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Hands-On Mobile App Testing


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My talk from the Mobile App Europe Conference about mobile testing.

Published in: Software
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Hands-On Mobile App Testing

  1. 1. 1 Hands-On Mobile App Testing @dnlkntt
  2. 2. Who am I? Daniel Knott Senior Software Test Engineer Mobile Working @ XING Author, Blogger and Speaker @dnlkntt
  3. 3. Intro Beta Testing Mobile Test Pyramid Hands-On Mobile App Testing F-Word Numbers & Facts {…}
  4. 4. Numbers & Facts
  5. 5. Numbers & Facts 3+ Million Apps available in biggest app stores 100+ Billion App downloads +24,000* Android Devices 15** iOS Devices 80% - 90% of apps are deleted after first usage 56% of apps that require a registration gets deleted 45% of apps are not well tested
  6. 6. Numbers & Facts Average user checks device 150 times a day User expect app loading times in 2 seconds Mobile users have very high expectations Users are on the move Users have usually more than one device Users are emotionally attached to apps Users can leave bad reviews very quickly
  7. 7. Numbers & Facts Simple UseableFastItKeep K I F S U
  8. 8. F-Word
  9. 9. F-Word
  10. 10. F-Word
  11. 11. F-Word
  12. 12. F-Word – Device Groups Group 1, Prio A • High End Devices • Dual/ Quad Core CPU • RAM >2048MB • Retina, Full HD Display >= 5“ Group 2, Prio B • Mid-range devices • Dual Core CPU • RAM <=1024MB • Screen size < 5“ • Software not older 1 year Group 3, Prio C • Small devices • Single Core • RAM < 512MB • Low screen size and resolution • Older OS, older browser Based on your target group
  13. 13. F-Word – Open Device Labs Rent devices for free Shared community pool of smartphones, tablets or wearables Donate devices to support the community
  14. 14. F-Word – Device Clouds Use device clouds if special devices are required Can be used for manual and automated testing Lots of different provider on the market
  15. 15. Hands-On Mobile App Testing
  16. 16. Hands-On Mobile App Testing – Sample
  17. 17. Hands-On Mobile App Testing – Sample Speed recording requires movement Slope tracking requires movement Current slope information require mobile data network connection Connection on top of the mountain vs. In the valley Offline behavior Mobile data roaming
  18. 18. Hands-On Mobile App Testing – Sample Special clothes required for testing  Gloves Goggles Weather can have influence on device and running apps
  19. 19. Hands-On Mobile App Testing Author: amateur_photo_bore, Author: Rain Rabbit, Author, Daniel Sancho,
  20. 20. Hands-On Mobile App Testing Author: Surat Lozowick, Author: Surat Lozowick,
  21. 21. Hands-On Mobile App Testing Author: Theus Falcao, Android: $ adb shell monkey –p APP.PACKAGE.NAME –v 2000 iOS: UI AutoMonkey | Dixie | CrashMonkey
  22. 22. Hands-On Mobile App Testing Author: minxlj, $ adb install –r YOUR_APP.apk Apple Configurator
  23. 23. Mobile Test Pyramid
  24. 24. Test Pyramid Manual Testing Integration Tests Unit Tests UI Tests
  25. 25. Mobile Test Pyramid End2End Tests (UI Tests) Manual Tests Beta Tests Unit Test s
  26. 26. Beta Testing
  27. 27. Beta Testing Try to release your app as early as possible If possible use public beta testing with real users It is easy to create your own beta testing channel First try to establish beta testing within your company
  28. 28. Beta Testing – Android Approach Google Play Developer Console offers stage rollout Able to setup alpha and beta releases 4 ways to establish a beta release 1. Public Beta 2. Closed Beta with Google Groups 3. Closed Beta with Google+ 4. Closed Beta with eMails Easy to integrate in the development lifecycle Alpha releases can be used within the company
  29. 29. Beta Testing – Android Approach
  30. 30. Beta Testing – iOS Approach iOS beta testing is not as easy as on Android Beta testers must install TestFlight App to participate Limited to 1,000 beta testers Beta Tester can‘t join on their own. Invitation only Beta App is valid for 30 days
  31. 31. Summary – Take Aways Mobile users have high expectations - KIFSU Group your devices | Device Labs | Cloud Testing Test your app in the wild Test the update process | Stress test your app Keep hardware and sensors in mind Remind the mobile test pyramid Establish a beta testing program
  32. 32. @dnlkntt
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