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What To Do In London During the Olympics!


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What To Do In London During the Olympics!

  1. 1. Travelling to London this summer for the Olympics?This is your guide to the destinations in London thatdeserve to be in your pit stop diary.
  2. 2. Camden Stables Market This famous market near Camden town hosts everything from furniture, household goods, decorative, ethnically influenced items, and secondhand or 20th-century antiques. The hand-crafted ones are among the wares on sale, and also includes clothing and art pieces for alternative sub-cultures. Do visit, Cyberdog for a huge range of cyber-style neon PVC and rubber clothing.
  3. 3. The National Art Gallery This Art Museum on Trafalgar Square is home to around 2,300 paintings dating from mid 13th century to the 19th. The collection is encyclopaedic in scope with major developments in Western painting "from Giotto to Cezanne are represented with important works. A real treat for every Art Lover!
  4. 4. The Shard The Shard is a skyscraper in Southwark, London. Standing almost 310 metres. tall, it rightly boasts of currently being the tallest building in the European Union. Have the beautiful glimpse of this mesmerising structure at different times of the day!
  5. 5. Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum Join the limelight at this world famous wax museum featuring the most popular personalities from across the world. Ponder with Einstein, score with Pele or sing with the Beatles. The artistry behind these almost life like wax statues will make your day!
  6. 6. Baker Street This Street in Marylebone district of the city of Westminster in London is named after it’s builder William Baker. It is very famous for it’s association with the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, who lived at a fictional 221 B Baker Street address. Don’t forget to visit the Sherlock Holmes museum!
  7. 7. Saint Paul’s Cathedral This church of England cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of London. It was the tallest building in London from 1710 to 1962. Built in the Old Renaissance style, you will be awe struck by its architectural beauty with it’s lovely dome and flying buttresses!
  8. 8. The Science MuseumThis huge museum holds a collection of over 300,000 items, including famous items as Stephenson’sRocket, Puffing Billy (the oldest surviving steam locomotive), a reconstruction of Francis Crick and JamesWatsons model of DNA, the first prototype of the 10,000-year Clock of the Long Now, and documentationof the first typewriter. It also contains hundreds of interactive exhibits. A must see London Attraction.
  9. 9. Thames Festival The annual Thames Festival takes place between Westminster Bridge and Tower Bridge over the weekend, with an extensive programme of entertainment on and beside the Thames. It also has a plethora of art and food from all over the world. Enjoy this celebration of dance, colours, cultures and fireworks!
  10. 10. The British Natural History Museum Do not miss this world renowned centre of research, specialising in taxonomy, identification and conservation. The museum has life and earth science specimens comprising some 70 million items from the field of Botany, Minerology, Entomology, Paleontology and Zoology. A marvel built to impress!