Event planning checklist


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Event planning checklist

  1. 1. Week Week Week 6 2 Day 8 EVENT DAY Week Day POST 10 EVENT 1 6Setting up your event: Online Event Planning Checklist Online Event Planning Checklist Follow-up post event: • Sign up for Event Marketing from Constant Contact. • For those who attended, its even more important • Then, jump into your account and select “Create to follow-up with a post-event survey to find out if Your Event.” Start by including the “what, when, the event met, exceeded, or didnt live up to where and who to contact”. expectations. Constant Contact offers an affordable Online Survey tool that’s perfect for this job. • Include your payment options such as PayPal™ or Google Checkout™. • Tweet out the survey and remember to use the event’s hashtag. • Customize your registration form. Our ready-made registration form collects names and email addresses Additional idea: Take the survey feedback and create automatically. a summary video or blog post that highlights what attendees liked, learned, or even disliked. This is a We suggest you keep this form short, BUT use it to chance to show that you’re listening to their ask relevant questions and – if you are collecting fees feedback and will improve future events based on – collect your fees directly on the registration page. what you’ve heard. 5 2 Running the event:RSVP and promotion: • Capture last-minute registrations at the door. • Create an event homepage. Your homepage should Additional idea: Post pictures and quotes to your include your event’s agenda, who’s speaking, directions social networks – so event attendees rely on you to and hotel recommendations. be the “official field reporter” summarizing the • Create and send a personalized invitation right out of highlights of the event. the event product. The email invitation should engage your audience to take the next step, which will be to register for your event. • Promote your homepage on Facebook, Twitter, and 4 Linkedin. Last minute promotion: Twitter: Always use a hashtag (e.g. #CCevent) when promoting your event on Twitter. • Send a last-minute event and social media Hashtags make it easier for event attendees to reminder. filter out “noise” and only track the event-related tweets. People at your event may Gently nudge everyone who hasn’t yet registered not know you, but tweeting with a hashtag or declined your event with a friendly reminder. allows their messages to get right to you. Facebook: Post the event URL onto your Business’ Wall – letting your FB friends and fans know that registration is now open. This encourages them to spread the word. • Add the event widget to your personal website. The widget adds a calendar to your website that allows visitors to see what events you have coming up and lets them register on the spot. Five reasons Event Marketing works better for events than Email Marketing: 3 1. Dedicated hub to manage the entire event Track your progress and promote where it promotion, RSVP, and registration process matters: 2. Custom email invites and dedicated event • Check out your registration report – see who has homepages that re ect your brand actually registered and RSVP’d. 3. Online attendee registration – and payment • Use the time leading up to your event to create more collection via PayPal™ and Google Checkout™ excitement. If you have a big Twitter, Facebook or 4. Real-time reports on who has registered, LinkedIn following – make sure to mention your event declined, paid, and more again. See what people are excited about learning or hearing; start a countdown to the event, etc. This is your 5. Built-in social media promotional tools for sites time to promote. like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin ConstantContact.com/eventmarketing © 2011 Constant Contact Inc. All rights reserved. ConstantContact.com 11-2064