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England day


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England day

  1. 1. Let’s Learn About England
  2. 2. Where is England?
  3. 3. Map of England
  4. 4. A Few Facts About England England is part of the United Kingdom which is made up of EnglandEngland, NorthernNorthern Ireland, ScotlandIreland, Scotland and WalesWales. England is part of the European Union. The capital of England is London.London. The money used is called the poundthe pound. The language spoken is EnglishEnglish. The population of England is 60,776,238.
  5. 5. Let’s visit some important cities in England. London is the most famous city in England. (Click on London to see more about this city.) St. Paul's Cathedral Big Ben and Westminster HallWestminster Abbey
  6. 6. Oxford Cambridge Oxford University and the University of Cambridge are both famous around the world. (Click on Cambridge to see more pictures.)
  7. 7. TOWER BRIDGE Tower ofTower of LondonLondon Beefeaters
  8. 8. England’s Important People William Shakespeare - famous for writing plays Queen Elizabeth and the Royal family The Beatles -famous singing group who became popular in the 1960s
  9. 9. The Globe Theatre Stratford-Upon-Avon
  11. 11. What English Kids Do English kids like to play football, cricket, tennis and netball. Many kids belong to clubs like scouts, judo, karate and church clubs. Kids also like skateboarding, watching TV, riding bicycles and playing computer games.
  12. 12. Visit the Sights in the Harry Potter Books!!! King’s Cross Station London Zoo Alnwick Castle Gloucester Cathedral Lacock Abbey
  13. 13. English Culture and Life England has a Royal family and some of the most interesting customs in England center around the royal events.
  14. 14. What the English Like to Eat Fish and chips Tea and biscuits