - “not rocket science” •Projects don’t need to be a5 Pillars technical or commercial success
  7. 7. Innovation Networking - Connecting members and facilitating sharing of best & ‘fresh’ practice both within and outside of IRDG - •Members actively involved •Employees with R&D contribution at all levels welcome to participate •Building relationships •Sharing of best & ‘fresh’ practice •Problem solving • IRDG Innovation Network is an EIN5 Pillars that is supported by Enterprise Ireland
  8. 8. Collaboration - Connecting members with each other and third level research institutes - •Company – Company •Company – Third Level •Exchange information •Conduct cutting edge research •Avail of external expertise •Commercialisation opportunities for companies5 Pillars
  9. 9. Learning - Building & developing members’ R&D and Innovation skills- “Learning & Innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow” William Pollard • Innovation Practice Groups • Peer to peer learning • Short seminars • Credited courses5 Pillars & more....
  10. 10. Be Part of IRDG - R&D is not only “men in white coats”- Individual Service to meet Your Company Needs Activity Calendar • Innovation Practice Groups - Microsoft, Medtronic & more (members only) • Funds & Expertise for R&D – Sept 21st Galway • R&D Tax Credit Audits – be prepared! – Oct 11th, Cork • Collaborate to Innovate, Dublin 23rd Oct • Intellectual Property, Nov, Dublin (members only)Note: All of the above events are supported by Enterprise Ireland under the EIN and are free to attend.
  11. 11. The Voice & Innovation Network for Industry R&D Welcoming New Members Contact Denis Hayes or Mary Byrne Online - Twitter - @irdggroup LinkedIn Group for Members