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Cliona O Hanrahan Introduction 2011


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Cliona O Hanrahan Introduction 2011

  1. 1. Cliona O’Hanrahan Introduction and Overview
  2. 2. OverviewMy project management background has given me a very good understanding oftechnologies and project methodologies which I have used to manage a wide rangeof projects. One of my key strengths is the ability to very quickly understand when aproject is in trouble and using a collaborative approach work with the project teamto provide and agree to an overall solution to bring the project back on trackIn today’s economy where companies are challenged to ensure that projects aredelivered in line with their agreed strategies and goals, applying the correct projectprocess will lead to a greater success of delivering the project and meeting theoverall project deliverables. I am experienced enough to understand if they will beusing a less formal approach or a fully integrated project management solution tomanage the project life cycles and know the importance of communication andteamwork to ensure a successful delivery.I have been involved in projects within the telecommunications, banking and digitalmobile sectors and have always enjoyed the diversity of the projects that I managedwhich have included both local and international teams.I am both a career women as well as a mom and believe in a good balance thatallows me to enjoy the best of both worlds. I enjoy writing, entertaining, travellingand spending time with my very energetic teenage son.
  3. 3. Thumbtribe Mobile Solutions Sector Mobile and Web Digital 2010 – 2011 Project Methodology Digital, PMBOK, Prince2 SDLC approach Waterfall, Agile Budget range R200K – R2.5M Projects Implemented Technology HTML, Ajax, CSSE, Java, Netbiscuits, Momac• Application Scoring Projects for Absa Business Units• Omniture Analytics• Recommendation Engine• Reporting Administration Consol• Campaign and Marketing launches What Was Achieved• Development of a software development process combining PMBOK, Prince2 and SDLC best practices.• Better efficiency in delivering the customer’s product roadmap• Ability to deliver multiply projects simultaneously• Allowed the business teams to make their financial and revenue targets• Allowed the customer to increase their digital footprint within Mobile(WAP) and Web SummaryWorking together with the Thumbtribe Management Team and the client we developed a software developmentprocess that was aligned to the delivery of digital projects covering both web and mobile. This allowed Thumbtribeto implement multiple projects that were defined by the client‘s roadmap and to ensure that all of the requiredgoals for both the client and Thumbtribe were met successfully.Using this project model the Thumbtribe team have been able to increase their footprint within the banking digitalenvironment and to ensure that they can commit to all project deliverables requested by their clients both in theshort and long term.
  4. 4. Standard Bank Card Africa Sector Banking – Card Division 2009 - 2010 Project Methodology PMBOK, Prince2. Microsoft EPM SDLC approach Waterfall, Agile Budget R2.5M Technology Postilion, CR2, TSYS, Connect Direct, Bank Infrastructure Projects ImplementedIntegrated Multilane Solution Host to Host What Was Achieved• The provision of a more effective mechanism for the retailer to manage and reconcile multi terminal POS acquiring within the regulatory statutory requirements of the local banking industry.• Consolidated MIS reporting using Card Africas technical infrastructure and operating processes.• Compliance to the Legislative requirement in Namibia initially and other countries in line with the Africa Game Plan.• Card Africa would be able to effectively compete in the retail segments in the various markets in Africa.• Enhanced Customer Service for their current merchants. SummaryThis Multilane Solution provided Standard Bank Card Africa the opportunity to successfully integrate a newconcept for a Multilane Lane approach using various external suppliers as well as various internal suppliers tostreamline processes and communication strategies to manage a multi faceted multi matrix environment. Thesystem developed will allow for the authorisation and processing of debit and credit cards via an integratedsolution hosted by the retailer into the Bank’s point of sale acquiring infrastructure.
  5. 5. Sector Telecommunications MTN 2007 – 2009 Project Methodology PMBOK, Microsoft EPM SDLC approach Waterfall, Agile Budget range R300K – R5M Technology GSM; EDGE; Web; WAP; USSD; IVR; SMS; Projects Implemented VOD; MMS; GPRS• New product/platform Development – in-house• New product/platform Development – outside vendor (RFP) – platform implementation• Functional Component development• Regulatory projects• Interface design projects• Campaign support What Was Achieved• Delivery and implementation of the approved roadmaps• Management of the deliverables required by 3rd party suppliers• Resource allocation to ensure the required skills within the project life cycle were available• Stakeholder and management buy-in across all business units• Development of a program management process to manage multiple projects and resources• Allowing MTNLoaded to meet both their revenue and score card targets SummaryWorking together The MTN Loaded Team and the Marketing Product Managers we ensured that quality andinnovative products and content were produced and deployed into a very challenging and dynamicmarketplace. This allowed the MTNLoaded team to be ahead of mobile technology environment and to meetthe requirements of their vast and varied customer base.
