drugs crude drug pharmacognosy herbal herbals who neem crude life career phytopharmacy glycosides senna nux-vomica alkaloids datura resins probiotics prebiotics amla ayurveda traditional system of medication. plant growth regulators herb-to-drug interactions adverse events herbal drugs herbal foods dru cardiovascular diseases and nu “let food be thy medicine and fibre heart diabetes nutraceutical the process of its separation from liquid is calle not exceeding 1.0% w/v i.e. when solid are present in very low concentration conservation of medicinal plants medicinal.crude lepa asava. oils druds naturals crude drugs gmp indian systems of medicine phyto natural dbt asu herbal drugregulations in india 2001 bioprospecting and biopiracy patenting aspe patenting and regulatory requirements of natural p ich safety herbal drugs evaluation stability organic farming. pest and pest management in medic good agricultural practices (gap) good agriculture practice herbal drug technology raw materials herbals. health neutraceuticals interactions plants natural allergens teratogens hallucinogens beeswx woof fat castor oil jute hemp cotton plant fibers volatile oils enzymes casein gelatin proteins phagocytes m cells helper cells t cells immunity avian influenza foot-and-mouth disease newcastle disease measles hepatitis cholera norwalk virus wheat corn soya tomato potato transgenic plants edible vaccine alphabetical classification cinchona lipids terpenoids tannins pharmacological classification morphological classification chemical classification serotaxonomy classification of crude drugs time animal.human fishary veternary geography bsi zsi icrsat csir icmr iari jrf srf biochemistry zoology botany pharmacy career in life sciences goal career fitness relation do victory job spoilage deterioration admixture sophistication and substitution inferiority citrus oils ryania odorous oils pyrethrum tobacco sabadilla derris rodenticides essential oils are volatile insecticides (ants natural pesticides fumigation herbicides fungicides centella asiatica camptothecin bacopa monnieri taxol gymnemic acid artemisinin pharmacisit.pharmacy acts pharmacy ethics pharmacy profession farm yard mannure green house effect pest hybridization pest control.fertilizers humidity altitute factors influencing the cultivation of medicinal p temparature plant harmones rainfall.irrigation polyploidy runners sexual propagation layering rhizomes storage of crude drugs collection pollination hard seed vegetative propagation cultivation cutting graftinf offsets tubers seedlingd corms bulbs drying dormancy anti bacterial antiviral anti microbial diabetis fever leprosy charaka analgesic cough sushrutha ethnobotany galen rigveda materiamedica sydler aloebarbadensis digxin crocin alovera gentian liquorice visanga qussia digitalis ginsang cascara.ammi sennosides diascorea cascarosides saffron chirata rhubarb natural colorants skin irritation test psidium guajava henna aloe vera trigonella foenum-graecum black catechu eclipta water soluble ash indigi acid insoluble ash safe non toxic loha bhasma ocimum study of dyeing effect herbal hair dye draize modified scoring technique total ash phytosome herbal nano particles nano pharmaceuticals microsphere nano green ethosome niosomes proniosomes dendrimers magnetic nanoparticles gold nanoparticles nano particles hydrogels opium tobaco ipecac rauwolfia vinca sarpagandha dubosia ashwagandha ergot tea solanum coffe kurchi properties of resins colophony asafoetida zinger long pepper extraction of resins capsicum peru balsm turmeric dieteryfubres omega 3 fattyacids minerals antioxidants vitamins nutrceuticals amond oil coconut oil bitter orange peel cyperus shikakai soap nut herbal cosmetics rese oil. bilwa punarnava kantakari shankapushpi guggul gokhuru apamargha brahmi shatavari tylophora traditional drugs methi guduchi rasna ayush tibb unani unani system of medicine natural pigments mineral pigments natural colors natural dyes insect dyes plant dyes treditional or alternative system of medication totipotency callus cultures plant transformation systems explants planttissueculture plant growth hormones micropropagation glycyrrhizin from glycyrrhiza quinine from quinidine sennosides from senna isolation of curcumin from turmeric lycopene from tomato methods for extraction extraction of plant constituents ocean drugs determination of quality and purity of crude drug evaluation of crude drug standardization of herbal drugs anti-cancer marine drugs marine toxins marine antibiotics marine drugs alternative system of medication phyto hormones plant hormones
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