The non profit buyer


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Learn How to Make the Right Buying Decisions for Your Organization

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The non profit buyer

  1. 1. Learn How to Make the Right Buying Decisions for YourOrganization THE NONPROFIT BUYERAndrew Urban on Twitter@NPBuyer#nonprofitbuyer#returnonmission 1
  2. 2. Andrew Urban Professional experience in the nonprofit sector: Convio Kintera/Blackbaud Serenic Software FirstGiving Pioneered using the following software: Constituent relationship management solutions Online fundraising and engagement tools Grants management toolsOver 18 years business andnonprofit experience. Active at one time as a volunteer, board member,Author, ‘The Nonprofit Buyer:Strategies for Success from a and fundraiser for:Nonprofit Technology Veteran’ , Austin Children’s Shelterpublished in 2010. River City Youth FoundationThe book ‘In the Trenches: You Scottish Rite Dyslexia Centerand Your Nonprofit’ from Girl ScoutsCharityChannel Press includes hischapter “Purchasing Technology:Return on Mission” and waspublished in Summer 2011 2
  3. 3. Pitfalls of the Current Buying Process  Options are more broad today; Don’t discount Reliance on anything. Consultant Request for Technology Proposal Infrastructure  Pain you are trying to solve vs. a laundry list of the application features. Staff CBI vs. Training Features Don’t forsake training.  Organizational readiness. Software Change  How the application affects Implementation Management the way your team works. Mapping Business Process 3
  4. 4. The Model of Control The high level reasons your organization needs Critical to make a particular purchase (e.g. Grant fundingBusiness Issues requirements or Inefficient program tracking process or Outdated, not user-friendly software) Definition of how your employees will interact withOrganizational the “to be purchased solution” to the betterment Outline of the mission An explanation for the vendor as to your Doable timeframe, budget, and communication process Logistics during the sale along with other relationship expectation setting Return on Explanations of how you expect your purchase to impact the mission of the organization beyond a Mission traditional ROI (Return on Investment) 4
  5. 5. Calculating Return on MissionWhat is Return on Mission?TotalGain – TotalCost Impact on Mission TotalCost Properly measures the success for all tug-of-war interests Measures both the financial and mission-based aspects of a decision 5
  6. 6. Women Inspiring Women  New Hampshire based nonprofit organization  Founded by Leslie Sturgeon  Established May 2007  160 Members  3,300 people on their contact list  Events monthly with 35 to 100 attendees 6
  7. 7. Standard ROI calculationWomen Inspiring Women using Event Marketing from Constant Contact Previous Registration Process Registration with Constant Contact Software No monthly charges. $25/mo plus PayPal charges (2.9% + $0.30) Cost Only PayPal merchant services Utilize Email, Survey, and Event Mktg. charges (2.9% + $0.30) Cost of PayPal fees of $1.03 for member PayPal fees of $1.03 for member and $1.17 Registration and $1.17 for guests for guests. ($25 & $30) Employee 8-10hrs of time each month x 3-4 hours of time each month x $25/hr = Time Cost $25/hr = $200-$250/mo $75-$100/mo Total Annual ($55 x 12=$660) + $3,000 staff ($55 x 12=$660) + ($180 annual cost of Cost time = $3,660 Constant Contact Event Marketing) + $1,200 staff time = $2,040 Standard ROI of 79% 7
  8. 8. What about their Mission?Women Inspiring Women’s Mission: Be a catalyst for creative problem solving that fosters ongoing success in life and in business. Provide a forum for personal and professional growth through networking and educational opportunities. Encourage peer-to-peer support for women business owners and professionals in a diverse and positive atmosphere. Unite women to share resources, provide inspiration, receive invaluable advice from women who have "been there" and celebrate triumphs. Encourage mentoring opportunities for women to share strengths, talents and experiences. 8
  9. 9. Return On Mission CalculationWhat is Return on Mission for Women Inspiring Women?TotalGain – TotalCost Impact on Mission TotalCost Offer Scholarships Being a Catalyst More Facebook Ads Unite Women Bring in more speakers Provide a forum 9
  10. 10. Things to remember The Model of Control  Helps guide your organization through the purchasing process  Communicate the issues your organization needs to resolve Return on Mission  Understand how the purchase affects your mission  Have the solution provider take your mission into account 10
  11. 11. Andrew Urban on Twitter: @NPBuyer Event Marketing on Twitter: @ctctevent #nonprofitbuyer #returnonmissionTHANK YOU FOR ATTENDING! 11