  6. 6. Motorola Sector Telecommunications 2000- 2006 Project Methodology PMBOK, Microsoft EPM, Clarity/Niku SDLC approach Motorola Best Practice Budget range $500 - $3M Technology GSM; 2G/3G; GPRS; VSWR; SQL; HTML; Projects Implemented Adobe• GSM Site Rollouts• TL9000 quality process and procedures rollout throughout Motorola EMEA• Reworks and upgrades• Development of a PMO Integrated Website What was achieved• Ability to meet the customer’s performance targets and avoid penalties• Project Management was aligned globally to meet the TL 9000 requirements• Vodacom network was maintained in line with their business requirements and strategies• All projects were managed using a using the agreed project management standards• Control and management of the EMEA region using a central PMO structure SummaryMotorola SA had a wide and varied client base across the EMEA region and using agreed processes andstandards we managed to deploy all projects to meet strategic targets and quality goals. The project officehad to ensure that we could effectively support the account managers once the contracts and scope of workshad been approved. Success of delivery was measured by avoidance of penalties and the ability to work witha wide section of internal and external resources across the EMEA region. We managed to deploy newtechnology and maintain current technology for the networks to ensure that their quality targets wereachieved
  7. 7. Liberty Life Sector Financial - Insurance 1988 - 1995 Project Methodology PMBOK, Microsoft EPM, Budget Controlled by business units Projects Implemented• Phase 1 Training Level 1 Consultants• Phase 2 Training Level 2 Consultants• Phase 3 Training Level 3 Consultants• Medical Lifestyle Product Launch What Was Achieved• Training was provided for all level of consultants from entry level to writing of their ILPA exams• Setup of a training design division• Agencies met their sales targets allowing Liberty Life to become the leader in the market place .• Integrated training web site rolled out• Medical lifestyle launched in South Africa a unique and dynamic solution to an ever-changing insurance environment to meet clients medical requirements. SummaryLiberty Life Launched the Medical Lifestyle product which revolutionised the way their customers were ableto manage their medical and health requirements. The Training and Development Department introduced aweb interactive training programme allowing consultants to keep on track with latest industry developmentsand ensure that all current product information was on hand 24 hours a day. It also assisted theconsultants to prepare for the ILPA exams.
  8. 8. Recommendations Cliona has strong leadership abilities, excellent vision and would be an outstanding asset to any company Linda Ritchie Senior Training and Development Manager Cliona has the right skills, organisational ability as well as the capacity to maintain a good relationship with both the internal teams as well as the customer. She always ensured that she maintained the right vision for the company, as well as providing new concepts and operational processes to allow the division to operate effectively. Graham Cusack Territorial Business Unit Manager – Southern Africa Cliona is an energetic and forward looking individual. Cliona does not only look at the task at hand, but also considers aspects that could have an impact in the future. In the Credit Card Africa space Cliona has been a real asset bringing with her a wealth of experience in the virtual commerce space. She has a broad communications network and are able to obtain information instantly. She is particularly detailed and has the ability to provide informative and quality progress reports Reinhardt Greyvensteyn Portfolio Manager, Standard Bank Cliona was hired to implement a Project Management process at Thumbtribe and to also manage our Absa projects. She has vast experience and knowledge on the subject and brought a tremendous amount of structure to our approach. Her diligence and leadership in maintaining accurate project records is an absolute pleasure as we always knew, where we were and that all angles were covered. Cliona is unwavering in her pursuit of any outstanding project deliverables or requirements. Once on the case you can rest assured that it will get done. I am sure Cliona will enjoy much success in her future endeavours. We at Thumbtribe thank her for her contribution and wish her all the best Stephen O’Donoghue New Business Director
  9. 9. Conclusion There are many challenges that are faced by the business world today on how to manage your business goals and strategies in a market that is both dynamic and moves very quickly. Within both the technology and business sectors change is constant and the question that one asks is how do you manage this effectively. The principles of project management and the approved processes has stood the test of time and allowed business objectives, strategies and visions to be delivered efficiently and effectively. The one constant is that project management will allow you to meet these challenges and deliver a quality product or service each and every time. I know that both my skills and experience will be an advantage to deliver any project requirement and look forward to the opportunity this presents. Thank you for taking the time to read my presentation.Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together issuccess.- Henry Ford (1863-1947) (American industrialist and pioneer of the assembly-line production method).